USA Swimming Reveals Event Order For 2024 U.S. Olympic Trials

The event order for the 2024 U.S. Olympic Trials has been released.

As expected, the schedule mimics the new nine-day format that was confirmed for the 2024 Olympic Games last year, with events now spread out over 17 sessions compared to the 15 we’ve seen in years past.

The only difference between the two schedules is that there will be no relays at Trials. See the full schedule below:


Preliminaries Semi-finals & Finals
Saturday, June 15 Saturday, June 15
W 100 Butterlfy W 100 Butterfly Semi
W 400 Freestyle M 400 Freestyle Final
M 100 Breaststroke W 400 Freestyle Final
M 400 Freestyle M 100 Breaststroke Semi
Sunday, June 16 Sunday, June 16
M 200 Freestyle M 400 IM Final
M 400 IM W 100 Butterfly Final
W 100 Breaststroke M 200 Freestyle Semi
M 100 Backstroke W 100 Breaststroke Semi
W 200 Freestyle M 100 Backstroke Semi
M 100 Breaststroke Final
W 200 Freestyle Semi
Monday, June 17 Monday, June 17
W 400 IM W 400 IM Final
W 100 Backstroke M 200 Freestyle Final
M 800 Freestyle W 100 Backstroke Semi
M 100 Backstroke Final
W 100 Breaststroke Final
W 200 Freestyle Final
Tuesday, June 18 Tuesday, June 18
M 200 Butterfly M 100 Freestyle Semi
M 100 Freestyle M 200 Butterfly Semi
W 1500 Freestyle W 100 Backstroke Final
W 100 Freestyle M 800 Freestyle Final
M 200 Breaststroke W 100 Freestyle Semi
M 200 Breaststroke Semi
Wednesday, June 19 Wednesday, June 19
W 200 Breaststroke W 100 Freestyle Final
M 200 Backstroke M 200 Butterfly Final
W 200 Butterfly M 200 Breaststroke Final
W 1500 Freestyle Final
M 200 Backstroke Semi
W 200 Breaststroke Semi
W 200 Butterfly Semi
M 100 Freestyle Final
Thursday, June 20 Thursday, June 20
W 200 Backstroke W 200 Butterfly Final
M 50 Freestyle M 200 Backstroke Final
M 200 IM W 200 Backstroke Semi
W 200 Breaststroke Semi
M 200 IM Semi
M 50 Freestyle Semi
Friday, June 21 Friday, June 21
M 100 Butterfly M 50 Freestyle Final
W 200 IM W 200 Backstroke Final
W 800 Freestyle M 200 IM Final
M 100 Butterfly Semi
W 200 IM Semi
Saturday, June 22 Saturday, June 22
W 50 Freestyle M 100 Butterfly Final
M 1500 Freestyle W 50 Freestyle Semi
W 200 IM Final
W 800 Freestyle Final
Sunday, June 23 Sunday, June 23
No session W 50 Freestyle Final
M 1500 Freestyle Final

The new schedule resolves several notable event conflicts some of the top U.S. swimmers have had in the past at both Trials and major international meets, including Katie Ledecky‘s 200 free/1500 free, and it also opens the door for male swimmers (Carson Foster?) to race both the 400 free and 400 IM.

The men’s 200 back final will now only conflict with the 200 IM semis rather than the final, while Michael Andrew now faces a tough task if he wants to swim the 200 IM in Paris, as the final comes shortly after the 50 free final.

See a full breakdown of the event conflicts/resolutions with the new schedule here. You can find the 2021 Olympic Trials order of events here.

The Trials will run from June 15-23, 2024, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Tickets to the general public will go on sale Feb. 1.

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13 days ago

Can anyone go over what Michael Phelps’s schedule would have looked like under this format? Conflicts and turnaround times…

I don’t know if he would have swam the 400 free and focused on it in 2003/2004 to build a base into 08. Otherwise free on day 1 (is there a relay?).

14 days ago

Looks vastly different from previous USOT schedules

Dan Smith
14 days ago

Question: how does the new schedule affect relays? Are there more, tighter schedules/conflicts in a session?

Awsi Dooger
14 days ago

It almost looks like Ledecky was allowed to submit her own schedule

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
13 days ago

Makes sense. Number of viewers drives TV revenue. She’s the most recognizable name in the sport.

Bailey Ludden
14 days ago

Foster could still swim on the 8free relay at the games even if he doesn’t “make the team” in the 200, especially because the coaches will know he can be fast, most likely faster than 2-4 of the qualifiers

14 days ago

MA may as well stick with the 50 free over the 2IM imo.

Sucks cause I know there’s greater 200 IMs in him that Id love to see but it just makes more sense. I see him as much more of a lock in the 50 where hes relatively consistent than the 200 where peoples hands are heating up meanwhile hes still figuring out the event.

The ? Is the 100 fly but I’d assume he would send since its after the 50 final and he really did have such a phenomenal leg on the medley at worlds.

14 days ago

Highly unlikely, but hopefully, Rowdy doesn’t commentate Oly Trials. 1 day of his commentary is insufferable, much less 9 days…

Reply to  Andrew
14 days ago

More than highly unlikely, but impossible. He is already under contract for 2024 and 2028 (LA) with NBC that will include trials. Enjoy!

14 days ago

Great, now if only they’d make the tickets affordable….

Swim Dad x3
Reply to  Pool
14 days ago

I’m looking at the seating options, via Ticketmaster, on USA Swimming now. I can clearly see that USA Swimming doesn’t want this to be a family friendly event – $475++ for nosebleed! Not sure why seating is only on 3 sides of the pool (yes I do see the 2 rows of seats on deck at “only” $3500++ per, but couldn’t they install another bank of bleachers behind it?).

Reply to  Swim Dad x3
13 days ago

I will have to sell a kidney to afford these prices.

Reply to  Swim Dad x3
13 days ago

When do they go on sale ?

grizzled bastard
Reply to  Swim Dad x3
12 days ago

Can you post a link? I can’t find it at USA Swimming. Thanks.

grizzled bastard
Reply to  grizzled bastard
12 days ago

found it… just a tired dumbass today

Reply to  Pool
14 days ago

Need someone at USA Swimming to offload a bunch they can’t sell to some old school scalpers.

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