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How The ISL Would’ve Scored Last Season Under 2020 Rule Changes

Per the numbers, the new rule changes widen the gap between the strongest and the weakest teams.


The New ISL Ratings System

One of the many changes coming to the second season of the International Swimming League will be a new swimmer rating system.


Swim Mom: Coaches, Parents and Swimmers – Staying In Our Lanes

We’ve all heard that swimmers swim, parents parent and coaches coach, but what do these roles entail?

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Elements of a Training Set

To achieve its objective a set must contain four interconnected elements: technique, physiology, psychological skills and character development/life skills.

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SUNY Fredonia Swimming & Diving Team Works to Encourage Civic Engagement

The team has adopted a letter writing project that aims to motivate inactive voters across the country to get out and vote in the upcoming general election.

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Disruption, Sports and Pandemic: How Colleges Are Failing Student-Athletes

“The current educational/athletics model is broken and the overall well-being and mental health of students is the price that is being paid.”


Swimming With Jerry

Mike Mulkey shares fond memories of his Mountain View Masters training mate, Jerry Rodder, who recently died.


A Swim Coach’s Review of “Pretty Little Liars”

Rockvale High School coach Tyler Montgomery gives his humorous take on the swimming that goes on in “Pretty Little Liars”.


She Swam For Greece

The Authentic Marathon Swim took place this past weekend to retrace history’s first recorded marathon from 480 B.C.


Swim Mom Musings: Enough – Let Them Swim

“When will all we lose be too much to bear?”


Shouts From The Stands: The Power of Three Minutes

Tulane’s Ashley Carollo shares her first-hand account of saving a family in distress.

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4D Swimming – Part III: The Future

Jukka Shemeikka, Head of Aquatics at the Olympic Training Center in Finland, goes through the future plans of her 4D swimming research project.

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Hawaii Swimming Mourns the Passing of Distinguished Coach Scott Sherwood

Olympian and NCAA All-American Christel Simms shares her memory of coach Sherwood, who died at the age of 48 on August 3.


An Open Letter To Swimming, From An Athlete With A Chronic Injury

“To swimming, I thank you for making me strong enough to handle not just this hardship, but all the other challenges that are yet to come in my life.”


Ask Swim Mom: Is It Asthma Or Allergies?

Many swimmers end up coughing during practice. Is it an allergy to chlorine, undiagnosed asthma, or something else?