Dan Patrick Would Rather See Phelps Race Ledecky Than a Fake Shark

In a Discovery Channel Shark Week special, Michael Phelps took to the open water to go head to head (well, kind of) with a simulated great white shark.

Even with a monofin on Phelps lost to the great white shark by 2 seconds.  It came as a surprise to many viewers that Phelps was not racing side by side with an actual shark – rather, against a simulation. Many fans were disappointed in the race, expecting Phelps to have been racing next to an actual shark in open water.

Sportscaster Dan Patrick was having none of it. In a segment on the Dan Patrick Show he said that he was surprised that there were so much hype surrounding the race, noting that a Phelps vs. Ledecky race would have been much more intriguing.

“What did people really think here? I would rather have watched Phelps race Katie Ledecky than this silly shark event.”

Patrick also noted that a Ledecky vs. Shark race would have been more interesting, saying that she might even be able to beat the shark.

“I want to see him race Katie Ledecky now, she’s more dangerous than a shark” said Patrick. “She might be able to beat the shark.”


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Dan Patrick is a degenerate
3 years ago

This guy must have never swam in his life if he thinks she would be anywhere near phelps with a monofin on, phelps underwaters have been noted as some of the best ever while ledeckys are rather subpar due to being a distance swimmer

Reply to  Dan Patrick is a degenerate
3 years ago

When Ledecky does mid distance, she is underwater longer than anyone else in the field for her last turn. I agree that it’s not Michael Phelps quality though.

Reply to  Dan Patrick is a degenerate
3 years ago

Agree with the first part of your comment, but Ledecky’s turns and underwater are very good, and even better than some sprinters.

3 years ago

Simulated shark > Dan Patrick.

3 years ago

I’d rather see dan Patrick not comment on a sport he knows nothing about than make a silly ignorant comment on a sport he knows nothing about

Reply to  Brownie
3 years ago

So….. Basically have Dan Patrick be off the air and without a twitter feed?

Reply to  Boss
3 years ago

That would be so ideal

Reply to  Brownie
3 years ago

Dan Patrick has a major voice in the sporting world, with a very large audience. Him commenting on the sport gives the sport exposure. It’s not a bad thing, and the way he phrased it, it really pumped up a current star (Ledecky) in the sport even more. I’m not sure how you see this as a negative for swimming.

Reply to  Brownie
3 years ago

This comment is one thing I hate about the swim community (one of the few). Do we want swimming to be more popular or not? To me it seems like a majority of us complain how our sport should be more popular, but the moment a sports personality talks about swimming they immediately “know nothing” about swimming. It’s kind of snobby to be honest. If we want the sport to be more popular we have to welcome the idea of people like Dan Patrick talking about swimming. More coverage=more popular=more talent=faster times. It’s better for the sport

masters swimmer
Reply to  swimmer!
3 years ago

Swimmer!–excellent point. Very well said. I wholeheartedly agree.

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