Video: You Can Breathe Underwater (Open Water/Triathletes)

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February 17th, 2017 Industry, News, Video

Courtesy of Ryan Rosenbaum / Phlex Swim Channel

In this episode, we are talking snorkels. The industry standard design just isn’t cutting it for us anymore, and the team over at Ameo has made a drastic improvement.

We’ve been testing the Ameo Powerbreather for a few weeks now, and for longer distance training styles, we swear by it. It offers an incredibly comfortable design compared to traditional snorkels, and the snorkel is actually designed for you to breathe in more pure oxygen because of its build. You breathe in through the tubes above your head and release your air at the vent by your mouth.

Another huge positive of the Ameo Powerbreather that we found, is the fact that you have a much better field of view. In comparison to a normal snorkel, you can see the entirety of where you are swimming, instead of having the nozzle obstruct your view.
We would definitely recommend this for distance training use with open water and triathlon swimmers, but there is a slight learning curve on regular flip turns so proceed with caution if you are planning on using this in a short-course yards setting.

You can purchase the Ameo Powerbreather Here:

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Steve Nolan

Damn, must be a really compact O2 tank!

@1:46 – “Every time you breathe in new air, it’s pure oxygen.”

Yes, this is an atmospheric air composition joke. Someone swirlie me.

Jim McFarlane

Now I’m disappointed, I was hoping I could use it for decompression.

Jim McFarlane

Did you say anything comparing clearing it after a dive to say 10 ft?


the cheapest version is selling for $110 on the site plus shipping…..that is a joke, right?

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