Virginia Ties American, NCAA Records in 400 Medley Relay; Breaks Meet Record

by Sarah Berman 7

March 18th, 2022 ACC, College, News, Records


Women 400 Yard Medley Relay – Timed Finals

  • NCAA Record: 3:22.34 – Virginia/ G Walsh, A Wenger, A Walsh, K Douglass (2022)
  • Meet Record: 3:24.59 – NC State/ K Berkoff, S Hansson, K Alons, J Poole (2021)
  • American Record: 3:22.34 – Virginia/ G Walsh, A Wenger, A Walsh, K Douglass (2022)
  • US Open Record: 3:22.34 – Virginia/ G Walsh, A Wenger, A Walsh, K Douglass (2022)
  • Pool Record: 3:22.34 – Virginia/ G Walsh, A Wenger, A Walsh, K Douglass (2022)
  • 2021 Champion: NC State – 3:24.59

Virginia tied their own American, U.S. Open, NCAA Record, and Pool Record in the 400 Medley Relay during Friday night’s finals session of the 2022 Women’s NCAA Division 1 Swimming and Diving Championships. Virginia first set the record at the 2022 ACC Championships back in February with the same lineup of Gretchen Walsh, Alexis Wenger, Alex Walsh, and Kate Douglass.

The Cavaliers’ time breaks the meet record, which was set by NC State at the NCAA Championships last year. The old meet record was 3:24.59 seconds with a lineup of Katharine Berkoff (50.07), Sophie Hansson (57.01), Kylee Alons (49.29), and Julia Poole (48.22). Tonight, NC State was 2nd (3:29.29). Last year, Virginia was 2nd in this event (3:25.13).

Walsh, A. Walsh, and Douglass were each faster on tonight’s relay compared to their splits from the ACC Championships. G. Walsh was .27 faster, A. Walsh was .14 faster, and Douglass was .07 faster, which was the exact difference in Wenger’s split. Wenger was .48 faster on this relay at the ACC Championships compared to her split tonight.

Virginia–2022 ACC Championships Virginia–2022 NCAA Championships
Gretchen Walsh–49.71 (23.88/25.83) Gretchen Walsh–49.44 (23.74/25.70)
Alexis Wenger–56.79 (26.26/30.53) Alexis Wenger–57.27 (26.57/30.70)
Alex Walsh–49.59 (22.66/26.93) Alex Walsh–49.45 (22.66/26.79)
Kate Douglass–46.25 (21.70/24.55) Kate Douglass-46.18 (21.83/24.35)
3:22.34 3:22.34

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HOO love
2 years ago

it will be interesting to see how they note this repeat time on the UVA record board in the AFC

2 years ago

Impressive considering there was open water on both sides of the relay teams at ACCs….

2 years ago

Obviously a great swim from UVA, but very nice from NC State too. I’m a little surprised than Alons essentially was the limiting leg- if she repeated her 49.29 from last year, NC State would’ve narrowly beaten out UVA

Reply to  jeff
2 years ago

but…..she didn’t…..

Reply to  jeff
2 years ago

A lot of coulda/woulda/shouldas could be applied here. If Gretchen had swum closer to her earlier in the night time and if Wenger had swum her ACCs split or even just a time faster than her flat start best NC State wouldn’t have come close either.

Reply to  CavaDore
2 years ago

oh I don’t mean to imply that NC State deserved to win or anything, I’m just kinda surprised how well the other 3 legs were. Mainly the freestyle since Berkoff and Hansson were obviously gonna have stellar legs, but Abby Arens’ 47.0 anchor was way better than I expected.

i guess what I’m saying is that as exciting it is that both teams went so fast, it might be even more exciting knowing that they both clearly have the capability to go even faster

Reply to  jeff
2 years ago

Great swim Wolfpack Women!