2017 Pac-12 Championships: Day 4 Finals Live Recap


Swimmers are getting ready for the final session at the 2017 Pac-12 Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships in Federal Way, Washington. Swimmers will close the meet with competiton in the 1650 free, 200 back, 100 free, 200 breast, 200 fly, and 400 free relay.

Kathleen Baker headlines the 200 back, but Ally Howe, who smashed the 100 back American Record last night, will look for a sweep of the backstrokes. While Cal’s Abbey Weitzeil is missing from tonight’s 100 free final, swimming fans should still be in for a great race between Simone Manuel, Louise Hansson, Farida Osman, and Lia Neal. Defending champ Ella Eastin will look for back-to-back 200 fly titles, but she’ll be up against a tough field that includes Katie McLaughlin, Madison Wright, and Noemie Thomas.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 15:53.50
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 16:30.59
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Katie Ledecky (2016)- 15:03.92
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Cierra Runge (2015)- 15:40.17
  1. Megan Byrnes, Stanford, 15:47.62
  2. Leah Stevens, Stanford, 15:57.87
  3. Tjasa Oder, Arizona, 15:59.47

Stanford may not have fielded Katie Ledecky in the 1650 free, but they still landed a Cardinal freshman on top of the podium. Megan Byrnes had a huge swim, smashing the 16:00-barrier for the first time in her career to win gold in 15:47.62. Teammate Leah Stevens also had a standout performance, dropping 10 seconds to break 16:00 for the first time and taking silver ahead of Arizona All-American Tjasa Oder.

USC freshman Becca Mann swam to a 4th place finish in 16:08.10, just out-touching Cal freshman Chenoa Devine. That was a new best time by 12 seconds for Devine.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:51.95
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:59.19
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Elizabeth Pelton (2013)- 1:47.84
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Elizabeth Pelton (2013)- 1:48.39
  1. Kathleen Baker, Cal, 1:48.33
  2. Janet Hu, Stanford, 1:49.36
  3. Ally Howe, Stanford, 1:51.16

Cal’s Kathleen Baker shredded her way to the 3rd fastest performance in history, clocking a 1:48.33 to clip Elizabeth Pelton’s Meet Record from 2013. Baker is now within a half second of Pelton’s American Record. Also smashing the 1:50-barrier was Stanford’s Janet Hu. Teammate Ally Howe charged to the finish for bronze, just out-touching Cal’s Amy Bilquist (1:51.22). Stanford freshman Allie Szekely was also in the 1:51-range, finishing 5th in 1:51.76.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 47.69
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 49.99
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Simone Manuel (2015)- 46.09
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Simone Manuel (2015)- 46.70
  1. Simone Manuel, Stanford, 46.36
  2. Lia Neal, Stanford, 46.97
  3. (T-3) Farida Osman, Cal, 47.36
  4. (T-3) Louise Hansson, USC, 47.36

American Record holder Simone Manuel blasted the 3rd fastest performance in history, winning gold in 46.36 and setting a new Meet Record. That’s less than 3 tenths shy of her American Record of 46.09 from the 2015 NCAA Championships. Teammate Lia Neal also cleared 47 seconds to take the silver.

Cal’s Farida Osman and USC’s Louise Hansson were stroke- for-stroke into the finish, tying for the bronze medal. UCLA’s Linnea Mack (47.78) rounded out the top 5, just out-touching USC’s Anika Apostalon (47.80).


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 2:07.33
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 2:15.99
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Rebecca Soni (2009)- 2:04.75
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Rebecca Soni (2009)- 2:04.75
  1. Riley Scott, USC, 2:06.20
  2. Silja Kansakoski, ASU, 2:06.41
  3. Kirsten Vose, USC, 2:07.65

USC’s Riley Scott took advantage of her front half speed, taking the early lead and holding off ASU’s 100 breast champ Silja Kansakoski at the finish. The Trojans got 2 on the podium, with Kirsten Vose grabbing bronze. Cal’s Marina Garcia shaved a couple of tenths off her best time to take 4th in 2:08.42.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:54.01
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:59.59
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Elaine Breeden (2009)- 1:49.92
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Elaine Breeden (2009)- 1:49.92
  1. Ella Eastin, Stanford, 1:51.85
  2. Madison Wright, USC, 1:52.67
  3. Katie McLaughlin, Cal, 1:53.29

Stanford’s Ella Eastin and USC’s Madison Wright were closely matched at the halfway point, but Eastin pulled ahead to win her 2nd individual title of the meet. Cal’s Katie McLaughlin rounded out the podium, while All-American teammate Noemie Thomas (1:54.50) touched 4th.


  1. Mara Aiacoboae, ASU, 292.80
  2. Karolyn Loftus, Arizona, 262.50
  3. Maria Polyakova, UCLA, 259.70

ASU’s Mara Aiacoboae earned another gold for the Sun Devils, winning with 292.80 points. Taking 2nd was Arizona’s Karolyn Loftus, while UCLA’s Maria Polyakova just edged out USC Madison Witt (259.40) for bronze.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 3:15.78
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 3:17.11
  • Pac-12 Conference Record: Stanford (2015)- 3:08.54
  • Pac-12 Meet Record: Stanford (2015)- 3:10.69
  1. Stanford- 3:08.51
  2. USC- 3:09.57
  3. Cal- 3:10.15

Stanford closed the meet with a new NCAA and American Record time of 3:08.51, clipping the 3:08.51 the Cardinal squad set at the 2015 NCAA meet. Simone Manuel led them off in 46.47, while Katie Ledecky turned in a 48.10 on the 2nd leg. Janet Hu (47.45) and Lia Neal (46.45) sealed the deal on the back half.

USC’s Louise Hansson led off in a personal best 47.03, with Anika Apostalon bringing it home in 46.91 to help the Trojans win silver. Cal rounded out the top 3, with Amy Bilquist (47.13) and Farida Osman (47.09) turning in a pair of 47-lows on the 2nd and 4th legs respectively.


  1. Stanford University            1587.5   2. University of California, Berk   1392
  3. University of Southern Calif   1250.5   4. Arizona, University of         1075.5
  5. University of California - LA    1002   6. Arizona State University        709.5
  7. Utah, University of               484   8. Washington State University       334
  9. Oregon State University           237

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4 years ago

Any guesses as to the Stanford lineup in the 400 free relay finals?

Reply to  AvidSwimFan
4 years ago

I assume it will be Neal, Ledecky, Hu, Manuel.

4 years ago

I think will lead off ledecky to get her a real time that counts

E Gamble
4 years ago

Ledecky is in plain clothes tonight. She’s not swimming. She’s done for the meet . ☺

4 years ago

Good guess! And an AR as well…

4 years ago

On spot guess.

4 years ago

So… can anyone explain why Katie Drabot was allowed to swim 4 individual events? She swam the 500 FR, 200 FR, and then today swam the 100 FR/1650 FR, and it doesn’t show her swimming either of them exhibition.

Reply to  DragonSwim
4 years ago

DragonSwim – the 1650 is an exhibition swim. It’s marked as such on the heat sheets, and the Pac-12 has confirmed it to me just now via email.

4 years ago

The 100 free was beautiful to watch, would have been even more beautiful with Weitzeil in it. I hope she gets better. Congrats to Simone, Lia with sub 47 times. Osman and Hansson with a tie for 3rd.

4 years ago

Well all those asking when whenCal was going to win… Baker just won the 200 back.

4 years ago

So we’re going to see a woman flat-start 45 seconds in the 100 free in a couple weeks. #swimone

Really nice PB’s by Osman and Hansson. And I assume by Vredeveld. Would love to see her flat start sub 48.

That was also a great race for Neal, just off her best. NC’s will be CRAZY and sub-47 club will be mighty crowded. Dogfight for 3rd place.

4 years ago

Just watched the 100 back replay on Pac-12. Anyone going to talk about Ally going past 15 yards on the start? No doubt a great swim, but……

Reply to  Observer
4 years ago

Her feet were up before 15y. That’s all you need.

Reply to  Francene
4 years ago

I thought it was head? Did the rules change?

Reply to  Observer
4 years ago

Well, the rule actually contradicts itself and states both (in one sentence it says any part of the body, in the next sentence it says by then the head), so in that case, it is going to go to the swimmer’s side. I can’t speak to what USA Swimming or NCAA Swimming officials govern by, but I know FINA tells officials any part of the body. And if you read the rule, the “head” sentence seems very unofficial.

Reply to  Observer
4 years ago

Oh, and it is meters, not yards. My mistake as well.

Reply to  Francene
4 years ago

I have been disqualified in an NCAA sanctioned meet (I broke the surface at my hips at the 15 meter). I’m positive it is reinforced that the head must break before 15 meter.
It must be that no officials caught the late B.O.

4 years ago

I think even she was surprised by how fast she was out. She hit 15m faster than she ever had before in her life.

Reply to  Observer
4 years ago

Is there a video of that somewhere?

4 years ago

This has been an amazing meet for the Cardinals. They set records after records, swept all the relays, and 15 of the 21 events.

Reply to  AvidSwimFan
4 years ago

5 American/NCAA Records. Amazing! Each year we think it’s already fast but they can be faster at NCAA.

4 years ago

Stanford dominated, but i’ve been impressed with cal all week. Bilquist seemed a little off all meet, especially considering how well she has been swimming all season. I also wonder if it got in her head that cal might have won the 200 medley relay if they had used baker instead of her, and the 200 free relay if they used vredeveld instead of bilquist. (Baker and Vredeveld both swam faster than bilquist in the B relays, and the margin by which they out swam bilquist was less than the margin that cal lost to stanford in both relays.)

Reply to  swamfan
4 years ago

5 down votes… i wasn’t hating on bilquist, i’m a big bilquist fan! I hope she bounces back for NCAAs!

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