Kaii Winkler Blasts 41.96 100 FR To Become First 15-16 Year-Old To Break 42-Seconds

by Sidney Zacharias 35

March 20th, 2023 Club, News, Records


  • March 16 to 19, 2023
  • SCY (25 yards)
  • Academic Village, Pembroke Pines, Florida
  • Full results under “2023 FG SCY Senior Championships on MeetMobile”

On the last night of the 2023 Florida Gold Coast Senior Championships, 16-year-old Kaii Winkler threw down the first sub-42 100 freestyle done by a 15-16 year-old. Winkler lowered his own National Age Group (NAG) record by two-tenths to clock a final time of 41.96.

All-Time Top Performers, Boys’ 100 Free, U.S. 15-16 Age Group

  1. Kaii Winkler – 41.96 (2023)
  2. Maximus Williamson – 42.49 (2022)
  3. Thomas Heilman – 42.61 (2023)
  4. Ryan Hoffer – 42.67 (2014)
  5. Jack Alexy – 42.87 (2019)

Winkler’s previous best time stood at 42.21, which he swam at Winter Juniors – East this past December. He initially broke Ryan Hoffer‘s record in November at the 2022 Florida High School State Championships, where he clocked a 42.52 to take three tenths off Hoffer’s time. His racing strategy between December and now hasn’t really changed, as both his opening and closing 50 splits were faster than they were in December.

Split Comparison:

Kaii Winkler, 2023 Florida Gold Coast SCY Senior Championships Kaii Winkler, 2022 Speedo Winter Juniors – East Kaii Winkler, 2022 Florida 1A High School State
50 20.10 20.22 20.57
100 41.96 (21.86) 42.21 (21.99) 42.52 (21.95)

This race caps off a highly successful weekend for Winkler. In addition to the 100 free, Winkler recorded personal best times in the 200 free (1:33.28), 100 fly (46.94), 50 free (19.44), and 500 free (4:23.85). His 200 freestyle time moved him to #2 all-time in the 15-16 age group, while his 50 free puts him at 3rd. His 500 was notably a 16-second drop, with his previous best time standing at 4;40.18 from 2021.

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Fun is First in SI
2 months ago

This long & lean body type always seems to make people comment about how much improvement will happen when weight training starts. Suggesting that the bulkier Nathan Adrian body type is the ideal. I’m beginning to wonder if this leanness is a few talented individuals or the new norm?

Reply to  Fun is First in SI
2 months ago

this is his potential. Thin and tall, already swimming so fast, adding strength will only make it faster
of course need add strength smart.

Last edited 2 months ago by Nick
2 months ago

Performances like this or why I continue the love affair I have had with swimming over the past 46 years. Go Kaii!

Last edited 2 months ago by Swimken
2 months ago

Future Cal Bear?

Reply to  Geo
2 months ago

2024 super star Daniel Diehl and kaii winkler Neither of them made a commitment to which school to go to

Reply to  Nick
2 months ago

Diehl will go pro. IU pro group is probably the destination.

Reply to  Swimmer
2 months ago

IU has a pro group?

Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
2 months ago

They’ve got a couple of breaststrokers and a masters swimmer who makes vlogs. Only places with considerable number of pros these days are Florida and ASU.

Reply to  Nick
2 months ago

diehl going to nc state lol

Boxall's Railing
2 months ago

How tall is he?

2 months ago

Gosh—Winkler, Williamson, and Heilman are gonna have some epic battles over the next 5-10 years. American swimming is in good hands!!

Reply to  VFL
2 months ago

And that’s not even counting the 17-18 YOs like Buff and Mcfadden and Diehl

2 months ago

He’s been dropping a lot of time this year in both long course and short course. Got to think a relay spot on the national team this summer could be possible.

Stephen Strange
2 months ago

Olympics gold in Paris, at the same age as Chalmers was in Rio.

Reply to  Stephen Strange
2 months ago

Me when popovici ceases to exist

Reply to  Stephen Strange
2 months ago

Lol I think Popovici has that gold more than secure next year but 2028 could be a battle between these two although this is wayyy too early for that prediction.

Reply to  Stephen Strange
2 months ago

maybe on the relay but probably not individually

1 month ago

He will come in handy on relays

2 months ago

Slim Reaper strikes again

Reply to  Swim2win
2 months ago

Imagine this:

the Slim Reaper vs the Skinny Legend. Might be one sided now but in the not too far away future it could be a battle between the two.

2 months ago

41.23 doesn’t seem so far out of reach now…