2017 Pac-12 Championships: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


Swimmers are getting ready for day 3 finals at the 2017 Pac-12 Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships in Federal Way, Washington. Tonight, we’ll see competiton in the 400 IM, 100 fly, 200 free, 100 breast, 100 back, 400 medley relay, and 3-meter diving.

Stanford’s Katie Ledecky will take on a tough 400 IM/200 free double tonight. In the 400 IM, she’ll be up against defending champ Ella Eastin and fellow Cardinal freshman Allie Szekely. Shortly afterwards in the 200 free, she’ll go head-to-head with teammate Simone Manuel.

The Cardinal’s Janet Hu will also headline a double, as she’s the top seed in both the 100 fly and 100 back. She’s not far from breaking 50 seconds in either race after turning in Meet Record times of 50.38 in the 100 fly and 50.29 in the 100 back this morning. She’ll have some tough competition in both races, with USC’s Louise Hansson and Cal’s Farida Osman and Noemie Thomas in the 100 fly. In the 100 back, she’ll go up against teammate Ally Howe, the defnding champion, as well as UCLA’s Linnea Mack and the powerhouse Cal backstroke duo of Amy Bilquist and Kathleen Baker.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 4:05.36
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 4:19.39
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Katinka Hosszu (2012)- 3:56.54
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Julia Smit (2010)- 3:58.23
  1. Katie Ledecky, Stanford, 3:57.68
  2. Ella Eastin, Stanford, 4:00.96
  3. Allie Szekely, Stanford, 4:02.34

Stanford’s Katie Ledecky busted out a new American Record to win the 400 IM over defending champion Ella Eastin, touching the wall in 3:57.69 to take down the previous record of 3:57.89 done by Caitlin Leverenz in 2012. Eastin took silver in 4:00.96, while freshman teammate Allie Szekely rounded out the podium for Stanford in 4:02.34.

Arizona freshman Hannah Cox touched in 4:07.96 for 4th place. Cal’s Celina Li (4:09.49) also cleared 4:10 to take 5th.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 51.49
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 54.49
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Natalie Coughlin (2002)- 50.01
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Janet Hu (2017)- 50.38
  1. Louise Hansson, USC, 50.39
  2. Farida Osman, Cal, 50.40
  3. Janet Hu, Stanford, 50.59

USC freshman Louise Hansson has played a huge role for the Trojans this season. Tonight, she won her first Pac-12 championship title, out-touching Cal’s defending champ Farida Osman by a hundredth, 50.39 to 50.40. Hansson snapped the Cardinl winning streak at this meet, as Stanford’s Janet Hu, who set the Meet Record at 50.38 this morning, took 3rd in 50.59.

Finishing just off the podium was Cal’s Noemie Thomas (50.87), followed by freshman teammate Maddie Murphy (51.62).


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:43.63
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:47.99
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Missy Franklin (2015)- 1:39.10
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Missy Franklin (2015)- 1:41.09
  1. Simone Manuel, Stanford, 1:40.37
  2. Katie Ledecky, Stanford, 1:40.50
  3. Lia Neal, Stanford, 1:43.62

Simone Manuel jumped out to the early lead in the 200 free, but teammate Katie Ledecky was looming in the lane next to her. Ledecky made a big move on the final 50, but Manuel had just enough in the tank to hold her off, winning in a new Pac-12 Meet Record time of 1:40.37 ahead of Ledecky’s 1:40.50. Lia Neal touched 3rd in 1:43.62 for a Cardinal sweep of the podium.

Narrowly missing the podium were Cal’s Katie McLaughlin (1:43.75), Stanford freshman Katie Drabot (1:43.78), and USC freshman Stanzi Moseley (1:43.98).


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 59.04
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:02.49
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Sarah Haase (2016)- 58.02
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Sarah Haase (2016)- 58.02
  1. Silja Kansakoski, ASU, 58.44
  2. Riley Scott, USC, 58.98
  3. Kirsten Vose, USC, 59.58

Arizona State freshman Silja Kansakoski dropped a personal best 58.44 to earn her place on top of the 100 breast podium. USC teammates Riley Scott (58.98) and Kirsten Vose (59.58) rounded out the medals. Also touching in a sub-1:00 time was Cal’s Marina Garcia, who just missed the podium at 59.86.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 51.45
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 55.09
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Natalie Coughlin (2002)- 49.97
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Janet Hu (2017)- 50.29
  1. Ally Howe, Stanford, 49.69
  2. Kathleen Baker, Cal, 50.27
  3. Linnea Mack, UCLA, 50.56

Natalie Coughlin’s American Record finally went down tonight, as Stanford’s Ally Howe defended her title in record-breaking fashion. Howe is just the 2nd woman to ever break 50 seconds after winning gold in a blistering 49.69. Cal’s Kathleen Baker (50.27) dropped a personal best to take silver, as did UCLA’s Linnea Mack (50.56) for bronze.

Stanford’s Janet Hu returned to the pool with a 50.70 to finish just off the podium. Cal’s Amy Bilquist raced to the wall in 51.29 to take 5th.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 3:33.40
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 3:34.96
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Stanford (2016)- 3:26.14
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Stanford (2016)- 3:26.25
  1. Stanford- 3:26.75
  2. Cal- 3:27.38
  3. USC- 3:27.88

Stanford’s Simone Manuel came from behind on the anchor leg, splitting a 46.22 to help the Cardinal to victory. USC’s Anika Apostalon posted a 46.77 anchor leg, but the Trojans came up short to Cal, who got a 50.10 fly split from Noemie Thomas, for the silver. USC’s relay was also highlighted by freshman Louise Hansson‘s blistering 49.72 fly split.


1. Stanford University              1126   2. University of California, Berk    953
  3. University of Southern Calif      762   4. Arizona, University of            744
  5. University of California - LA     640   6. Arizona State University          491
  7. Utah, University of               309   8. Washington State University       235
  9. Oregon State University           184

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  1. PKWater says:

    KL is Queen and GOAT all in one

  2. SwimGeek says:

    Ledecky 3:57.6. Well, what can you say? Just Decky being Decky. Ridiculous!

  3. N P says:

    Ledecky just went 3:57.68 to break Leverenz’s American record in the 400 IM… All I can say is ‘wow’!

  4. Ervin says:

    OMG Ledecky you are not human

  5. SwimGeek says:

    Ledecky 3:57.6 for the win . What can you say? Decky doing Decky things. Ridiculous!

  6. northernsue says:

    Katie! Wow, I was not expecting an American Record tonight. Amazing.

  7. Person says:

    Katie Ledecky… how, just how. I know the 400 IM is her best non free event, but still! A distance freestyler has become someone who can split a 52 in a 100 LCM and go 3:57 in a SCY 400 IM. That’s insane

    • Prickle says:

      May be it helps if you do it in different order: the sprinter who did two times 52 splits is the second all-time at 400IM SCY and btw holds a world record at 1500LCM for four years already.

  8. northernsue says:

    Awesome race by the Stanford women in the 200 free. An impressive win for Simone, and an impressive effort from Katie. I didn’t think she would be that fast tonight. She looked like she was hurting after the 400IM.

  9. AvidSwimFan says:

    Stanford rebounded with 1-2-3 finish in the 200 free with Simone and Katie going below Missy’s meet record.

  10. SwimGeek says:

    and she comes back to go 3rd fastest 2Free in history 15 min later. GOAT. And gets beat by her own teammate!
    I have no idea if Decky will every regret passing up lots of $$ in order to swim in college — but we are all the beneficiaries of getting to see this!

  11. swamfan says:

    at least marina and kim didn’t tie this time.

  12. Bigly says:

    Is Weitzeil OK? 29.0 on the last 50 and then lying on the deck. She must be either ill or overtrained. Hope she’s ok.

  13. Swimnerd says:

    USC women’s 100 breast group is insane

  14. bodybyfood says:

    Stanford’s composite 800 time from the 200 Free individual finals was 6:48.27.

  15. AvidSwimFan says:

    Does this mean that Katie will try for the LCM 400IM at nationals/worlds?

    • E Gamble says:

      She’s probably already training for it. That’s probably why her SCY time has dropped. I also think like the Florida that they train mostly LCM like the Gators.

      • AvidSwimFan says:

        Thanks. I think she will be great at it even if it isn’t ready now, there’s the next world’s and of course 2020 olympics.

  16. irviner says:

    ALLY HOWE 49.69!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hswimmer says:

    Ally Howe American record 49.69!!!

  18. Hexokinase says:


  19. Leggings says:

    Howe Oh My Goodness!!

  20. Lsswim says:

    Did not see that coming! Wow Ally Howe!

  21. AvidSwimFan says:

    And Howe finally downs Natalie Coughlin’s record. Great job Meehan!

  22. tea rex says:

    Ally – How amazing was that swim??????

  23. AllanJurovich says:

    Way to go Ally Ogren.

  24. Tom from Chicago says:

    Missy Franklin isn’t in the Top 15 performers in the 100 Back. That is a competitive event.

  25. Tom from Chicago says:

    Simone Manuel ran down Osman on the last leg of the medley. Manuel has a beautiful stroke.

  26. AvidSwimFan says:

    Simone Manuel with another clutch swim. She has been the thorn in Cal’s side in the relays.

  27. Whoa says:

    You know Stanford is on another level when they’re sweeping events against teams like Cal and USC.

  28. E Gamble says:

    Ok. Cal has yet to win one event thus far. That’s not good at all. ?

  29. PKWater says:

    How much of a break was there between the back and the Medley relay tonight? It seems a little crazy to me that Howe swam almost a full second slower. I assume there was 15 minutes or even longer between those swims.


    ALLY HOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWEEEE!!!!!! *clutches pearls*


    Is Chelsea Chenault dealing with injury? She wasn’t in the 500 free and she won the C final of the 200 free, well below her capabilities. Hope she’s ok.

  32. bobo gigi says:

    I’m amazed by the quality of times overall. Girls, the big meet is next month! 😆

  33. bobo gigi says:

    Outside of Stanford’s domination, I think that Louise Hansson has a superb meet so far. She deserves a little bit more publicity.
    3rd place in the 200 IM in 1.53.72
    1.42.10 lead-off in the 4X200 free relay
    And she wins the 100 fly in 50.39.
    Not bad for a freshman. Sweden really has a great new talent with her.

  34. bobo gigi says:

    Big win for ASU freshman Kansakoski. Never heard of her before. Big progression.
    It’s been a long time since the last win for ASU at that meet. Mr Bowman is happy.

    • Bring The Heat says:

      Thank you for the mention, Bobo Gigi!

      Kansakoski also finished a very close second in the 200 Breaststroke as a freshman.

      The future is very bright for ASU! Their freshmen group scored 219 without any diver points nor Olympian swimmer points.

      Stanford: 396.5 less (65 Diver) = 331.5 less (92 Ledecky) = 239.50***
      CAL: 319 less (11 Diver) = 308 less (49 Weitzel) = 259***
      USC: 426 less (114 Diver) = 312***
      ASU: 219*** All freshman points

  35. AvidSwimFan says:

    Ally Howe’s record breaking swim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ROfcoRUwrg

    • Apple says:

      Anyone else tear up watching this? After so many supurb backstrokers going for Coughlin’s legendary record, including Tran, Bootsma and Bartholemew, and narrowly missing, Howe absolutely demolished it. Amazing.

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