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In Memoriam (A Poem)

“For those swept away by the infinite current, we swim. We undulate in memory of the unmoving….”

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Dream. Dare. Succeed.

“Don’t ever give up on pursuing your dreams, no matter how many times you fail. You will fail, but that is after all the way to success.”


Now I Lay Me Down To Swim (A Poem)

“Now I lay me down to swim, the Lord knows that each stroke’s a hymn, a sacred song my body sings.”

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Inside The Beautiful Mind of Alex Kostich

Kostich, 52, recently placed second in the Double Waikiki Rough Water Swim, a 7000-meter swim from San Souci Beach to Ala Wai Channel and back.


Once Dead in the Water, Arizona State’s Swim Program Is Thriving

“We experienced being at truly rock bottom, and that moment really turned the page for the program,” said ASU associate head coach Herbie Behm.


Howard Draws Estimated 1,200 Fans for Historic “Battle at the Burr” vs. Georgetown

Howard head coach Nicholas Askew estimated the crowd at 1,200 for its dual meet against Georgetown, likely the most in school history.


Six Ways Elite Athletics Can Help Kids’ Childhood – But Also Hurt It

While there are countless beneficial characteristics developed on the road to reaching the elite level in sport, they also tend to have a dark side.

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Join The American College Connection For A Free Webinar Tuesday Night

The American College Connection (ACC) will host a webinar on Tuesday providing swimmers and swim parents financial information regarding college.

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Redefining My Why

Why do I swim? This is the question I have asked myself as I transition away from the competitive life of swimming and reflect on my swim journey.


When To Call It Quits: A Different Kind of Retirement

The difficulties a professional athlete—or collegiate swimmer—goes through when it’s finally time to move on.


Some Love for the Ladies In Hoco Dress Shopping Season

Trying to buy a dress for homecoming, prom, or winter formal isn’t always the smoothest process for female swimmers.


Returning To Racing In The Open Sea

Accomplished open water swimmers speak on competing in the Maui Channel Swim From Lanai to Maui.

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Why Don’t You Swim Anymore?

Why do so many swimmers stop going to the pool once their high school or collegiate careers are over? Six ways to reinvigorate your love for the sport.


Swimphonic Variations

“iPads are red, TVs are blue, get off that couch, we’ve got swimming to do!”


Research Study: The Fine Print as an NCAA Swimmer

In the study, NCAA swimmers were found to have, on average, longer telomeres than their non-swimmer counterparts. Mental health impacts were also researched.