The Best SwimSwam Comments From The 2023 NCAA Championships

Because the SwimSwam comments from big meets are always iconic, I decided to give a shoutout to some of my favorite *civilized, PG-13* comments from the live recap articles 2023 Women’s and Men’s NCAA Championships. So without further ado, let’s get started.

The Unrealistic Relay incentive

If we turn the Olympics into short course yards will the Americans finally beat the Australians in the women’s 4×100 free relay and pull up with a $1 million dollar check?

Kate Douglass Saves Everything

Can Kate Douglass sit in on my Calculus exam for me tomorrow while swimming the 200 breast? She seems to swim breaststroke better than anyone else does anything in life.

Thanks For The Shoutout!!

I’m allowed to throw flowers at myself once in a while, right? Also I TOLD you all that Kate Douglass had a 1:48 in her, and I was right.

Golden MacNeil

Power move not gonna lie.

So Underwhelming

All that hype about 49s in the 100 fly and for what??? Smh I can’t believe we got to see three 48s instead!! Such a disappointment.

Swimflation Is Real

So 49.3/56.7/48.9/47.2 is considered slow nowadays, huh?

The Republic Of Virginia

Australians are shaking in their boots right now.

Kenzie McMahon Appreciation Post

People with “Mc-” in their names always have the best nicknames. So many things to choose from.

Subtle Flex

What’s more impressive for Braden? Being the EIC of SwimSwam or coaching THE Emma Sticklen?

No Comment About This One

You know who you are…

Scary Marchand


He did this UNRESTED!

Watch Leon go bald at worlds and then break 4 minutes in the 400 IM.

Nepo Baby Dressel

If the Dressel family really feels threatened by Jordan Crooks, should we take that as a sign?

Marchand Breaks SwimSwam

We love 503s!!!

Marchy In March

I gave this one a shoutout on Twitter so I’ll do it here too.

Insane Splitting

22-point would be an incredible 50 back split and then there’s Leon Marchand doing it in 200 IM like WHAT

Again, No Comment

Brendan Burns The GOAT

Brendan Burns told me on Twitter that he was made out of dark matter and I believe it. He’s pulling off double after double.

Ramadan’s Interview >>>>>>>

IMO bad interviews sometimes are the products of bad questions (I’m not talking about Beisel, I’m talking about those people that will just ask swimmers about how it feels to go to the Olympics or something like that and nothing deeper), but Ramadan hit this one out of the park.


I heard that too and was like “uhhh what is he saying?”

New Jersey >>>>>

Fun fact: I watched Jack Alexy swim against my high school at a dual meet three years ago. I don’t remember what exactly happened but I’m sure he lapped a bunch of people.

Brooks Crooks

This one is for you, Ben!

Josh Liendo Is The Real Deal

I don’t really have anything to say about this comment, I just wanted to appreciate his 40.28 again.


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1 year ago

It’s an honor to be featured. Thanks to the community here for making this possible!

1 year ago

Hey I made it twice!

Faulty Touch Pad
1 year ago

Honored to be mentioned 🥹

VA Steve
1 year ago

Waiting for the worst takes compilation.

1650 Onetrick
Reply to  VA Steve
1 year ago

There should be one for every meet. Some swimswam commenters are bonkers

Konner Scott
1 year ago

Well, I’ve officially cemented my SwimSwam commenter legacy. I can retire happy now.

Daddy Foster
1 year ago

Will the be another article for the best comments from the SwimSwam comments section from the Best SwimSwam Comments from the 2023 NCAA Championships article?

Daddy Foster
Reply to  Daddy Foster
1 year ago

SwimSwamception, if you will

1650 Onetrick
1 year ago

Lessgo, I made it to a swimswam article! This is my greatest accomplishment in the sport.

1 year ago

How about Sherry Smit getting literally almost every hot take she had right.

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