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Swim Mom Musings: You Were Made for This Moment

The culture begins and ends with you. Coaches, are you made for this moment?


Why Swimming Downhill in Open Water Won’t Work

Very often on pool decks around the world you hear the phrase SWIM DOWNHILL. While I think this is to denote ease, quite the opposite is true.


How To Win: Lessons from Mr. Rogers and Twin Brothers

I am here to give you the one simple secret that will ensure you and the age groupers you care about manage success and failure with grace.

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What Can Parents Do If No One Recruits Their Child?

College recruiting can be an exhilarating and exciting experience. That is if your child is getting emails and interest from the schools he or she wants to attend. But what happens when the phone doesn’t ring?


College Cheating Scandal Aside, The Good Things About College Athletics

The recent college bribery scandal has a lot of parents outraged—including myself. Our kids work so hard to get into college, both in the pool and academically. It’s disheartening to learn that parents paid to get their kids into school — and that college coaches took bribes.

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Teaching Underwater Butterfly Kick Positions

At DART Swimming we place high value on underwater kick. When I teach the kick to swimmers I teach it using 3 positions, which simplify the movement.


9 Basics to Great Swim Parenting

Looking at the big picture of swim parenting—or being involved in any sport—is to allow our kids to experience and learn life lessons with supervision in a structured environment.


Shouts From the Stands: Tidy Up for Championship Season

Tidy up where you can. Make a little mental space for good thoughts and great swims.

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Shouts From the Stands: Will Swimming Change …

These are my own attempts at innovation. I would like to hear others too!


Further Questioning the Kick in Swimming

I hope (this) causes you, comrades and friends, to reconsider the erroneous view that kicking is the ‘engine’ of the strokes mentioned above; instead, it evidently serves as an equipoise to the true motor – the arms.


Where Are the Swim Spectators?

Do other conferences lack swim fans from the general public, too?


Shouts from the Stands: One More Meet

For the next few days, I will cheer from the stands, offer no coaching advice, and watch as this chapter of our family journey closes and look forward to the journeys ahead.


Shouts from the Stands: I’ll Know When They’re 30

My job as a youth coach is to build outstanding character atop the platform of competitive sports. I will know how well they have absorbed the lessons learned in competitive sports when they reach 30 years of age, and I’ll know how well I’ve done as their coach, too.


Alvaranga Dominates at Jamaica’s National Age Group Championships

Kaizen Swim Club’s Zaneta Alvaranga (13-14 girls) was responsible for breaking nine (9) records at the four day event, while Nathaniel Thomas (13 -14 boy) of Tornados Swim Club was the leading record breaker on the boys’ side with five (5) records.

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Northview Vikings Swim Team Needs Parkas

The students fundraised for parkas themselves, but they’ve fallen short of their fundraising goal. Most likely, their families and friends don’t have the ability to support them in this effort.

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