2019 World Junior Championships: Day 5 Live Finals Recap


  • 50-Meter Course
  • Duna Arena, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Pool swimming: Tuesday, August 20 – Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • Heats 9:30am GMT+2 (3:30 am EDT / 12:30 am PDT)/ Semifinals and Finals 5:30pm GMT+2 (11:30am EDT / 8:30am PDT)
  • Meet site
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  • FinaTV Live Stream (subscription required)
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Tonight, five more world junior champions will be newly crowned while four events will filter down to an elite top 8 to contest for the top 3 medals.

The woman to watch tonight is 17-year-old Aussie Lani Pallister, who comes in as the top seed in the women’s 1500 free timed final. With her seed time 7 seconds ahead of her nearest foe, Italy’s Giulia Salin, Pallister has a shot at sweeping the distance events after already winning the 400 and 800 free finals.

Repping the green and gold as well is 16-year-old Aussie Bronte Job, who leads the women’s 50 back final. Her semifinals top time of 27.83 frightened the 2015 championship record of 27.81 and will be on record watch tonight.

More of tonight’s top finals seeds are Russians Aleksandr Shchegolev (50 fly) and Ilia Borodin (400 IM), alongside the American women in the 4×100 free relay.

Women’s 1500 Freestyle – FASTEST HEAT

  • WR— 15:20.48, LEDECKY Katie (USA), 2018
  • CR— 15:59.51, PIGNATIELLO Delfina (ARG), 2017
  • WJR— 15:28.36, LEDECKY Katie (USA), 2014

Top 3:

17-year-old Aussie Lani Pallister continued to show her dominance with her record-breaking 1500 free performance. Her efforts allowed her to win the event by 16 seconds and just nip the 2017 championships record by less than a second. Pallister now ranks 11th in the world this year and is the 4th-fastest Aussie performer in history while remaining the fastest 17-year-old in Australian age history.

Taking the silver was Italian Giulia Salin while American Chase Travis took the bronze. Travis’ time of 16:18.04 now puts her as the 9th-fastest 15-16 performer in US age group history.


  • WR— 46.91, CIELO FILHO Cesar (BRA), 2009
  • CR— 48.33, GIREV Ivan (RUS), 2017
  • WJR— 47.58, CHALMERS Kyle (AUS), 2016

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. MINAKOV Andrei RUS- 49.19
  2. HANSON Robin SWE- 49.65
  3. LIENDO Joshua CAN- 49.73
  4. CHANEY Adam USA- 49.77
  5. NICETTO Stefano ITA- 49.92
  6. BARSEGHYAN Artur ARM- 49.96
  7. BUKHOV Vladyslav UKR- 50.00
  8. STEIN SARTORI Murilo BRA/MAGAHEY Jake USA- 50.01 *swim-off required

Andrei Minakov leads the men’s 100 free semifinals with a half-second advantage over Swede Robin Hanson. Canadian Joshua Edwards Liendo and American Adam Chaney will sandwich the top 2 into tomorrow’s final in lane 3 and lane 6.

Italian Stefano Nicetto just clipped the 50-second barrier along with Artur Barseghyan, who re-set his Armenian national record in the event. Ukraine’s Vladyslav Bukhov is locked in for the top 8 while Brazil’s Murilo Sartori and USA’s Jake Magahey will need to swim-off for the eighth spot.


  • WR— 55.48, SJOESTROEM Sarah (SWE), 2016
  • CR— 57.25, IKEE Rikako (JPN), 2017
  • WJR— 56.46, OLEKSIAK Penny (CAN), 2016

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. SHKURDAI Anastasiya BLR- 57.82
  2. HUSKE Torri USA- 57.86
  3. CURZAN Claire USA- 58.51
  4. QIAN Xinan CHN- 59.00
  5. HENDERSON Hanna CAN- 59.28
  6. BIASIBETTI Helena ITA- 59.62
  7. SABITOVA Aleksandra RUS- 59.73
  8. SASSEVILLE Genevieve CAN- 59.76

Belarusian Anastasiya Shkurdai had a thrilling race with 50 fly champ Torri Huske of the USA. Shkurdai won the second semifinal with a 57.82, Huske was 0.06s off her US 15-16 NAG. Fellow American Claire Curzan domiated the first semifinal to qualify third with a 58.51.

The rest of the remaining top 8 qualifiers were all in the 59-second range.


  • WR– 22.27, GOVOROV Andrii (UKR), 2018
  • CR– 23.22, ANDREW Michael (USA), 2017
  • WJR– 23.22, ANDREW Michael (USA), 2017

Top 3:

Italian Thomas Ceccon, after winning a backstroke world title already, flipped onto his stomach and flew to his second world title in the men’s 50 fly. Following closely behind him was Russian Andrei Minakov, who finished 0.02s behind Ceccon.

Bronze medalist Josif Miladinov finished with a new Bulgarian national record time of 23.48.


  • WR– 23.67, SJOESTROEM Sarah (SWE), 2017
  • CR– 24.59, IKEE Rikako (JPN), 2017
  • WJR– 24.33, IKEE Rikako (JPN), 2017

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. PARKER Maxine USA- 24.96
  2. HARRIS Meg AUS- 25.02
  3. WALSH Gretchen USA- 25.10
  4. CANNY Aimee RSA- 25.29
  5. GANGL Nina AUT- 25.36
  6. COCCONCELLI Costanza ITA- 25.49
  7. NOWACZYK Lison FRA- 25.50
  8. HENDERSON Hanna CAN- 25.52

Team USA captain Maxine Parker leads the women’s 50 free with her first sub-25 swim time of 24.96. Parker is now the 6th-fastest US 17-18 performer in age group history. Taking second place was Aussie Meg Harris, whose lifetime best of 25.02 keeps her as the 5th-fastest 17-year-old Aussie performer all-time.

100 free champion USA’s Gretchen Walsh confirmed her place in the 50 free with her 25.10 semifinals swim. South Africa’s Aimee Canny and Austria’s Nina Gangl, who is just two-tenths off the national record, have cruised into the final along with Italian Costanza Cocconcelli.


  • WR– 25.95, PEATY Adam (GBR), 2017
  • CR– 27.02, MARTINENGHI Nicolo (ITA), 2017
  • WJR– 26.97, MARTINENGHI Nicolo (ITA), 2017

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. GERASIMENKO Vladislav RUS- 27.89
  2. GOODBURN Archie GBR- 27.91
  3. ASPOUGALIS Arkadios GRE- 27.98
  4. MASTROMATTEO Gabe CAN- 28.03
  5. MATHENY Josh USA- 28.16
  6. SATO Shoma JPN- 28.20
  7. HOUSEMAN Kevin USA- 28.32
  8. BOOTH Kyle GBR- 28.34

Russian Vladislav Gerasimenko leads the men’s 50 breast final along with fellow sub-28 performers Britain’s Archie Goodburn and Greece’s Arkadios Aspougalis. Goodburn was just hundredths off his lifetime best from the 2019 European Juniors, which puts him as the second fastest 18-year-old British performer all-time.

Joining Goodburn for Team Britain is Kyle Booth while Americans Josh Matheny and Kevin Houseman will represent the stars and stripes in tomorrow’s final.


  • WR– 26.98, LIU Xiang (CHN), 2018
  • CR– 27.81, FA’AMAUSILI Gabrielle (NZL), 2015
  • WJR– 27.49, ATHERTON Minna (AUS), 2016

Top 3:

Although not reaching the championship record, Aussie Bronte Job stayed ahead over Canadian Jade Hannah and Russian Daria Vaskina to secure a world junior title. Hannah and Vaskina tied for second place with a 27.91.

Job still remains the second fastest 16-year-old Aussie event performer with her 27.83 semifinals time. Hannah, after winning the 100/200 back, remains the second-fastest Canadian all-time and as the fastest Canadian time this season.


  • WR– 4:03.84, PHELPS Michael (USA), 2008
  • CR– 4:14.65, GONZALEZ Hugo (ESP), 2017
  • WJR– 4:13.39, FOSTER Carson (USA), 2019

Top 3:

Apostolos Papastamos came out on top in a surprising finish to dominate the month-old world junior record and 2017 championship record. Papastamos came into the final with a prelims seed of 4:19.42 and dropped 8 seconds to clock in his winning time of 4:11.93. He also took down the 2012 Greek national record of 4:14.41.

Russian Ilia Borodin took the silver with a 4:12.95 while France’s Leon Marchand took a surprise bronze medal finish out of lane one.


  • WR– 3:30.05, Australia, 2018
  • CR– 3:36.19, Canada, 2017
  • WJR– 3:36.19, Canada, 2017

Top 3:

  • GOLD: USA- 3:37.61
  • SILVER: Australia- 3:40.85
  • BRONZE: Italy- 3:42.04

The American women dominated the 4×100 free relay event with a final time of 3:37.61, just a second and a half off the 2017 championship and world junior record. Here’s a look at the American splits.

  • WALSH Gretchen- 54.13
  • HUSKE Torri- 54.50
  • COOPER Grace- 55.04
  • TANG Amy- 53.94
  • Final Time- 3:37.61

Taking the silver were the Aussies at 3:40.85 while the Italians took the bronze at 3:42.04. The French team would have finished third place, but had an early start on the last exchange and received a DQ.

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1 year ago

https://www.mediaklikk.hu/m4-elo/ -> do you know if there is swimming?

Reply to  Paolo
1 year ago

Choose “Duna World” swimswam keeps deleting the link from a website that the whole world has free access to.

manoj ghimire
Reply to  Ger
1 year ago

what is link

Reply to  Ger
1 year ago

This streaming is very intermittent for me- keeps disconnecting me. Anyone else?

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Julie
1 year ago

Yes, it’s been happening to me all week

CT Swim Fan
1 year ago

I like the FINA feed announcer, Bob Ballard. He has said a couple of things I had not heard before. This morning he commented during Carson Foster’s IM that Carson was trying to keep his powder dry (Apparently means careful and alert) and the other morning something was done and dusted. Very entertaining.

Reply to  CT Swim Fan
1 year ago

oh yes , he is very funny at times

1 year ago

he said ” she has got a little of riggle room but not a lot “

Reply to  CT Swim Fan
1 year ago

FINA has the best broadcast. First time I’ve streamed them and it’s a big difference from NBC. Damn shame I won’t be able to stream it for the Olympics or the Worlds Sr Championships

CT Swim Fan
Reply to  CT Swim Fan
1 year ago

New one tonight, home and hosed.

Reply to  CT Swim Fan
1 year ago

These sayings are quite common in Australia.
Bob is not great . Always wonders why they are not breaking records and doing massive PBs in heats . He’s quite annoying but the stream works well.

1 year ago

Pallister trying to go sub 16 10:36

Reply to  TAA
1 year ago


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