2017 Arena Pro Swim Series – Mesa: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


Day three finals of the 2017 Arena Pro Swim Series at Mesa will kick off at 5pm Pacific Time. The finals for this evening include 200 butterfly, 100 breaststroke, 100 backstroke, 200 IM, women’s 800 freestyle, and men’s 1500 freestyle.

After a strong swim in the 400 IM on day two, Chase Kalisz will look to win two more events tonight in the 200 fly and 200 IM. He was the only swimmer to put up a time under 2:00 in the 200 fly in prelims.

Molly Hannis enters the 100 breaststroke as top seed just ahead of Katie Meili and Andrea Cottrell. For the men, Kevin Cordes secured the top seed in the 100 breaststroke with a 1:01.09.

The 100 backstroke we’ll see Ali DeLoof as top seed try to hold off Mie Nielsen, Kendyl Stewart and Simone Manuel. While the men’s 100 backstroke will be a close race with the top 5 all under 56 seconds.



In the women’s 200 fly, Kelsi Worrell took control of the field from the very start. She was the first to touch the wall splitting 29.06 (about a half a second faster than anyone else) and only extended the lead from there. She finished with a 2:09.04 putting her 14th in the world rankings. It would have taken a 2:08.57 to break into the top 10.

Finishing second was Lauren Case with a 2:10.92 and Mary-Sophie Harvey (who won the 400 IM last night) finished third with a 2:12.95.

Top 8:

  1. Kelsi Worrell, 2:09.04
  2. Lauren Case, 2:10.92
  3. Mary-Sophie Harvey, 2:12.95
  4. Helena Gasson, 2:13.48
  5. Mary Smutny, 2:14.04
  6. Ashlyn Fiorilli, 2:16.40
  7. Anna Chessbrough, 2:18.43
  8. Allie Piccirillo, 2:20.3o



Chase Kalisz certainly didn’t disappoint in the 200 fly at finals with another win at Mesa. With a time of 1:55.82, he swam in clean water most of the way finishing almost four seconds faster than the rest of the field. His time was fast enough to put him 11th in the world rankings for this year and was a new personal best time. His previous time was 1:56.48 from last year’s Olympic Trials.

Tom Shields was second with a 1:59.09 while Jonathan Gomez finished third 1:59.40 and Zach Harting finished fourth with a 1:59.99.

Top 8:

    1. Chase Kalisz, 1:55.82
    2. Tom Shields, 1:59.09
    3. Jonathan Gomez, 1:59.40
    4. Zach Harting, 1:59.99
    5. T-5 Brendan Meyer, 2:00.69
    6. T-5 Zheng Wen Quah, 2:00.69
    7. Daniil Antipov, 2:02.44
    8. Hector Ruvalcaba Cruz, 2:02.62



Olympic bronze medalist Katie Meili of SwimMAC put up the fastest time in the 100 breaststroke with a 1:06.37. This time puts Meili as the third fastest in the world. It was a close race the whole way between Meili and her Rio Olympic teammate Molly Hannis (1:06.94). Meili took it out in a 31.24 and brought it back in a 35.13 while Hannis took it out in a 32.12 and brought it back faster in a 34.82.

Breeja Larson finished in third with a 1:08.35 and it was a close race for fourth through sixth place between Andrea Cottrell (1:09.11), Zoe Bartel (1:09.51) and Riley Scott (1:09.93).

Top 8:

  1. Katie Meili, 1:06.37
  2. Molly Hannis, 1:06.94
  3. Breeja Larson, 1:08.35
  4. Andrea Cottrell, 1:09.11
  5. Zoe Bartel, 1:09.51
  6. Riley Scott, 1:09.93
  7. Holly Jansen, 1:11.65
  8. Urte Kazakeviciute, 1:12.86



American record holder and 2016 Olympian Kevin Cordes won the men’s 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:00.78. Cordes was the first to touch wall at the 50 with Michael Andrew and Carlos Claverie right behind him, but it was Josh Prenot who came back fast and snuck in at second place. Prenot jumped up from a fourth seed after this morning finishing in a 1:01.40. The top 4 were all 1:01.95 or faster.

Top 8:

  1. Kevin Cordes, 1:00.78
  2. Josh Prenot, 1:01.40
  3. Carlos Claverie, 1:01.58
  4. Raphael Rodrigues, 1:01.95
  5. Miguel De Lara Ojeda, 1:02.45
  6. Azad Al-Barazi, 1:02.90
  7. Brad Craig, 1:03.05
  8. Michael Andrew, 1:03.35



In the women’s 100 backstroke, Ali DeLoof made it look easy as she won by a second in a time of 59.43. She was the only swimmer to be under the 1:00 mark. With that time, DeLoof tied with China’s Jie Chen for fourth in the world rankings.

Denmark’s Mie Nielsen was second with a 1:00.49 while Simone Manuel moved up to third with a 1:01.15 – both dropping about a second from their prelim swims.  Texas freshman Claire Adams was fourth (1:01.52) followed by Eva Merrell who was fifth (1:02.85).

Top 8:

  1. Ali DeLoof, 59.43
  2. Mie Nielsen, 1:00.49
  3. Simone Manuel, 1:01.15
  4. Claire Adams, 1:01.52
  5. Eva Merrell, 1:02.85
  6. Kendyl Stewart, 1:02.97
  7. Bayley Stewart, 1:03.05
  8. Erin Voss, 1:03.19



Olympic gold medalist Matt Grevers of Tucson Ford Dealers won the 100 backstroke with a 55.33, but 2016 Olympian Jacob Pebley put up a good challenge for him. Grevers took it out in a 26.48 and came home in a 27.67 while Pebley’s splits were 26.59 and 27.95.

The top five were all 55.89 or faster. NYAC’s Arkady Vyatchanin came in third with a time of 54.95 while Sean Lehane was fourth with a 55.53.

Top 8:

  1. Matt Grevers, 54.15
  2. Jacob Pebley, 54.54
  3. Arkady Vyatchanin, 54.95
  4. Sean Lehane, 55.53
  5. Petter Fredriksson, 55.89
  6. Dylan Carter, 56.09
  7. Cameron Craig 57.26
  8. Luke Pechmann, 57.33



The leader of the 200 IM switched at almost every leg, but it came down to a battle between Madisyn Cox and Melanie Margalis where only 0.06 separated the two.

Louise Hansson took the lead taking the race out in a 27.66. Taylor Ruck caught up in the backstroke leg splitting 32.69 and took the lead heading into breaststroke where Cox and Margalis took over. Cox split a 37.55 and Margalis split a 37.76 – both were almost two seconds faster than any other breaststroke leg. Cox came down through the stretch and touched out Margalis winning with a 2:11.14. Margalis’ time was 2:11.20.

After prelims, both Cox and Margalis were seeded fifth and seventh in the 200 breaststroke but decided to scratch and focus on the 200 IM.

Mary-Sophie Harvey swam a tough double tonight finishing third in the 200 fly and also third in the 200 IM with a 2:11.20. She won the 400 IM last night just barely touching out Katie Ledecky.

Fourth and fifth place were separated by only a hundredth of a second. Louise Hansson finished fourth with a 2:14.97 while Ruck finished fifth with a 2:14.98.

Top 8:

  1. Madisyn Cox, 2:11.14
  2. Melanie Margalis, 2:11.20
  3. Mary-Sophie Harvey, 2:14.57
  4. Louise Hansson, 2:14.97
  5. Taylor Ruck, 2:14.98
  6. Katie Drabot 2:15.24
  7. Brooke Forde, 2:15.87
  8. Helena Gasson, 2:20.11



Chase Kalisz just finished swimming the 200 fly a few heats earlier, but he didn’t let that get in the way of his 200 IM swim. He adds another win to his slate at Mesa winning with a time of 1:57.71. This time moves him up to fifth in the world rankings.

Josh Prenot was second with a 1:59.18. He was also the only other swimmer to go under two minutes and was just off his best time of 1:58.93. Bradlee Ashby of New Zealand was third with a 2:01.73.

Carlos Claverie and Michael Andrew also swam a double tonight. Claverie finished fourth in the 200 IM with a 2:04.26 and swam to a third place in the 100 Breaststroke while Andrew finished sixth in the 200 IM with a 2:05.17 and eighth in the 100 Breaststroke.

Top 8:

  1. Chase Kalisz, 1:57.71
  2. Josh Prenot, 1:59.18
  3. Bradlee Ashby, 2:01.73
  4. Carlos Claverie, 2:04.26
  5. Michael Weiss, 2:04.38
  6. Michael Andrew, 2:05.17
  7. Jarod Arroyo, 2:06.80
  8. Henrique Rodrigues, 2:08.74



If you watched the 800 freestyle at Mesa, you watched two of the fastest 800 freestylers in the world compete between Katie Ledecky and Leah Smith. Ledecky put up the top time in the world this year with a 8:15.44 beating the previous time by seven seconds.

Ledecky took the race out in a 4:08.57. Just to put that split in perspective, she would have been 22nd after the prelims of the men’s 400 freestyle.

Leah Smith was second with a 8:27.55, which put her as seventh in the world rankings for this year. Sierra Schmidt was third with a 8:45.45.

Mariah Denigan was the youngest of the field by atleast 5 years. The 13 year-old held her own and finished seventh with a time of 8:58.76.

Top 8:

  1. Katie Ledecky, 8:15.44
  2. Leah Smith, 8:27.55
  3. Sierra Schmidt, 8:45.45
  4. Taylor Ault, 8:49.41
  5. Hayley McIntosh, 8:52.72
  6. Mallory Comerford, 8:53.89
  7. Mariah Denigan, 8:58.76
  8. Riley Spitser, 9:00.69



It was a close race through the first 400 meters with Marcelo Acosta and Taylor Abbott swimming almost neck and neck up until the 900m mark. Acosta’s 900 was 9:13.89 while Abbott’s was 9:14.80. From there Acosta started to break away and had a solid lead for the back half of the race. He won the 1500 with a time of 15:24.19.

Abbott finished second with a 15:30.29, Marc Hinawi was third with a 15:46.67 and Christopher Wieser was fourth with a 15:51.69.

Top 8:

  1. Marcelo Acosta, 15:24.19
  2. Taylor Abbott, 15:30.29
  3. Marc Hinawi, 15:46.67
  4. Christopher Wieser, 15:51.69
  5. Chris Yeager, 15:54.46
  6. Aaron Apel, 15:58.12
  7. Christian Bayo, 16:03.67
  8. Aidan Burns, 16:03.80







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6 years ago

Anyone know where ella eastin was? She qaulified for A finals in 200 fly and 200 im but she didnt swim tonight.

Reply to  swamfan
6 years ago

Somebody mentioned she had to go back early for Easter.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

Quick thoughts

A good sign of endurance for Kelsi Worrell. But who can make a final for USA at worlds?

Mr Kalisz confirms he has never looked better than now. A best time for him. He finished very well while Shields has taken as usual a big piano on his back. I think Kalisz should keep her energy for the last part of the week at worlds and focus on the 200 IM and 400 IM. Take fly as training. Maybe the 200 fly could cost him the necessary gas to beat Hagino on the last day of the meet in Budapest in the 400 IM. But honestly if he wants to… Read more »

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

The fastest finish ever at W800 is 4:02.82. It looks like it is not enough for you and you want Katie Ledecky to swim the second half of 800 race faster than silver medallist at 400 (who btw starts jumping from the block) ? Have you gotten bored with women competitive swimming and you need some super excitement? Then ask FINA to move 800 race at least once on the first day of competition. Katie Ledecky makes her outstanding performance at 800 after thousands meters of strongest races that include world records and beating at 200free such super powers like Sarah Sjostrom and Federica Pellegrini.

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

If the USA coaches and swimmers thought like you Bobo, Michael wouldn’t have won 8 gold medals in one olympics and would have only swam a couple events at each Olympics. Same thing with Katie swimming the 200, 400, 800, 1500 and relay at last Worlds. I guess Americans are tougher and more versatile than the French

6 years ago

This is by no means meant to be a direct criticism of Michael Andrew. Obviously an extremely talented young man with a legitimate shot to make the 2020 team and I wish him nothing but the best moving forward. But I thought one of the main ideas behind USRPT is being able to swim fast all the time. Again, I do not want to criticize MA because there could be a lot going on in his life that could affect his swimming in general but adding 6 seconds is pretty much contradicting everything USRPT stands for. Kalisz goes best times in season swimming more yards in a day than MA does in one week. What I’m trying to get at… Read more »

Reply to  Skeptic
6 years ago

My take on this is simple : there are changes to be acknowledged pretty soon or it might not go the way he wants it – in terms of improvements . I wish him to be able to be truly honest and make those uplifting changes in training methodology .

Reply to  Skeptic
6 years ago

This is meant as a criticism, he stubbornly sticks to a training routine doesn’t work. I too was a believer of his training way back when he was a young age grouper. Back then there were veterans who told MA’s future like they were looking at a crystal ball. They said you need an aerobic base or when you stop growing you will no longer be able to drop time. Mix that with the seemingly complete refusal to do anything mainstream and you have disaster. A while back I stated other swimmers his age have been steadily dropping and catching up. Daniel Roy (17) just got a better time than MA in his best stroke (100 breast) during finals! I’ve… Read more »

6 years ago

Does anyone have any idea if Gabrielle Fa’Amausili is looking at colleges in the US? Based on her age I would think she will be a senior in high school next year and she would be a huge pick up for any college program. She’s an incredible sprint talent and I could see her doing incredibly well at a program like Stanford based on what coach Meehan has done with Lia Neal and Simone Manuel.

6 years ago

Yeah but she would have to wear just jammers . For girls the chest , stomach , torso , mid to upper back compression certainly helps .

Its like tge snowflake female who posted she was gonna bring back x heads in Berekeley & got sucker punched . Then she started crying . Bring it girls or shut up .

Reply to  G.I.N.A
6 years ago

If girls would have to wear just jammers then it would be completely different, adult, Los Vegas like show. The ticket price will be skyrocketing and not everybody will be able to afford it.
No G.I.N.A, i don’t think so. Let’s leave it as it is. Let’s enjoy swimming competition only at swimming meets and keep our fantasies for ourselves.

Reply to  Prickle
6 years ago

I don’t think they would be up to the standard that ppl would pay for .

Reply to  Prickle
6 years ago


Reply to  G.I.N.A
6 years ago

Those protesters in Berkeley are soft. All talk, but when it comes down to it they always back down.

6 years ago

Oh I just saw more vids . Soo funny – ppl fighting in costume party Roman Centurion hats in MLK Civic Park ! April 2017 > Nov 8 .

Attila the Runt
Reply to  G.I.N.A
6 years ago

Release your tax returns, G.I.N.A.

Reply to  Attila the Runt
6 years ago

I’m busy with the Armada .

6 years ago

During M1500 I couldn’t get rid of thoughts that that is exactly how Katie Ledecky should swim like her prelim race in Budapest to improve her personal best (and WR of course 🙂 ) by 1 sec.

6 years ago

Best time for DeLoof in 100 Back, watch out for her at trials

6 years ago

Katie added 11secs to her best time. Very slow and disappointing swim. She only beat Smith by 12 secs

Reply to  50free
6 years ago

lol you’re joking right? Try going 8:15 racing yourself and in very hard training coming off of ncaas.

Reply to  Hswimmer
6 years ago

No joking about it. All her 800 races must be under 14:10. That is the first result in the list of top all-time performances that doesn’t belong to Katie Ledecky. I think it is #12 now. Katie can make a record of numbers of top performances in her name.

Reply to  50free
6 years ago

Yes this was a joke. Of course it was an amazing swim as usual