2019 Big 12 Men’s & Women’s Championships: Day 4 Finals


  • Wednesday, February 27 – Saturday, March 2
  • Texas Swimming Center, Austin, TX (Central Time Zone)
  • Defending Champion: Texas men (22x) & Texas women (6x) (results)
  • Live results
  • Championship Central

There are no team titles on the line on the final day of the 2019 Big 12 Swimming & Diving Championships in Austin. However, there’s still some NCAA qualifying times to be earned, and individual qualifications at stake.

Women’s 1650 Free – TIMED FINALS

  • Big 12 Record – 15:51.74, Joanna Evans, Texas – 2017
  • Meet Record – 16:00.70, Maureen McLaine, Texas A&M – 2012
  • Estimated 2019 NCAA Invite Time – 16:12.64

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Joanna Evans (TEX) – 15:57.28
  2. Evie Pfeifer (TEX) – 16:12.79
  3. Crissie Blomquist (KANSAS) – 16:38.95

Joanna Evans took back the Big 12 title from teammate Evie Pfeifer, finishing her caeer 3 for 4 on Big 12 miles. Evans broke the meet record, which had stood since 2012, when Texas A&M was still in the conference. Pfeifer came in 2nd, posting a 16:12. Crissie Blomquist gave Kansas its first podium finish of the night, touching in 3rd.

Men’s 1650 Free – TIMED FINALS

  • Big 12 Record – 14:22.41, Clark Smith, Texas – 2017
  • Meet Record – 14:31.29, Clark Smith, Texas – 2016
  • Estimated 2019 NCAA Invite Time – 14:54.38

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Alex Zettle (TEX) – 14:48.32
  2. Chris Yeager (TEX) – 15:01.56
  3. Dayne Odendaal (TCU) – 15:43.34

Alex Zettle, a Longhorn freshman, posted a season best by a lot to win the event. His time of 14:48.32 was a 19 second drop on the season, and gave Zettle an excellent shot at earning an invitation to the NCAAs at the end of the month. Chris Yeager was off his season best, but he’s already hit the A cut in the event, securing his trip to the NCAAs. Dayne Odendaal gave TCU it’s first podium finish of the night, coming in 3rd.


  • Big 12 Record – 1:49.91, Tasija Karosas, Texas – 2017
  • Meet Record – 1:51.11, Tasija Karosas, Texas – 1:51.11
  • Estimated 2019 NCAA Invite Time – 1:53.52

Texas senior Quinn Carrozza successfully defended her NCAA title in the women’s 200 yard backstroke, swimming a 1:52.88. That put her 2-and-a-half seconds ahead of Kansas’ Elizabeth Amato-Hanner, who was 2nd in 1:55.49. That moves her to 2nd in program history in an event where the Jayhawks have possibly their best overall history.

Kansas went 2-3-4 in the race, with Manon Manning taking 3rd in 1:57.52 and Lauryn Parrish taking 4th in 1:57.99. That all-but-locked Kansas’ 2nd-place position at the meet

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Quinn Carrozza, Texas – 1:52.88
  2. Elizabeth Amato-Hanner, Kansas – 1:55.49
  3. Manon Manning, Kansas – 1:57.52

MEN’S 200 BACK – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 1:37.24, John Shebat, Texas – 2017
  • Meet Record – 1:39.10, Austin Katz, Texas – 2018
  • Estimated 2019 NCAA Invite Time – 1:41.01

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Ryan Harty (TEX) – 1:38.61
  2. Austin Katz (TEX) – 1:39.33
  3. John Shebat (TEX) – 1:39.55

Ryan Harty threw down a new lifetime best of 1:38.61, breaking teammate Austin Katz‘s meet record by half a second. Katz, for his part, secured his first A cut of the season, although he wasn’t really at risk of missing out on NCAAs anyway. Shebat rolled in with a massive best time for the season, clearing his season best by 2 seconds. Jeff Newkirk also turned in a season best of 1:43.43 for 4th.

WOMEN’S 100 FREE – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 47.32, Claire Adams, Texas – 2018
  • Meet Record – 47.46, Claire Adams, Texas – 2018
  • Estimated 2019 NCAA Invite Time – 48.50

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Claire Adams (TEX) – 47.82
  2. Julia Cook (TEX) – 48.53
  3. Anelise Diener (TEX) – 48.67

Texas swept this one with their rock solid sprinting core. Claire Adams turned in an impressive 47.82, not a season best, but a quick time nonetheless. Julia Cook was also off her season best, but managed to get her hand on the wall 2nd. Anelise Diener was right at her best time of the season, coming in for 3rd with a nice gap between her and 4th place Grace Ariola, who was 49.12, a second off her season best.

MEN’S 100 FREE – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 41.06, Tate Jackson, Texas – 2018
  • Meet Record – 41.27, Tate Jackson, Texas – 2018
  • Estimated 2019 NCAA Invite Time – 42.63

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Drew Krueger (TEX) – 42.33
  2. Drew Kibler (TEX) – 42.86
  3. Townley Haas (TEX) – 42.93

Daniel Krueger won the race, touching just .02 seconds off his time trial time from day 1. That time should, more than likely, get Krueger his invite to the NCAAs. Drew Kibler was next in, clocking a time a little over half a second off his season best, while Townley Haas did the same for 3rd. Matthew Willenbring edged his season best by .02 seconds, clocking a 43.34 for 3rd place.

WOMEN’S 200 BREAST – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 2:05.04, Laura Sogar, Texas – 2012
  • Meet Record – 2:05.25, Laura Sogar, Texas – 2013
  • Estimated 2019 NCAA Invite Time – 2:09.80

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Kate Steward (KANSAS) – 2:11.98
  2. Emma Harris (WVU) – 2:12.55
  3. Holly Jansen (TEX) – 2:13.15

Kate Steward picked up a win for Kansas, finishing in a 2:11.98. Steward blew past runner-up Emma Harris on the final 50, splitting a 34.41 to Harris’ 36.40. Holly Jansen was the lead Longhorn, coming in 3rd with a 2:13.15. Steward’s time was a season best, but unfortunately, is off what it will take to make NCAAs in a few weeks. Through the event, Kansas is holding a 200 point lead over WVU for 2nd place in the team race.

MEN’S 200 BREAST – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 1:47.91, Will Licon, Texas – 2017
  • Meet Record – 1:49.89, Will Licon, Texas – 2017
  • Estimated 2019 NCAA Invite Time – 1:54.28

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Braden Vines (TEX) – 1:54.23
  2. Tristen Disibio (WVU) – 1:54.70
  3. Hugh McPherson (TCU) – 1:58.28

Braden Vines had another great swim on the meet, taking another victory. His time comes in as a season best, and is another event where he is likely to have made NCAAs. Each of the 3 teams got a swimmer on the podium too, for what I believe was the first time this meet. Tristen Disibio was his fastest of the season, but will likely miss out on an invitation from that swim. Hugh McPherson represented TCu on the podium for his first time this meet. Charlie Scheinfeld, one of the leading breaststrokers nationally this year, came in 4th with a 1:58.28.

WOMEN’S 200 FLY – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 1:51.18, Kathleen Hersey, Texas – 2009
  • Meet Record – 1:53.66, Cammile Adams, Texas A&M – 2011
  • Estimated 2019 NCAA Invite Time – 1:55.91

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Remedy Rule (TEX) – 1:53.81
  2. Morgan Bullock (WVU) – 1:55.25
  3. Lauren Case (TEX) – 1:56.99

Remedy Rule defended her title in the 200 fly, coming in just off her season best of 1:53.65. She was also just off the meet record of 1:53.66, from 2011. Morgan Bullock should have just earned herself an invitation to the NCAAs, clocking in at 1:55.25, significantly below last year’s invite time of 1:55.99. Last year, Bullock qualified for NCAAs at a last chance meet following Big 12s.

MEN’S 200 FLY – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 1:38.75, Jack Conger, Texas – 2017
  • Meet Record – 1:40.57, Jack Conger, Texas – 2016
  • Estimated 2019 NCAA Invite Time – 1:42.37

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. David Dixon (WVU) – 1:42.15
  2. Andrew Koustik (TEX) – 1:42.48
  3. Sam Pomajevich (TEX) – 1:45.80

David Dixon took home West Virginia’s first men’s title of the meet, touching first after a battle with Andrew Koustik. Dixon broke away on the last 50, posting a 26.88 on the last split. Dixon will be on the bubble for qualifying to NCAAs, along with Koustik and Pomajevich. All 3 are in a tricky position, where it’s unsure whether any will get invited to NCAAs. Additionally, this event is all 3’s best chance at earning an invite. Of course, since he has the fastest time of the 3, Dixon stands the best chance at being invited, Koustik the worst (Pomajevich’s season best is 1:42.33).

Women’s Platform Diving – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 411.30, Murphy Bromberg, Texas – 2015
  • Meet Record – 411.30, Murphy Bromberg, Texas – 2015

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Murphy Bromberg (TEX) – 397.20
  2. Paola Pineda (TEX) – 272.20
  3. Sofia Rauzi (TEX) – 250.05

Murphy Bromberg won this event handily, to say the least. While Texas went 1-2-3, Bromberg landed the top score by 125 points, an absolutely huge margin.

Men’s Platform Diving – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 579.60, Jordan Windle, Texas – 2018
  • Meet Record – 579.60, Jordan Windle, Texas – 2018

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Jordan Windle (TEX) – 521.60
  2. Jacob Cornish (TEX) – 399.55
  3. Nick Cover (WVU) – 297.15

Jordan Windle was virtually just as dominant as Bromberg was in women’s diving, winning by a total of 122.15 points. Windle is the defending NCAA champion in platform diving.

Women’s 400 Free Relay – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 3:09.56, Texas – 2018
  • Meet Record – 3:11.72, Texas – 2018

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Texas – 3:13.58
  2. Kansas – 3:20.60
  3. Iowa State – 3:21.21

To no surprise at all, the Texas squad that has a very good shot at winning this event at NCAAs was victorious here, putting down a time well off their season best of 3:09.56. They still put up a good performance to end the meet on, with Claire Adams providing a 47.7 anchor split. Brooke Hansen, Anelise Diener, and Grace Ariola rounded out this relay. Notably, Julia Cook was not on this relay tonight. Cook, was the fastest incoming freshman in the 100, and is towards the top of the nation this year. Cook will all but certainly be on the relay at NCAAs, if not for prelims, for finals.

Men’s 400 Free Relay – Finals

  • Big 12 Record – 2:45.39, Texas – 2017
  • Meet Record – 2:48.35, Texas – 2017

Top 3 Finishers:

  1. Texas – 2:52.08
  2. WVU – 2:54.35
  3. TCU – 2:58.65

hard to say exactly who will be on the Texas NCAA 400 free relay, but it likely won’t be aexactly the same as it was tonight. Tonight, Daniel Krueger, Drew Kibler, Austin Katz, and Matthew Willenbring teamed up for a 2:52.08. They will certainly be faster in March, no matter who swims on the relay.

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1 year ago

Just making sure everyone is satisfied with the speed of the men’s 200 Back?

Speed Racer
Reply to  Horninco
1 year ago

Yes. Very similar to the finish at SEC’s a week ago.

Reply to  Speed Racer
1 year ago

Except that Harty was faster.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Horninco
1 year ago

There’s going to be an entire heat of 1:39 or better at NCAAs. Who wins is who’s on.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
1 year ago

I am not dumb or going on a limb, but I think it will be one of the three (Katz, Shebat, Harty).

Lion Rocktea
Reply to  Jeff
1 year ago


Reply to  Horninco
1 year ago

Easy to do when you haven’t swam fast all week.

Reply to  Swimmer
1 year ago

Easy to do when you’re fast….

Reply to  Swimmer
1 year ago

Shebat went 1:42 IM on Thursday. :45 yesterday. Not too rested

Reply to  Horninco
1 year ago

2nd place in 100 free wouldn’t have finalled at ACCs…

Reply to  SVIRD
1 year ago

hang on, let me check …….,,


Uh huh


Yep, that’s right, I still care more about what happens at NCAA‘s and conference meets.

But congrats to everybody else on their thrilling conference races, see you guys in Austin in three weeks

Hoping for a fifth Texas title in a row, but Cal, Indiana and NC State aren’t just gonna roll over and handed to us

Will be a great competition for sure

Reply to  Horninco
1 year ago

You seem upset.

Reply to  Horninco
1 year ago

Those boys killed it! Best time in the NCAA.

Reply to  Longhorn
1 year ago

Yup, one race tells the whole story.

1 year ago

From the photo caption, “Alex” Katz?

Reply to  Tyler
1 year ago

so many Katz

1 year ago

what happened to Pomajevich this year?

1 year ago

He’s in big trouble. I think he’s sitting at 1:42.3 from the fall, which puts him squarely on the bubble. He was a big factor TX at NCAAs last year. If he doesn’t even qualify, that will be a big loss.

Ol' Longhorn
1 year ago

He Schooling’d.

1 year ago

He could be sick or just have an off meet. Stuff happens

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  PVSFree
1 year ago

Clark Smith had insomnia and flopped at an NCAAs, and then there was Schooling’s tummy ache. Yeah, it happens.

1 year ago

Texas really needs Sam to qualify. If his 1.42.33 2 fly doesn’t get him in, I’m guessing he’ll swim a last chance meet. He had big drops at NCs last year, so I wonder if he just needs more rest.

Reply to  wethorn
1 year ago

Well I guess we will never know, because the meet starts tomorrow and UT has not put out any info. I guess it’s a national secret as to what times are swum at American Short Course Championships.