Virginia Takes Charge With 3 Individual Wins, Cal Relays Have Ups and Downs



  1. Virginia 184
  2. NC State 124
  3. Texas 119
  4. California 114
  5. Ohio St 101.5
  6. Alabama 90
  7. Georgia 85
  8. Stanford 84
  9. Michigan 78
  10. Kentucky 65
  11. Louisville 62
  12. UNC 61
  13. Mizzou 55
  14. Florida 53.5
  15. Tennessee 51
  16. Indiana/Texas A&M 30
  17. Northwestern 28
  18. Wisconsin 23
  19. USC 21
  20. Minnesota/Miami 20
  21. Arkansas 16
  22. Arizona 15
  23. Virginia Tech 11
  24. Nebraska/Akron 3
  25. Duke 2
  26. Houston 1

Virginia has pulled into the lead after the first full day of swimming and diving, with the Cavaliers well on their way to their first NCAA title in school history. A UVA win would also be the first for the ACC, and the Cavaliers started things off today by winning all three individual swimming events.

Paige Madden and Alex Walsh were big winners, taking the 500 free and 200 IM, respectively, by over a second each. For Kate Douglass, the race was closer than expected, as she got to the wall just .04 before Michigan’s Maggie MacNeil, the Wolverine performing very well in the final to take the silver.

After day one, Virginia leads with 184 points, 60 points ahead of the next-best team.

The Golden Bears, meanwhile, experienced emotions on both ends of the spectrum.

First, their 200 free relay reminded everyone why Cal has been so good for so long. Their poise in the relay saw two swimmers massively out-perform expectations, as freshman Emily Gantriis and Elise Garcia both split 21.2s, giving way to Isabel Ivey for a 21.2 anchor leg and giving Cal the upset win over Virginia. Even after Douglass’s shocking 21.09 lead-off, the Bears swam their own race.

Historically, a Cal win here makes sense; it’s their fifth win in six years in the 200 free relay.

In the 400 medley relay, though, they had looked good for a top-three finish before being called for a DQ on their fly-to-free exchange. While it wipes them out of competing with Virginia, Cal still has a strong two days left in the meet to try to move back into second, but it’s a significant blow for the Golden Bears to cap off the night.

At the same time as Cal’s DQ, the NC State women had an emotional response to winning the 400 medley relay in another upset, the four-seed taking it with a new NCAA and U.S. Open record time and a 49.29 fly split from Kylee Alons.

Meanwhile, the most notable individual swim of the night came from Michigan’s Maggie MacNeil, who became the seventh women ever under 50 seconds in the 100 back leading off the Wolverine relay.



Virginia Douglass 21.09 Y
Michigan MacNeil 21.13
Cal Ivey 21.22
Cal Gantriis 21.23
Cal Garcia 21.23
Mizzou Thompson 21.25
NC State Alons 21.27
Virginia Walsh 21.28
NC State Rowe 21.47
Stanford Wheal 21.63
Virginia Cuomo 21.63
NC State Hansson 21.72
Ohio State Fulmer 21.73
Northwestern Smith 21.76
Louisville Regenauer 21.77
Ohio State Rayner 21.77
Mizzou Moderski 21.79
Texas Pash 21.8
NC State Berkoff 21.81 Y
Virginia Tech Vereb 21.81
North Carolina Countie 21.81 Y
Alabama Scott 21.82
Georgia Fa’Amausili 21.82
USC Schlicht 21.83
Alabama Dupre 21.84
Tennessee Ungaretti 21.94
Mizzou Feddersen 21.96
Ohio State Zenick 21.96
Virginia Valls 21.97
North Carolina Lindner 21.98
Alabama Antoniou 21.99 Y
Tennessee Grinter 21.99
Texas Cook 21.99
North Carolina Lowe 21.99
Stanford Fackenthal 22.00
Georgia Parker 22.01 Y
Mizzou Keil 22.01 Y
USC Ciesla 22.04
Indiana Turak 22.07 Y
Northwestern Larson 22.08
Cal Riley 22.09 Y
Florida Bates 22.11
Florida Hillis 22.12
Louisville Kraus 22.12
Louisville Albiero 22.13 Y
Louisville Ulett 22.14
Texas Cooper 22.14
Stanford Green 22.16
Georgia Hartman 22.21
Alabama Molnar 22.27
Florida Balbuena 22.29
USC Dobler 22.29
North Carolina Dragelin 22.30
Indiana Eiber 22.31
Ohio State Petrak 22.31 Y
Indiana Broshears 22.32
Tennessee McSharry 22.36 Y
Texas Semenuk 22.36 Y
Florida Mack 22.37 Y
Stanford Goeders 22.37 Y
Virginia Tech Larson 22.37
Georgia Dellatore 22.38
Tennessee Sichterman 22.41
Virginia Tech Landon 22.46
Northwestern Ozbilen 22.53 Y
Northwestern Wallace 22.53
Virginia Tech Shackelford 22.54 Y
Michigan Carter 22.59 Y
Michigan Glass 22.63
Michigan Newman 22.65
USC Odgers 22.80
Indiana Kirkpatrick 22.81



Michigan MacNeil 49.76
NC State Berkoff 50.07
Alabama White 50.17
Virginia Tiltmann 50.49
Virginia Tech Atkinson 51.44
Texas Cook 51.78
UNC Countie 51.97
Kentucky Brooks 52.04
Ohio State Crane 52.37
Louisville Ulett 52.39
Mizzou Rees 52.41
Stanford Rudolph 52.54
Georgia Fa’Amausili 53.01
Texas A&M Eisenmann 53.16
USC Janvier 53.36
Florida Minnich 53.49
Northwestern Lepisova 53.64
Tennessee Harper 53.70


NC State Hansson 57.01
Tennessee McSharry 57.16
Virginia Wenger 57.71
Ohio State Bach 57.99
Texas Elendt 58.05
Northwestern Angus 58.06
USC Dobler 58.15
Louisville Wheeler 58.15
Stanford Raab 58.18
Georgia Hartman 58.55
Florida Porter 58.70
Kentucky Davey 59.36
UNC Higgs 59.37
Alabama Petkov 59.47
Texas A&M Smith 59.52
Michigan Venter 1:00.70
Mizzou Braithwaite 1:00.70
Virginia Tech Vereb 1:01.22


NC State Alons 49.29
Texas Bray 50.43
Virginia Cuomo 50.62
Michigan Carter 50.66
Louisville Albiero 51.44
Stanford Wheal 51.47
Tennessee Rothrock 51.48
Kentucky Gati 51.64
Mizzou Thompson 51.67
Ohio State Zenick 51.70
Texas A&M Pike 51.70
USC Schlicht 51.80
Florida Bates 51.94
UNC Lindner 51.95
Northwestern Guevara 52.06
Georgia Harnish 52.62
Virginia Tech Franz 52.71
Alabama Felner 53.18


Virginia Douglass 46.31
Tennessee Pintar 47.47
Texas Pash 47.57
Virginia Tech Shackelford 47.70
Georgia Parker 47.81
Alabama Dupre 47.87
Louisville Regenauer 47.93
Stanford Fackenthal 48.07
Kentucky Gaines 48.09
Ohio State Petrak 48.16
NC State Poole 48.22
Northwestern Smith 48.26
Texas A&M Stepanek 48.26
Mizzou Keil 48.52
Michigan Glass 48.63
USC Ciesla 48.78
Florida Mack 48.93
UNC Lowe 49.20

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5 months ago

Where’s the pick em result update?

5 months ago

So maybe nc state can the discussion now????????????

5 months ago

Silver Lining Department: Gantriis free split was fast. Just. 04 too fast.

5 months ago

Heck, gonna see some insane races tomorrow.
100 fly: rematch between MacNeil and Douglass. MacNeil looks like the favorite for this one but Douglass won the 50 free. Can we see a 48?
100 back: Berkoff vs White. White was seeded first, but Berkoff led off the relay a tenth faster. Both hit a SB today. Can someone go 49?
100 breast: Hansson looks like the favorite but this race is insanely deep. Hartman, the top seed, was a bit off. Wenger and Dobler have gone 57 this season. McSharry crushed a 57 low split.

5 months ago

Ups and DQs, actually

5 months ago

Surprising to see only one free split under 47.4
Especially when they are swimming with empty lanes beside them.

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