2019 Big 12 Men’s and Women’s Championships: Day 3 Prelims


  • Wednesday, February 27 – Saturday, March 2
  • Texas Swimming Center, Austin, TX (Central Time Zone)
  • Defending Champion: Texas men (22x) & Texas women (6x) (results)
  • Live results
  • Championship Central

Some of the oldest Big 12 Meet Records on the books come during day 3’s events. That includes a men’s 200 free record of 1:32.01 that reaches all the way back to the 2009 championships, when Ricky Berens set it.

While we wouldn’t expect any of these times to go down in prelims, with Townley Haas showing a little more speed in finals on Thursday (he went 4:13 in the 500), the fastest 200 freestyler in history might have a chance at taking that mark down tonight.

Women’s 100 Fly – Prelims

  • Big 12 Record – Triin Aljand, Texas A&M, 2008 – 51.32
  • Meet Record – Lily Moldenhauer, Texas, 2014 – 51.92

Top Eight

  1. Emily Reese (Texas) – 53.53
  2. Lauren Case (Texas) – 53.84
  3. Megan Bullock (WVU) – 53.86
  4. Micaela Roemer (TCU) – 53.97
  5. Remedy Rule (Texas) – 54.10
  6. Eylnn Tan (Iowa State) – 54.24
  7. Haley Bishop (Kansas) – 54.38
  8. Greta Olsen (Kansas) – 55.06

While none of the Longhorn women matched their seed times, they’ll still lead the way tonight with three A-finalists. Kansas was the only other school to put more than one into the top eight, sneaking two women in at the #7 and #8 spots. Iowa State, TCU, and WVU each put one up, with TCU’s Micaela Roemer dropping the most time, as she over two and a half seconds off her seed time.

Men’s 100 Fly – Prelims

  • Big 12 Record – Joseph Schooling, Texas, 2017 – 43.75
  • Meet Record –  Joseph Schooling, Texas, 2017 – 44.06

Top Eight

  1. Jacob Huerta (Texas) – 46.64
  2. Max Holter (Texas) – 46.67
  3. Andrew Koustik (Texas) – 47.26
  4. David Dixon (WVU) – 47.86
  5. Sam Neaveill (WVU) – 47.87
  6. Trayton Saladin (WVU) / Angelo Russo (WVU) – 48.22
  7. (tie)
  8. Jack Frazier (WVU) – 49.15

Now this isn’t something you see every day…or year. Texas only swam three men in the event, so while they’re the top three seeds heading into tonight, it will be West Virginia occupying most of the lanes, as the Mountaineers swept the #4-8 spots.

Notably, Tate Jackson was a declared false start. He swam on the B 800 free relay Wednesday night and prelims of the 50 free yesterday, but did not swim yesterday evening.

Women’s 400 IM – Prelims

  • Big 12 Record – Madisyn Cox, Texas, 2017 – 4:00.97
  • Meet Record – Madisyn Cox, Texas, 2017 – 4:01.15

Top Eight

  1. Evie Pfeifer (Texas) – 4:09.99
  2. Nora McCullagh (Texas) – 4:17.18
  3. Maxine Walter (Texas) – 4:18.40
  4. Haley Rugemer (Iowa State) – 4:20.15
  5. Megan Morris (TCU) – 4:20.35
  6. Alexandra Robertson (TCU) – 4:20.41
  7. Paige Riekhof (Kansas) – 4:20.92
  8. Kaeleigh Rice (TCU) – 4:23.13

The Texas women again swept the top three spots. Evie Pfeifer led the way, with her time of 4:09.99 relatively close to her seed time of 4:09.11.

Iowa State’s Haley Rugemer knocked over 7 seconds off her seed time to lead the non-Texas swimmers with a 4:20.15. TCU’s Megan Morris, one of three TCU swimmers in the top eight, had the biggest time drop of the morning, going from 4:33.28 to 4:20.35.

Men’s 400 IM – Prelims

  • Big 12 Record – Will Licon, Texas, 2015 – 3:36.37
  • Meet Record –  Jonathan Roberts, Texas, 2017 – 3:38.18

Top Eight

  1. Colter Carman (Texas) – 3:46.37
  2. JohnThomas Larson (Texas) – 3:47.38
  3. Braden Vines (Texas) – 3:47.71
  4. Dayne Odendaal (TCU) – 3:53.58
  5. Josh Harlan (WVU) – 3:56.24
  6. Phillip Kay (WVU) – 3:56.44
  7. Mason Tenney (Texas) – 4:00.99
  8. Chris Yeager (Texas) – 4:01.84

Colter Carman took the top time this morning, but he’s appear to be part of the Longhorns’ non-scoring team, so he may be relegated to the B-final tonight. Carman, JohnThomas Larson, and Braden Vines put up the three fastest times of the morining, and as none of them have a NCAA invite secure, there’s a chance we may be in for a good race this evening. Teammates Mason Tenney and Chris Yeager made the top eight as well; Yeager already has his NCAA invite nailed down thanks to his 1650 time from the Texas Hall of Fame Invite.

TCU got one up, Dayne Odendaal, and the Mountaineers earned A-final swims from Phillip Kay and Josh Harlan.

Women’s 200 Free – Prelims

  • Big 12 Record – Karlee Bispo, Texas, 2011 – 1:42.81
  • Meet Record – Karlee Bispo, Texas, 2011 – 1:43.43

Top Eight

  1. Jenny Nusbaum (Kansas) – 1:47.31
  2. Quinn Carrozza (Texas) – 1:47.39
  3. Joanna Evans (Texas) – 1:48.35
  4. Anna Anderson (Iowa State) – 1:48.53
  5. Lauryn Parrish (Kansas) – 1:48.69
  6. Anelise Diener (Texas) – 1:48.91
  7. Reka Kovacs (WVU) – 1:49.51
  8. Claire Campbell (Kansas) – 1:49.62

The Longhorns put three up here, but Kansas was right there with them, also netting three of the top eight spots. They’re led by Jenny Nusbuam, who actually posted the top overall time of the morning with a 1:47.31.

Iowa State and WVU each earned a swim tonight, courtesy of Anna Andersen and Reka Kovacs.

Men’s 200 Free – Prelims

  • Big 12 Record – Townley Haas, Texas, 2018 – 1:29.50
  • Meet Record – Ricky Berens, Texas, 2009 – 1:32.01

Top Eight

  1. Drew Kibler – 1:34.54
  2. Townley Haas – 1:34.57
  3. Matthew Willenbring – 1:34.80
  4. Daniel Krueger – 1:34.82
  5. Alex Zettle – 1:35.93
  6. Jeff Newkirk – 1:36.05
  7. Luke Bowman – 1:36.24
  8. Parker Neri – 1:36.61

Right now, it’s an all-Longhorn A-final, although at least TCU’s Joao Andrade (1:38.24) and Noah Cumby (1:38.26) should get bumped up since two of the Texas swimmers (Bowman and Neri) are designated as non-scoring.

What’s interesting here is that all of the top six men have nailed down their NCAA invite times, yet most of them put up pretty good swims still.

Neri, who had the 8th-fastest time time this morning, and who made NCAAs last year, has been 1:34-mid this season, which is probably not enough to garner to a cut, so he may be primed to go for it tonight.

Sam Pomajevich is another interesting case. Right now, he’s probably sitting on the bubble in the 200 fly, but was 15 seconds off his personal best when he swam a 500 free time trial last night, an event in which he was a NCAA A-finalist last year. He was 12th this morning with a 1:38.91; he was 1:33.31 at NCAAs last year.

Women’s 100 Breast – Prelims

  • Big 12 Record – Breeja Larson, Texas A&M, 2012 – 57.51
  • Meet Record – Breeja Larson, Texas A&M, 2012 – 57.92

Top Eight

  1. Kennedy Lohman (Texas) – 1:01.03
  2. Haley Downey (Kansas) – 1:01.31
  3. Emma Harris (WVU) – 1:01.66
  4. Holly Jansen (Texas) – 1:01.79
  5. Olivia Anderson (Texas) – 1:01.80
  6. Kate Steward (Kansas) – 1:01.85
  7. Lehr Thorson (Iowa State) – 1:02.33
  8. Brooke Hansen (Texas) – 1:02.44

Texas put up four swimmers in a pretty tight field, with Kennedy Lohman leading the way at 1:01.03. Kansas’s Haley Downey knocked almost two seconds off her seed to put the 2nd-fastest time of the morning with a 1:01.31. She’ll be joined by teammate Kate Steward, and WVU and Iowa State each put one woman into the top eight as well.

Men’s 100 Breast – Prelims

  • Big 12 Record – Matt Licon, Texas, 2017 – 50.68
  • Meet Record – Will Licon, Texas, 2017 – 51.50

Top Eight

  1. Charlie Scheinfeld (Texas) – 53.04
  2. Tristen Disibio (WVU) – 53.38
  3. Jake Armstrong (WVU) – 53.82
  4. Fausto Huerta (WVU) – 54.87
  5. Hugh McPherson (TCU) – 55.00
  6. Matthew Marsh (WVU) – 55.25
  7. Jack Portmann (WVU) – 55.60
  8. Charles Bennett (TCU) – 55.63

Charlie Scheinfeld was the only Longhorn entered in this event, and assuming he swims tonight, he’ll be in lane four. Flanking him will be WVU’s Tristen Disibio and Jake Armstrong, the latter of whom had the fastest medley relay split Wednesday night.

WVU got a total of 5 swimmers into the A-final, while TCU nabbed two spots.

Women’s 100 Back – Prelims

  • Big 12 Record – Tasija Karosas, Texas, 2017 – 50.83
  • Meet Record – Tasija Karosas, Texas, 2017 – 50.96

Top Eight

  1. Claire Adams (Texas) – 51.97
  2. Julia Cook (Texas) – 52.38
  3. Grace Ariola (Texas) – 53.76
  4. Manon Manning (Kansas) – 54.12
  5. Elizabeth Amato-Hanner (Kansas) – 54.44
  6. Madison Ibrahim (TCU) – 54.50
  7. Ally Vannetta (WVU) – 55.24
  8. Dewi Blose (Kansas) – 55.31

Kansas continues to have a strong morning. They got three up here, led by Manon Manning and her 54.12, the fastest time of the morning outside of Texas’s swimmers. TCU and WVU each got one into the top eight, with TCU’s Madison Ibrahim notably going almost four seconds than her seed time.

Men’s 100 Back – Prelims

  • Big 12 Record – John Shebat, Texas, 2017 – 44.35
  • Meet Record – Andrew Marsh, West Virginia, 2016 – 45.41

Top Eight

  1. Ryan Harty (Texas) – 45.85
  2. John Shebat (Texas) – 46.15
  3. Austin Katz (Texas) – 46.20
  4. Josh Artmann (Texas) – 47.12
  5. Preston Varozza (Texas) – 47.38
  6. Jason Park (Texas) – 47.96
  7. Austin Hartke (WVU) – 48.18
  8. Christopher O’Shea (WVU) – 48.29

The top three times this morning were posted by three Longhorns who could very well all make the A-final in this event (and the 200 back) at next month’s NCAAs. The next three spots were all filled by Texas swimmers who haven’t quite secured their NCAA cuts, although Josh Artmann qualified last year in the 200 back.

WVU took the final two spots, with Austin Hartke dropping almost two seconds from his seed time, going from 50.01 to 48.18.

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3 years ago

Maybe no men’s 400Im qualifier…surprised Ryan Harty swimming 100 back instead of 400IM…

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  austinpoolboy
3 years ago

An IQ test —- and he passed.

3 years ago

No Sam Stewart, no Jake Sannem….and others on the team…because Eddie wants them to at least have a B cut to even swim as non-scoring?

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  austinpoolboy
3 years ago

Maybe they drank the Austin water and there’s a pending PED scandal brewing.

Reply to  austinpoolboy
3 years ago

Sannem has had a fantastic year. Hopefully he’s just sick or something and can nail down a cut at the last chance meet next week. Stewart had a good 200 IM at invite but hasn’t much been heard from since. And Tate Jackson’s scratches are interesting, though he got all his cuts nailed down in December.

Reply to  Chris
3 years ago

I think Sannem’s 133.6 200Fr from the Invite should be good enough to get him in.

The Ready Room
3 years ago

What’s going on with Pomajevich? Is he okay?

Reply to  The Ready Room
3 years ago

I think he’s just a big taper swimmer. Last year he went from B cut to finalist in the 500. He had a good, though not amazing, 100 and 200 fly at the invite. I tend to think he’ll be fine.

Reply to  Robert Gibbs
3 years ago

Just saw the bit about his 500 TT…ouch. That doesn’t sound fine at this time of year. Are results available anywhere for the TTs since Wednesday?

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  The Ready Room
3 years ago

Trying to do a Haas taper drop without Haas-level talent.

3 years ago

Might sound crazy but… does Texas actually need to worry about winning this meet, given all of their scratches and non-scoring swimmers? WVU seems poised to put up big points tonight.

Right Dude Here
Reply to  Jeahbrah
3 years ago

1. No

2. Even if yes, they wouldn’t care, it’s all about March

Reply to  Right Dude Here
3 years ago

I’m sure the department cares if they can claim themselves as conferences champions. Even if the conference isn’t deep, the title matters.

Right Dude Here
Reply to  Thomas
3 years ago

No doubt the AD and other administrators care about it.

But does Eddie? Does the team? Does it matter? It can almost be assumed Texas will win anyway.

The Wolf of Raleigh
Reply to  Jeahbrah
3 years ago

No they don’t. Even they really wanted to challenge themselves they would do something about it.

Reply to  Jeahbrah
3 years ago

If there was any doubt about it, Texas would swim enough guys to win conference. Yes, they don’t care about conference, but they also don’t want to not win Eddie’s 40th.

3 years ago

Colter Carman is not going to be off the scoring roster much longer after going 1:45 and 3:46 in the IMs.

Coach Mike 1952
3 years ago

Men’s 100 Breast – “Matt” Licon?

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
3 years ago

Why is SwimSwam not changing it? LOL

3 years ago

this meet gets sadder every year

Reply to  Towelie
3 years ago

Most of these top times would barely make it to A finsls at Big 10s or ACCs. This meet should be renamed Texas time trials or Texas intrasquad meet.

Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

didn’t think of that, but you are right! 200 free – the first TCU guy dropped 3 sec from his seed time to 1:38.24 but that is only good for 38th at B1G and 35th at ACC.

The Wolf of Raleigh
Reply to  Towelie
3 years ago

Agreed. An intrasquad meet

Reply to  Towelie
3 years ago

Yes, this is quite embarrassing.

Reply to  Towelie
3 years ago

This meet is a mockery of conference competition we see elsewhere in the country. Not saying it’s Texas’s fault but it’s still pretty pathetic.

Right Dude Here
Reply to  SVIRD
3 years ago

Then lobby other big 12 schools to start start swim teams. (Obviously not ‘you,’ but the royal you)

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