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To The Class of 2024: Some Recruiting Advice From A 2023 Swimmer

A member of the 2023 NCAA recruiting class shares some advice and tips on the recruiting process for this year’s crop of student-athletes.


SFTS: The Grind Never Stops – Summer Training At The High School Level

“The moment summer training commences, it becomes our summer; exceptionally challenging but an absolute blast.”


The Watermen: The Underdog Story Behind The Birth of American Swimming

Book Excerpt: The Watermen reveals the incredible underdog story of the birth of American swimming and its first swimmer to win Olympic gold.

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“Thank You” For A Great Season

A thank you letter from swimmer to coach upon the conclusion of the past season in the pool.

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A Modest Comeback Continues

Part 2 of a series documenting a former swimmer’s journey back to the pool.


Shouts From The Stands: How I Keep Swimming With An Electrolyte Imbalance

Paying attention to the little things, like electrolytes, can make all the difference in training plateaus or personal bests.

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50 Years Later, A 4×100 Relay Anniversary Is Celebrated

After winning an upset gold medal in the 4×100 medley relay back in 1972 in Ulster, John Irwin and Turlough O’Hagan swam a Masters meet alongside one another.

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Taking 5 On Aging Like Sea Glass: Part II With Charlotte Sanddal

Five questions with 99-year-old Masters swimmer Charlotte Sanddal, who is turning her focus to butterfly “because there is not a lot of competition.”


Mental Health For Swimmers

Here are 10 ways to take care of yourself outside of the pool to optimize your time inside it.


Taking 5 On Aging Like Sea Glass: Part I With Tracy Grilli

Part I of this two-part series features a conversation with 65-year-old Tracy Grilli on the power of positive thinking.


Volunteer Swim Coach: A Tribute

SwimSwam presents this poem in recognition of U.S. Masters Swimming’s “Coach Appreciation Week,” May 2-8.

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How to Teach Students Leadership Skills Through Swimming Lessons

A look into how applying leadership skills to swimming lessons can not only benefit the kids outside of the pool, but also with their ability in the water.

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Chasing The Perfect Race: Can a UNC Professor Solve the Championship Swimming Puzzle?

Claudio Battaglini applies his physiology expertise to train some of the best swimmers in North Carolina while also working on cancer research.


I Swim So I Don’t Dwell In Hell (A Poem Inspired By Tank Top Slogans)

“I swim so I don’t choke people.” “I swim so I don’t punch people in the face” —- Slogans on tank tops available on Amazon.


Taking 5 With Brennan Gravley: The Brothers Gravley In The Open Sea Part II

Part II of The Brothers Gravley In The Open Sea features a conversation with Brennan on his open water performances and training at the University of Florida.

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