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Swimming Among the Olympians, A Memoir

Chris McClelland details training with the Florida Gators in the 1980s. “It is something that no one can take away. A once in a lifetime experience.”


Swim Mom: The Secret To Motivating Our Kids

The best way to encourage our kids to put down video games and phones is not by bribing or threatening them — but by inspiring them.

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10 Things About Practice We Can All Learn From The Little Mermaid

In preparation for our return to the pool deck, let’s get ready to have the best-ever first week back by learning from our favorite Disney siren!

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I’m Gonna Make Swim An Offer He Can’t Refuse

Swimming truly gives us a new kind of family.

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Swim Mom Musings: The Assault On College Swimming

With multiple programs forced to cut swimming & diving due to COVID-19, it’s time to take a stand against this assault on our sport.


Swim Mom: Will City Pools Be a Casualty of Coronavirus?

Not only are USA Swimming teams at risk throughout the country, but pools may go under as well. Many people’s lives are improved daily because of a pool.


The Tommy John Injury Of Swimming

Dr. Alec Domjan takes an in-depth look as to why the swimmer’s shoulder is just as big of an issue in swimming as the elbow injury is in baseball.


4D Swimming – Part I: The Beginning

In Part I of the series, we go through the study and the findings of phase one on mid-distance and distance freestyle.


How To Raise A Champion

Developing extraordinary leaders in an ordinary world.

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A Swim Coach’s Review of “Killer Coach”

“Killer Coach” is a made-for-TV crime drama from Lifetime, which is a television network that produces original movies exclusively for your mom.


College Coaches Share Recruiting Secrets

Is there a lane for every swimmer?


Swim Mom Musing: Blessed Beginnings

“This journey created memories that will last for a lifetime, and it produced special moments for the parents that left me breathless.”

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Swim Mom: 6 Tips for Swim Parents About Seeing Things Differently

If we take anything away from these uncertain days, maybe it’s not to sweat the small stuff and appreciate what we have.

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Girls Speak Up: Becoming Advocates for Safe Sport

Holton-Arms School freshman Josephina Wang has started an initiative called “Girls Speak Up” with the goal of empowering female swimmers.


Anthony Ervin: Ink and Water

“I don’t look like Tony, sound like Tony, or even remotely sprint like Tony. But put us both in jammers, caps, and goggles and it’s a different story.”