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Zelin: Structure, Positives & Negatives of Athlete Protection Training Course

College professor and SwimSwam contributor Alex Zelin took the new SafeSport Athlete Protection Training (APT) course, and recounts what is included, what the course does well and what the course could do better.


Swim Mom: Should Parents Use the Carrot or Stick as Motivation?

Here are five thoughts about using punishment and bribes to motivate our children to do well.


Shouts from the Stands: Defining Success for 10/Unders

Coaches coach because we know the impact we can have on lives. Let’s be a part of redefining success as fun, hard work, and learning and let’s shift the focus away from comparisons. Isn’t that the best path to success?


Ask Swim Mom: I Think My Child Should Move Up

I think she’d fit in better with the senior level swimmers who are faster. What can I do to help her get moved up?


Challenging Waters: The Diary of a Lake District Swimmer

In 2014, I decided to celebrate my 60th birthday by attempting to swim the length of all seventeen lakes contained within the English Lake District, little realizing the time, effort or the planning that would be involved.

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In Pursuit of Coaching Excellence

Good coaches seek constant improvement in their search for personal excellence. They have an open mind and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

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Shouts From The Stands: Perseverance – My Story

I can now say that I accept that all of the difficulties I encounter are a part of my journey as a swimmer, and will get me where I want to go.

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Shouts From the Stands: The Training Epiphany – A Motivational Story

You are capable of so much more and all it takes is that mentality to complete your equation for success.

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This Drill Turns Non-Swimmers Into Swimmers

This week we feature my favorite drill, the six kick, one stroke drill using fins and a low-octane or bent-arm recovery. I love the drill because it is one of the few drills that teaches swimmers three important fundamentals, rather than just one.

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4 Reasons Why Cities Should Support Swim Teams

In my years as a swim mom and Masters swimmer, we’ve gone to city hall more than once to express the importance of keeping the pool open or to gain support for our team. Education and promotion of swimming throughout the community to non-swimmers and city staff can only help make our sport stronger.


Swim Mom Musings: Kindle The Fire

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. This is a memorable day for swim moms because of the intense roll we play in the lives of athletes.

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Swim Mom: Is College Club Swimming the Right Choice for Your Child?

I believe that if our kids want to swim in college, they can find a school that fits—and it can be a wonderful experience. I also understand that swimming on a college team is not for everyone.


Shouts From the Stands: 5 Ways Swimming Prepares You For Life

No matter your skill level, swimming can always teach you something. You just have to be willing to learn. Here are my top 5 ways that swimming prepares you for life.

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When It Is Not Everything You Hope For, Still Give It Everything You Have

My beautiful swimmer girl, who was just four years old yesterday, will be transferring next fall. It is a scary and brave decision to alter your course if it is not taking you where you want to go.


Shouts From the Stands: The Gift of Water

Is it possible for something to completely break you as an athlete, but than later provide physical healing, mental therapy, personal acceptance and extreme gratitude for the sport? It took almost 25 years, but yes, swimming has done just that.


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