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Shouts From The Stands: A Letter To Klete Keller

“We must do better to support one another and help us all develop into a more compassionate, more well-rounded community.”


Self Motivation Made Simple

Five motivation tips to help yourself in both swimming and life.

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Shouts From The Stands: Swimming In A Post-Segregation America

“It is time for our great swim community to rise up to the occasion.”


Swim Mom Musings: A Tribute – I Am A Swimmer (From Mom To Daughter)

Swimming taught my daughter her character counts both in small acts of kindness and choices we make to change our world every day.


Ocean Or A Puddle: A Poem

Expressing the unique relationship so many swimmers have with the water.


A Swimmer’s 12 Days Of Christmas

A swimmer’s version of the famous Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.


Preparing For Your First Swim Meet

What do parents need to prepare for their child’s first swim meet?

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Why College Swimming Is Worth Fighting For: A Parent’s Perspective

“College swimming is the pinnacle of achievement for most kids, ensuring it has a vibrant future means being vocal today.”


Life Lessons Learned from Swimming in the Eyes of a Physician

“You make sacrifices to reach the outcomes and you push through with small improvements adding up to success.”

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Swimming Through Smoke

Michelle Rogalski recounts swimming around Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island through the California smoke.

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D.C. Pools Reopen, But Swim Teams Still Unable To Hold Practice

While pools are open, individuals who want to use DPR pools can make an online reservation for a 45 minute time slot.


Ask Swim Mom: My Parents Embarrass Me

“Although we want to be supportive and involved, there should be a limit to our involvement if we are negatively impacting our kids.”


Shouts From The Stands: Numbers

In swimming, everything is measured by numbers. But ultimately they are far from what is most important.


Making a Believer Out of Yourself

When you come to grips with the fact that we already bully ourselves, do athletes really need another voice that makes them feel marginalized and inadequate?

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How The ISL Would’ve Scored Last Season Under 2020 Rule Changes

Per the numbers, the new rule changes widen the gap between the strongest and the weakest teams.