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Life After Sport

“If you ever feel scared about what lies ahead, remember all the great, challenging things you have overcome throughout your career.”

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A Ridgite In Coney Island: Part Three

The third part of Stas Holodnak’s series, describing what it was like to finally return to the water after the pandemic kept him out of it.

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There Is No Success Like Failure

Failure is one of the best gifts given to us, because it enables us to grow.

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Winning vs Succeeding

Winning and succeeding often go hand-in-hand. However, many athletes make the mistake of believing that they need to win in order to succeed.

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Tokyo 2020: Unexpected “Rookie” Bowen Makes Big Splash in Gold Medal Relay

After considering retirement and waiting tables in 2020, Bowe Becker propelled the Americans to gold in the men’s 400 free relay at the Olympic Games.


Natural Talent: Expectation vs. Reality

If you are at the top of your age group, this is your reminder to continue to work hard. The work never stops, no matter how good you are.


The Power of Deliberate Decision-Making

Making conscious decisions is one thing that will dramatically improve your way of living and, as a result, your overall performance.

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Shouts From The Stands: A Response To FINA Banning Soul Caps At Olympics

“Blacks Can’t Swim” producer Ed Accura provides his view of FINA banning swim caps designed for natural black hair at the Olympic Games.


Tongue-In-Cheek Classification of Some Swimming Pool Customer Archetypes

A classification of certain strange species one can find in swimming pools, during open/public and lane swimming sessions, for your enjoyment.


Breaking The Super-Suited Records: A 2021 Redux

Having taken out the men’s 100 fly world record in 2019, Caeleb Dressel is now eyeing Cesar Cielo’s super-suited world records in the 50 and 100 freestyle.


Practice Makes Better

While “Practice makes perfect,” is the cliche term, it does not always hold true. However, it does continually make us better than we were yesterday.

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Shouts From The Stands: Lessons Learned

As you grow in and out of the pool, you quickly realize there’s a lot more to be gained in swimming than just the records and personal best times.


Olympian Bacon Ranks Third Best Athlete In Her Grade School’s History

Charles Hartley makes his case why Phoebe Bacon only ranks third among athletes to come from her grade school.


The Super Senior Year

How will the extra year of eligibility granted to swimmers affect scholarship funding for college teams in the coming seasons?


Challenge Your Thinking – Case: Breaststroke Arms

For breaststroke performance, optimizing the power output of the arms will help the swimmer minimize energy consumption and drag during the race.