Betting Odds Released For Men’s 100 Freestyle At World Championships


  • All sports: Friday, July 12 – Sunday, July 28, 2019
  • Pool swimming: Sunday, July 21 – Sunday, July 28, 2019
  • The Nambu University Municipal Aquatics Center, Gwangju, Korea
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After betting odds were released a few days ago for four head-to-head matchups at the upcoming FINA World Championships, there are now full odds available for the men’s 100 freestyle.

On Betway Sports, there are a total of 18 swimmers you can bet on to win the event. Check out the odds below:

Swimmer American Odds Decimal Odds $100 Bet Gets You: Implied Odds
Caeleb Dressel -150 1.66 $166 60.00%
Kyle Chalmers +162 2.62 $262 38.17%
Vladislav Grinev +600 7.00 $700 14.29%
Marcelo Chierighini +1200 13.00 $1300 7.69%
Mehdy Metella +1200 13.00 $1300 7.69%
Duncan Scott +1400 15.00 $1500 6.67%
Vladimir Morozov +1400 15.00 $1500 6.67%
Pieter Timmers +2500 26.00 $2600 3.85%
Alessandro Miressi +4000 41.00 $4100 2.44%
Clement Mignon +6600 67.00 $6700 1.49%
Breno Correia +8000 81.00 $8100 1.23%
Blake Pieroni +10000 101.00 $10,100 0.99%
Oussama Sahnoune +10000 101.00 $10,100 0.99%
Katsumi Nakamura +12500 126.00 $12,600 0.79%
Park Seonkwan +12500 126.00 $12,600 0.79%
He Junyi +15000 151.00 $15,100 0.66%
Clyde Lewis +20000 201.00 $20,100 0.50%
Nandor Nemeth +20000 201.00 $20,100 0.50%

The easiest way to understand what the odds mean is to look at the decimal odds. With Caeleb Dressel the favorite at -150, which converts to 1.66 in decimals, you would win $166 ($66 profit) if you bet $100 on him.

Looking at the American odds, the -150 indicates you need to put down $150 in order to win $100.

For one of the sizeable underdogs, such as Alessandro Miressi, his +4000 indicates he’s 40-to-1 to win, and thus you would need to bet $2.50 (100/2.5 = 40) in order to cash in $100.

The implied odds essentially state that based on the line, Dressel should win the race 60.00% of the time.


In terms of who the pick would be here, it’s tough to say. In our preview we have Dressel, Chalmers, and then Vladislav Grinev in that order, which reflects the odds. Miressi, who we have fourth, only has the ninth-best odds, but he would need the stars to align perfectly to actually win outright.

The race between Dressel and Chalmers is closer than the odds indicate, so despite the fact I did pick the defending champ to win, a bet on the Olympic gold medalist makes sense. I also give Grinev a chance to win based on what we’ve seen from him this season, maybe around 20% of the time, which is better than where the odds have him (14.29%).

A bet on any of those three is explainable, but if I had to make a selection, I’d go with Chalmers at the current odds. The line has Dressel too big of a favorite to warrant a bet given the variability of the sport (that’s what makes this so fun!).

However, if confidence on Dressel is sky-high, he’s a great parlay piece (multiple bets in one) to throw in with other picks.

Given the limited amount of swimming betting that is out there currently, it’s unlikely that after the prelims (and semis) the odds would fluctuate to reflect what the swimmers have done. Perhaps that will come in the future, but chances are they’ll get shut down before the event starts (or maybe even before Worlds starts). But if they’re still out there after the 400 free relay, which is on the opening night, you’ll have a better sense of who is on form and may be able to take advantage.

We’ll keep an eye on the lines and see if more odds are released over the course of the next week.

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Muddy Canary

Chierighini at 4th still looks weird to me. I know he’s been 47, but after following his time at Auburn I didn’t think of him as an Olympic finalist for an individual event.


I had the same feeling after his NCAA career but now…? It’s looking more and more like he’ll prove us wrong.


The best bet in there is Scott, I think most other odds broadly reflect their actual prospects (arguably slightly low on Chalmers, but US bookies would take a beating if they gave Dressel and Chalmers closer odds and Dressel still won).


Imho the best bet is Miressi: he is young, has already a gold at European level, a PB under-48 (from last year) and a great odd.
Even if he doesn’t win (or he bust) you only lose 10$ (to trying winning 400)


Is it true that Park went 47,97 at Korean nationals?


First I’ve heard, who told you that?


It is on fina ranking db, this park seonkwan who is on the bet list


he did that , its correct ,i remember well .


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