ACC vs Big Ten College Challenge: Day 2 Live Recap


After the first day of competition at the ACC vs Big Ten College Challenge at Purdue, the women’s meet looks to be all but decided and the men’s is still very much up for grabs.

The Big Ten women lead the ACC 123-44, while the men hold a three-point advantage of 85-82. This morning’s schedule will have the 200 medley relay open things up and the 400 free relay close things off, with the 1000 free, 200 free, 100 back, 100 breast, 200 fly, 50 free and 200 IM being contested individually.

On day 1 nearly every event was won it was stood up to be the fastest time in the NCAA so far this season. For a full event-by-event recap, click here.

Scores After Day 1

Women: Big Ten 123, ACC 44

Men: Big Ten 85, ACC 82

Women’s 200 Medley Relay

  1. B1G ‘A’, 1:34.96
  2. ACC ‘A’, 1:35.38
  3. B1G ‘B’, 1:35.97

Beata Nelson finished off the backstroke trifecta on the lead-off leg of the women’s 200 medley relay, posting the fastest time in the country this season in her third back event of the weekend as the Big Ten won a close race in the women’s 200 medley relay in a time of 1:34.96.

After Nelson gave the team a lead with a 24.12 split, Lilly King dropped a big 25.72 breaststroke leg to give them over a full second advantage on the next closest team, which was their ‘B’ team.

The ACC ‘A’ team charged back with quick fly and freestyle legs from Alyssa Marsh (22.58) and Mallory Comerford (21.08), but the Big Ten held on with solid closing splits from Maggie MacNeil (23.31) and Catie Deloof (21.81). The ACC was just four-tenths back in 1:35.38, and the Big Ten ‘B’ team was 3rd in 1:35.97 with a fast butterfly leg from Christie Jensen (22.87).

The B1G lead is now 136-48.

Men’s 200 Medley Relay

  1. B1G ‘A’, 1:24.26
  2. ACC ‘A’, 1:24.56
  3. B1G ‘B’, 1:25.96

Max McHugh‘s 23.05 breaststroke leg was the difference maker for the Big Ten men as they prevailed in the 200 medley relay by three-tenths over the ACC, 1:24.26 to 1:24.56.

Coleman Stewart led off for the ACC with a 21.10 backstroke leg, the fastest time in the nation, but Gabriel Fantoni (21.59) kept the Big Ten in the hunt before McHugh’s split gave them a lead of eight-tenths. Vini Lanza (20.39) and Zach Apple (19.23) closed things off, while Justin Ress nearly pulled off the comeback for the ACC with an 18.71 anchor leg.

B1G ‘B’ managed to take 3rd to give them a 12-point advantage, 98-86. Ian Finnerty was 23.64 on breaststroke for them there.

Women’s 1000 Free

  1. Mackenzie Padington, B1G, 9:34.06
  2. Ally McHugh, B1G, 9:40.12
  3. Rose Bi, B1G, 9:40.14

The Big Ten women continued their rout of the ACC with a 1-2-3 sweep in the women’s 1000, led by sophomore Mackenzie Padington who broke away early and soared to a time of 9:34.06, the fastest time in the country by over 13 seconds.

Seniors Ally McHugh (9:40.12) and Rose Bi (9:40.14) took 2nd and 3rd to give them the #2 and #3 times in the NCAA, and also give the Big Ten a lead of 101 points (152-51).

4th, 5th and 6th place finishers Tamila Holub (9:41.09), Lindsay Stone (9:45.62) and Molly Kowal (9:46.59) were also all under the top time in the nation coming into this race (9:47.68 from Joanna Evans of Texas).

Men’s 1000 Free

  1. Ricardo Vargas, B1G, 8:46.64
  2. Zach Yeadon, ACC, 8:51.97
  3. Marcelo Acosta, ACC, 8:56.28

Ricardo Vargas dropped a massive swim of 8:46.64 to win the men’s 1000 for the Big Ten, improving on his 8:56.41 from Michigan’s tri-meet with Iowa and Denver (that previously stood as the top time in the NCAA). Vargas broke free from Zach Yeadon of the ACC around the halfway mark to take the win.

Yeadon, who previously was ranked 3rd in the nation at 8:58.55, dropped down to 8:51.97 to take 2nd, and Marcelo Acosta had a strong showing of 8:56.28 to give the ACC a 2-3 finish. Felix Auboeck, the winner of the 500 last night, was 4th in 9:00.95.

The Big Ten extend their lead to 17, now up 110-93.

Women’s 200 Free

  1. Siobhan Haughey, B1G, 1:42.63
  2. Mallory Comerford, ACC, 1:43.58
  3. Catie Deloof, B1G, 1:45.42

Siobhan Haughey kept the Big Ten undefeated streak alive with a win in the women’s 200 free over Mallory Comerford, opening up an early lead and holding even with the defending NCAA champ on the back half. Haughey clocked 1:42.63 to take over the top spot in the nation, passing Comerford’s 1:42.79 from the SMU Classic.

Comerford took 2nd in 1:43.58, and Catie Deloof got in for 3rd for the Big Ten in 1:45.42, edging the ACC’s Abby Dolan (1:45.61).

The score nows sits at 165-57 for the B1G women.

Men’s 200 Free

  1. Mohamed Samy, B1G, 1:33.75
  2. Jacob Molacek, ACC, 1:34.48
  3. Andreas Vazaios, ACC, 1:35.65

Mohamed Samy insane second 100 of 47.07 (23.49/23.58) gave him the win in the men’s 200 free over Jacob Molacek, as the Big Ten junior put up the top time in the country by over a second in 1:33.75.

Molacek, an ACC senior, was the early leader until he was passed by Samy around the 150, but still held strong for a runner-up 1:34.48 which puts him 2nd in the NCAA. Andreas Vazaios was 3rd in 1:35.65 for the ACC, and Paul DeLakis of B1G was 4th in 1:36.87.

With the Big Ten’s winning streak extending, their lead is now up to 20 points (121-101).

Women’s 100 Back

  1. Beata Nelson, B1G, 51.03
  2. Tevyn Waddell, B1G, 52.48
  3. Elise Haan, ACC, 52.77

Beata Nelson won the women’s 100 back comfortably in a time of 51.03, falling just a tick shy of her nation leading time from last night’s medley relay (50.86).

Tevyn Waddell made it a 1-2 for the Big Ten in 52.48, putting her 4th in the NCAA, with Elise Haan of the ACC also sub-53 in 52.77.

The B1G lead is now 180-61.

Men’s 100 Back

  1. Coleman Stewart, ACC, 45.04
  2. Gabriel Fantoni, B1G, 46.58
  3. Max St. George, ACC, 46.75

Coleman Stewart finally won an event for the ACC for the first time this session, destroying the men’s 100 back field in 45.04 to improve on his nation leading 45.35 from the medley relay. He also broke the Purdue Pool Record of 45.07 from Ohio State’s Max McHugh in 2016 and got under the NCAA ‘A’ cut of 45.12.

Gabriel Fantoni of B1G was 2nd in 46.58, while Max St. George (46.75) and Alvin Jiang (46.77) were 3rd and 4th for the ACC as they out-scored the Big Ten in an event for the first time in a while. They now trail by just eleven points, down 126-115.

Women’s 100 Breast

  1. Lilly King, B1G, 57.85
  2. Lindsey Kozelsky, B1G, 58.70
  3. Jinq En Phee, B1G, 59.93

Lilly King (57.85) and Lindsey Kozelsky (58.70) both hit NCAA ‘A’ cuts for the Big Ten as they swept the top-3 spots in the women’s 100 breast, with Jing En Phee squeaking under a minute as well for 3rd in 59.93.

King and Kozelsky take over the top-2 spots in the country, and another sweep brings the Big Ten lead to 132 (196-64).

Men’s 100 Breast

  1. Ian Finnerty, B1G, 51.54
  2. Max McHugh, B1G, 52.19
  3. Keefer Barnum, ACC, 53.70

Ian Finnerty and Max McHugh went 1-2 for the Big Ten men in the 100 breast to extend their lead over the ACC once again, with Finnerty putting up a 51.54 to surpass Carsten Vissering (51.82) for the top time in the country. McHugh’s 52.19 is good for 3rd.

Keefer Barnum (53.70) led a 3-4-5 finish to give the ACC the minor points, but their deficit extends to 18 points (139-121).

Women’s 200 Fly

  1. Grace Oglesby, ACC, 1:54.07
  2. Vanessa Krause, B1G, 1:55.54
  3. Francesca Stoppa, B1G, 1:57.19

Junior Grace Oglesby finally gave the ACC women an event win on the day in the 200 fly, overtaking Vanessa Krause on the back half for a final time of 1:54.07. Oglesby currently leads the NCAA with her 1:53.79 from the SMU Classic.

Krause was 2nd in 1:55.54 for the Big Ten, and Francesca Stoppa was 3rd for them in 1:57.19. The B1G lead now stands at 203-76.

Men’s 200 Fly

  1. Vini Lanza, B1G, 1:42.67
  2. Christian Ferraro, ACC, 1:42.70
  3. Nicolas Albiero, ACC, 1:42.96

Vini Lanza held off hard charging ACC opponents Christian Ferraro and Nicolas Albiero on the last 50 of the men’s 200 fly to edge out the win in 1:42.67, giving him the top time in the country and giving the Big Ten more valuable points.

Ferraro stormed home in 25.64 to finish just .03 back of Lanza in 1:42.70, and Albiero also closed on Lanza coming home to clock 1:42.96 as they move into 2nd and 3rd in the nation.

Even with a 1st and 6th place finish, the Big Ten extend their lead by a point (despite the ACC taking 2nd, 3rd and 4th), now up 19 points (149-130).

Women’s 50 Free

  1. Maggie MacNeil, B1G, 22.08
  2. Siobhan Haughey, B1G, 22.12
  3. Ky-lee Perry, ACC, 22.24

Maggie MacNeil and Siobhan Haughey went 1-2 for the Big Ten in the women’s 50 free, with MacNeil (22.08) moving into 2nd in the NCAA in the event and Haughey (22.12) slotting into 4th. Abbey Weitzeil currently leads in 22.04.

Ky-lee Perry of the ACC was .01 off her season-best for 3rd in 22.24, and the Big Ten now leads 218-80.

Men’s 50 Free

  1. Bowen Becker, B1G, 19.62
  2. Justin Ress, ACC, 19.70
  3. Andrej Barna, ACC, 19.82

Bowen Becker won another tight race for the B1G men in the 50 free, clocking 19.62 with seven of the eight swimmers cracking 20 seconds. Becker’s swim gets him under Robert Howard‘s NCAA leading 19.65, while runner-up Justin Ress and his 19.70 put him in 3rd.

The Big Ten inch another point away, now up 20 (159-139).

Women’s 200 IM

  1. Beata Nelson, B1G, 1:54.94
  2. Bailey Andison, B1G, 1:56.04
  3. Lilly King, B1G, 1:57.62

Beata Nelson won her third individual event of the meet with a very impressive performance in the women’s 200 IM, using the fastest fly and back splits in the field to win in a time of 1:54.94, almost three seconds faster than the fastest time in the country coming into the race (1:57.89 – Tatum Wade).

Bailey Andison (1:56.04) and Lilly King (1:57.62) took 2nd and 3rd for a 1-2-3 sweep for the Big Ten, while Julia Poole of the ACC was also under Wade’s time in 1:57.68.

The Big Ten leads 234-83 heading to diving.

Men’s 200 IM

  1. Andreas Vazaios, ACC, 1:42.44
  2. Caio Pumputis, ACC, 1:44.83
  3. Marci Barta, ACC, 1:46.79

Just when it looked like the Big Ten men were going to run away with this, the ACC makes a big push in the 200 IM as the sweep the top-3 spots and make up 13 points to now only trail by seven.

Andreas Vazaios was insanely fast on back (24.42) and free (24.84) to win in 1:42.44, crushing the fastest time in the country by over three seconds, while Caio Pumputis also got under John Shebat‘s 1:45.58 for 2nd in 1:44.83. Freshman Marci Barta was 3rd in 1:46.79, as the score now stands at 162-155 with diving and the 400 free relay left.

Women’s 3 Meter Diving

  1. Alicia Blagg, ACC, 335.30
  2. Sydney Dusel, ACC, 323.55
  3. Olivia Rosendahl, B1G, 310.95

Alicia Blagg from the University of Miami (Florida) and Sydney Dusel from Virginia went 1-2 for the ACC in the women’s 3-meter, putting up scores of 335.30 and 323.55 respectively.

Olivia Rosendahl, who won the platform on Saturday, was 3rd with 310.95. A Big Ten victory is imminent, as they lead 240-96 with the 400 free relay remaining.

Men’s Platform Diving

  1. Brandon Loschiavo, B1G, 508.85
  2. Zach Cooper, ACC, 428.40
  3. Ross Todd, B1G, 369.00

Brandon Loschiavo had a decisive win on men’s platform, scoring 508.85, and Ross Todd (369.00) added some crucial points in 3rd to give the Big Ten a lead of 175-161 heading into the relay.

The ACC needs to sweep the relay 1-2-3 to win. Even if they go 1-2 with the Big Ten in 3rd, they’ll still lose by one point.

Women’s 400 Free Relay

  1. B1G ‘A’, 3:11.60
  2. ACC ‘A’, 3:12.25
  3. ACC ‘ B’, 3:18.63

The Big Ten women capped their dominant showing at the meet with a win in the 400 free relay, leading wire-to-wire with legs from Beata Nelson (48.53), Catie Deloof (47.24), Maggie MacNeil (48.61) and Siobhan Haughey (47.22) for a final time of 3:11.60.

The ACC teams took 2nd and 3rd, with their ‘A’ team finishing close behind in 3:12.25 after a 46.51 anchor from Mallory Comerford which was the fastest in the field. She was joined by Abby Dolan (48.82), Ky-lee Perry (48.47) and Morgan Hill (48.45).

The Big Ten win the meet decisively by a score of 251-102. Nelson was the top performer for the competition with three individual wins, three relay wins, and four #1 times in the country (50/100/200 back, and the 200 IM).

Men’s 400 Free Relay

  1. ACC ‘A’, 2:49.64
  2. B1G ‘A’, 2:49.77
  3. ACC ‘B’, 2:53.81

Despite the meet being essentially out of reach, the ACC men did all they could do with an exciting win over the Big Ten in the 400 free relay.

Jacob Molacek gave them the lead with a 41.88 second leg, and then heading into the anchor leg with a lead of 0.13, Justin Ress and Mohamed Samy threw up identical splits of 41.75 to give the ACC  the victory in 2:49.64 to the Big Ten’s 2:49.77.

Joining Molacek and Ress on the winning relay was Coleman Stewart (43.21) on the lead-off and Andrej Barna (42.80). For the Big Ten, Zach Apple (42.78), Ruslan Gaziev (42.94) and Bowen Becker (42.30) all had strong splits before handing off to Samy.

ACC ‘B’ took 3rd in 2:53.81, as they made up eight points for the event. However, it wasn’t enough, as the Big Ten men win by a final score of 179-174.



  1. Big Ten, 251
  2. ACC, 102


  1. Big Ten, 179
  2. ACC, 174

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Joel Lin
4 years ago

Those NC State dudes are fast.

Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

Finnerty. 51.5/2:00. That’s some serious dying on the 200.

tea rex
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

Something must have been up with Finnerty. Maybe he knew he DQ’ed so coasted it?

The 200 IM was weird too… Finnerty was first after the fly, then had one of the slowest breaststroke splits.

Fat swammer
4 years ago

This was a fun format. Fast meet. Great time. I hope it continues!!

Swimming Fan
4 years ago

Men’s 100 Back: It appears that Alvin Jiang was 3rd in 46.74.

4 years ago

A December meet for conference competition would be awesome. Get 4 conferences with two heats per event and score it by conference like this meet. Something new; obviously this meet got swimmers moving fast.

Reply to  JimSwim22
4 years ago

Agree, and while I think B1G / ACC / SEC / Pac 12 is the first thing that entered our minds when you said this, it would be fun to think about this on a variety of levels – Mid-Major D1 and even D2/D3. Get 4 conferences without too much disparity in top times, get the individual teams to agree, and see what happens.

B1G Fan
4 years ago

I heard Max McHugh arm wrestles bears and eats a bowl of nails every morning without any milk.

Reply to  B1G Fan
4 years ago

Minnesota all around had a great meet! But McHugh 🤯

4 years ago

Is there alternate link to live results? The one above opens results from a meet a week ago.

Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

It worked….thanks.

4 years ago

Can’t deny B1G is performing well, on average, here.

Reply to  200 SIDESTROKE B CUT
4 years ago

Obvious to see some teams on both sides are at different stages of their training programs heading into their mid season invites.

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