2017 Arena Pro Swim Series – Mesa: Day 2 Finals Live Recap


The 2017 Arena Pro Swim Series finals at Mesa will begin at 5pm Pacific Time after a highly competitive morning on day two. The final events for tonight include the 400 IM, 200 freestyle, 200 backstroke, and 50 freestyle.

Top swims from this morning included Katie Ledecky who will enter finals as top seed in the 200 freestyle and 400 IM. Josh Prenot and Chase Kalisz will battle it out in the men’s 400 IM seeded just .2 away from each other. Dylan Carter is the top seed in the 200 freestyle while Simone Manuel, Madison Kennedy and Lia Neal are all top contenders in the 50 freestyle tonight.



The 400 IM came down to a duel between Canadian Mary-Sophie Harvey and America’s Katie Ledecky in the final 20 meters of the race.  Ledecky had the lead over Harvey by a body length and a half after the backstroke leg, but Ledecky fell off during breaststroke. She was fifth at the 300 mark and closed out the race splitting 59.5 in freestyle (which was almost two seconds faster than Harvey’s freestyle split), but it wasn’t enough to win. 17 year-old Harvey finished with a 4:38.05 while Ledecky swam a 4:38.16 – still over 4 seconds faster than her morning swim.

The B Final in the 400 IM was one of the youngest heats we’ve seen yet. Seven of the swimmers were 20 years-old or younger. The youngest of the field at 13 years-old was Mariah Denigan who finished third with a 4:54.95 and was just 0.01 off her personal best. Hannah Cox’s time was just off her life time best as well with a 4:50.89 and she went nearly nine seconds faster than her swim this morning.

Top 8

  1. Harvey, 4:38.05
  2. Ledecky, 4:38.16
  3. Cox, 4:40.37
  4. Margalis, 4:40.47
  5. Eastin, 4:41.19
  6. Anderson, 4:49.54
  7. Forde, 4:50.00
  8. Nguyen, 4:50.89



The 400 IM was a close race this morning coming down to just .2 of a second between Chase Kalisz and Josh Prenot. However, at finals Kalisz completely separated himself from the field swimming in clear water most of the race. His time was the fourth fastest in the world this year at a 4:11.01. He split an impressive 1:04 on the backstroke leg – which was four seconds faster than anyone else in the field.

Cal’s Prenot was second with a 4:17.72 and Sean Grieshop was third with a 4:22.07.

Top 8

  1. Kalisz, 4:11.01
  2. Prenot, 4:17.72
  3. Grieshop, 4:22.07
  4. Gurevich, 4:23.18
  5. Arroyo, 4:27.34
  6. Cruz, 4:30.59
  7. Jurek, 4:37.06
  8. Vargas, 4:30.95



Olympian Katie Ledecky didn’t let a tough double stop her tonight. Just two heats and 24 minutes before she raced in the 200 freestyle, she swam the 400 IM. This race she came out on top with the fourth fastest time in the world this year at a 1:56.31 with Leah Smith two seconds behind her in a 1:58.47 and Simone Manuel in third with a 1:58.98.

Ledecky said that she had just enough time to swim an 800 in between the two races. Melanie Margalis, who finished sixth with a 2:02.08, also did the 400 IM and 200 Free double.

Top 8

  1. Ledecky, 1:56.31
  2. Smith, 1:58.47
  3. Manuel, 1:58.98
  4. Hansson, 1:59.68
  5. Drabot, 2:00.38
  6. Margalis, 2:02.08
  7. Worrell, 2:03.47
  8. Case, 2:03.98



The A Final in the 200 Free had a strong international showing with only two USA swimmers in the heat. Dylan Carter held his own with a strong race leading at the 100 mark with a 52.70 – just a few tenths faster than Joao De Lucca. Carter’s final turn gave him an even bigger lead as he closed out the race with a 50 split of 27.48 and a final time of 1:48.45.

De Lucca was a close second with a 1:49.51 and Venezuelan Olympian and former USC standout Cristian Quintero was third with a 1:49.59.

Top 8

  1. Carter, 1:48.45
  2. De Lucca, 1:49.51
  3. Quintero, 1:49:59
  4. Koski, 1:50.36
  5. Gutierrez, 1:50.44
  6. Weiss, 1:50.75
  7. Acosta, 1:50.96
  8. Carroll, 1:52.01



The women’s 200 Back A Final came down to a battle between 17 year-old Eva Merrell and 18 year-old Erin Voss. Merrell got off to a quick lead splitting the 100 at a 1:03.85. Voss started to close in on her with her last 50 split of 32.74 coming down the stretch (which was about a second faster than Merrell’s last 50). Merrell held Voss off down the stretch finishing with a 2:11.63 while Voss swam to a 2:12.01 and Claire Adams was third with a 2:13.93.

Along with the 400 IM, the B Final of the women’s 200 Backstroke had another young field across the board. Seven of the eight swimmers were 18 years or younger with Mariah Denigan as the youngest at 13 year-old. She finished 14th overall with a 2:18.52 and also swam the 400 IM earlier tonight.

Top 8

  1. Merrell, 2:11.63
  2. Voss, 2:12.01
  3. Adams, 2:13.93
  4. Treuth, 2:14.70
  5. Dickinson, 2:17.70
  6. Koutsouveli, 2:17.99
  7. Paterson, 2:18.29
  8. Nguyen, 2:19.94



The top three in the men’s 200 backstroke were all 2:00.66 or faster. Jacob Pebley held on to his top seed from this morning winning the 200 backstroke by nearly two seconds. Arkady Vyatchanin was second in a 1:58.61 and Sean Lehane was third with a time of 2:00.66. From there, the field dropped off three seconds.

The B Final was won by 15 year-old Ian Grum in a time of 2:06.24.

Top 8:

  1. Pebley, 1:56.88
  2. Vyatchanin, 1:58.61
  3. Lehane, 2:00.66
  4. Quah, 2:03.04
  5. Fredriksson, 2:03.19
  6. Echeverry, 2:04.64
  7. Perry, 2:06.14
  8. Pinzon, 2:08.80



Only two swimmers in the women’s 50 free made it under the 25 second mark in finals. Stanford’s Simone Manuel won with a time of 24.66 and Madison Kennedy was second with a 24.99. Lia Neal was third with a 25.14. Manuel said after the race that the 50 felt “more like a 100”.

One thing to note was Kelsi Worrell (26.59)  swam butterfly instead of freestyle. In the B Final, Kendyl Stewart (26.37) swam butterfly as well and Katie Meili swam breaststroke (30.94).

Top 8

  1. Manuel, 24.66
  2. Kennedy, 24.99
  3. Neal, 25.14
  4. Fa’amausili, 25.36
  5. Medeiros, 25.38
  6. Kendall, 25.83
  7. Worrell, 26.59



Ari-Pekka Liukkonen of Finland finished first in the men’s 50 freestyle. He had the top time tonight by over three tenths. Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian moved up from a fifth seed from this morning and finished second with a 22.25 followed by Daniel Hunter in third with a 22.53.

Race Pace Club’s Michael Andrew finished fifth with a time of 22.62 and was by far the youngest in this final. At 17 years-old the next oldest was Daniel Hunter at 22 years-old. Andrew was swimming next to Cullen Jones (22.56) who is nearly twice his age at 33 years-old.

Top 8

  1. Liukkonen, 21.94
  2. Adrian, 22.25
  3. Hunter, 22.53
  4. Jones, 22.56
  5. Andrew, 22.62
  6. Virva, 22.77
  7. Schneider, 23.10
  8. Pechmann, 23.12






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3 years ago

Holding off ledecky on freestyle in a 400 should get her the highest Canadian civilian honor.

Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago

Lifetime supply of maple syrup

Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago

Free tickets to Terrence and Philip

3 years ago

Well, Harvey just put pay to the theory that anybody within 5s of Ledecky will get chased down.

61.31 final 100 – Harvey is a back-half swimmer, but still mighty impressive.

3 years ago

Rowdy still wishes that MP was behind the blocks! LOL !