Cal Confirms Marsh to Step in as Interim Coach for Kreitler’s Paternity Leave

In a press release on Wednesday, Cal confirmed that David Marsh will join the Cal men’s coaching staff as Interim Assistant Coach while Chase Kreitler takes paternity leave. Marsh will join the Golden Bears in early February.

SwimSwam previously reported that Marsh was headed to Berkeley, but the formal announcement now confirms that Kreitler is taking paternity leave. This means that Marsh will assist head coach Dave Durden and volunteer assistant coach Matt Martinez for the remainder of the 2021-2022 season. 

“In the time leading up to this decision, Chase and I spoke about the birth of his son and how impactful of a moment it will be for him and his wife, Liz, and their family,” Durden said in the press release. 

He continued, “Chase will have plenty more impactful professional opportunities in his career, but only a few of these life-changing moments; the time he’ll be able to spend with his son and family is irreplaceable.”

Marsh expressed his excitement for the position, and the opportunity to coach his wife Kristin’s alma mater, where she also swam in the late 1980’s. “I have watched, talked and remained close friends with Dave and Cathy through Cal’s reemergence as a true powerhouse in collegiate swimming,” he said. 

Durden and Marsh have prior coaching experience together. Durden was an assistant coach under Marsh from 2002-2005, including six NCAA Team Championships between the men (2003, 2004, 2005) and women (2002, 2003, 2004). 

As of the December 2021 SwimSwam power ranking, Cal was ranked 2nd behind Texas. 

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3 months ago

anyone else curious about the upcoming ucsd vs. cal men’s meet? that can’t be a good scene.

3 months ago

Regardless of who the sub is, refreshing standard to set for coaches around the country. Good job Dave & Chase

Barbossa Andrew 🐍
3 months ago

They initially offered me the substitute position but I turned it down because they said no USRPT and that I’d have to get vaccinated 😤

3 months ago


3 months ago

What a bummer for Cal. Replacing one of the most accomplished, creative minds in the history of the sport with a coach who hasn’t done anything. Best wishes to their guys come March.

Reply to  ScottyJ
3 months ago

Denigrating someone (especially a good guy like Chase) for a laugh isn’t funny. Sounds like something Marsh would do.

ur fav swim dad
3 months ago

durden and marsh can add 2022 to their list !

3 months ago

It makes perfect sense. Chase is going on paternity leave and Cal can get one of the best to be a substitute coach! My only question, is Marsh still running a team in San Diego? He missed most of the fall for IsL and now a couple months or so to go to Cal…how does that fly with his SD athletes?

SI Dad
Reply to  Ghost
3 months ago

San Diego/Imperial LSC Dad here. Marsh’s Team Elite combined with Coronado Swim last year to form CSTE, and we are friends with several of the families They work out primarily at the BBMAC on Coronado Island but they have several other pools also. The age group division of CSTE has grown tremendously and most of the top age groupers have transferred to them. Marsh has made appearances at the age group workouts but still mostly works with the Seniors and college group. Regardless of whatever happened in the past at other places, the overwhelming majority of swim people in SD County view Marsh has having a tremendously positive impact. He led the charge in advocating for the reopening of pools… Read more »

Sam B
Reply to  SI Dad
3 months ago

he changed the SI landscape for sure

3 months ago

“reemergence”? Were they ever not a powerhouse in college swimming? Genuine question

Foreign Embassy
Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
3 months ago

Mid 90s was rough. Out of top 10 from 95-98. There were 22 freshman in 96/97 including Danyon loader, the double Olympic gold medalist from New Zealand…and they were 15th that year. I don’t think he even competed at ncaas….but things changed when Bottom showed up.