Is Kate Douglass’ 2:01.29 200 Breast NCAA Record UNBREAKABLE?


In under 16 months, Kate Douglass has put together a masterful body of work in the women’s 200 breaststroke. She now owns the top 5 times in the event and has set the NCAA record once and for all at 2:01.29. How long do you think this record will last? let us know in the comments below.

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tea rex
2 hours ago

Could SwimSwam readers pool some $ and convince her to time trial it?
I’d throw in $20 to see what she could do in every event this week.

tea rex
2 hours ago

I’d probably take 1/3 odds that Walsh breaks it next year. There seemed to be a deliberate effort to avoid racing against each other, and she is free to chase it now. (Of course, I’d like it if she swam 200 back and became an All American in all 4 strokes, but she doesn’t care what I want).

Her PR is from 2022 ACCs, where she went:
200 IM – 1:52.38
200 Fr – 1:42.28
200 Br – 2:03.02

3 hours ago

Kate Douglass breaks the record at the 2024 Florida Swimming Spring Senior Champs.

1 day ago

With her groundbreaking swims, Kate is pulling the entire field closer to 2:00. And with upcoming young talent setting their sights on the 2 minute threshold, it won’t be long before 2:05 doesn’t make the A final. Eventually, her record will fall—maybe sooner than we expect.

Honest Observer
1 day ago

The real question should be, is her 1:48.37 IM unbreakable. All it’s going to take to break her 200 breast record is another great breaststroker. The requirements for the IM record seem a lot more unattainable: an American record-level ability in three of the strokes, and with a “weak” stroke which equates to Douglass’ midseason 100 back of 50.39. That’s an awfully high barrier. Alex Walsh — about whom there have been plenty of well-deserved raves in the comments section of this website — has physical talent, dedication, toughness, and mind-boggling versatility, yet she’s almost a full two seconds away.

Reply to  Honest Observer
1 day ago

Alex Walsh has the raw speed talent as the 46.5 split shows, if she truly locks in to break the 3:54 400IM, her 200 IM might just dip to 1:47 high. Either way Virginia is just built different and let’s be happy with the future of USA womens swimming being secure

Reply to  Ragnar
1 day ago

Huske beat her so she must have some things going for her too

Reply to  Honest Observer
23 hours ago

My knee-jerk reaction was that no one is touching it, but the other commenters are right. Walsh could beat it, but with only 1 more year left its possible the gap is too big. Huske is also a good candidate, and has 2 more years to go after it. Only concern is that she might switch to the 50 free instead

Reply to  Swammer
1 hour ago

Huske isn’t beating Gretchen in the 50. I think she sticks with the 200 IM. She has shown she is capable of beating Alex.

1 day ago

of course not. If she went 1:59, that would have stood for a long time. There are some up and comers that will challenge it.

1 day ago

We are one monster NIL deal away from KD coming back next year. If so, she’s 2:00 or faster

1 day ago

It’ll eventually get broken just like any other record

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