796 Swimmers Have Qualified for 2024 U.S. Olympic Trials Ahead of San Antonio PSS

Later this week, the final Pro Swim Series gets underway in San Antonio, Texas. It’s one of the last major domestic meets before the 2024 U.S. Olympic Trials, so before the swimmers hit the water, let’s check in on the swimmers across the country who have already earned a trip to Indianapolis in June.

At our last check-in at the end of the Knoxville Pro Swim in January 2024, 743 swimmers–408 men and 335 women–had qualified for U.S. Trials since the qualification period opened on November 30, 2022.

Since that check almost four months ago, there have been 34 new male qualifiers and 19 new female qualifiers, bringing the total number of eligible swimmers to 796, 354 women and 442 men.

We did our first of these checks in September 2023, when 380 men and 304 women had qualified–numbers that have kept rising since. It’s also important to note the shall we say…fluid way that USA Swimming is quantifying Olympic Trials qualifiers.

There are several discrepancies from our previous checks, likely due to USA Swimming deleting international swimmers from their list which make comparisons from January to April challenging.

For example, there are seven fewer qualifiers in the men’s 200 IM now compared to January. If we zero in on the January list, we see names such as:

The numbers should be more accurate this time.

The qualifying period closes on May 30, 2024, giving swimmers less than two months to punch their tickets.

2024 US Olympic Trials Standards:

25.69 50m Freestyle 22.79
55.79 100m Freestyle 49.99
2:00.89 200m Freestyle 1:49.99
4:15.49 400m Freestyle 3:55.59
8:45.79 800m Freestyle 8:09.69
16:45.69 1500m Freestyle 15:39.89
1:01.89 100m Backstroke 55.69
2:13.59 200m Backstroke 2:01.69
1:10.29 100m Breaststroke 1:02.19
2:31.69 200m Breaststroke 2:15.99
1:00.19 100m Butterfly 53.59
2:13.69 200m Butterfly 2:00.49
2:16.09 200m Individual Medley 2:03.49
4:49.89 400m Individual Medley 4:25.19

Now, let’s learn a bit more about who has qualified for U.S. Trials.


At the top, the landscape of swimmers with the most events has not changed that much. Bella Sims still leads the way for both women and men with 11 event qualifications. She’s still followed by Regan Smith and her club teammate Katie Grimes, who each have nine.

The number of women with five or more cuts has held strong at 30, but there have been some changes within that list. Torri Huske picked up a 100 back qualification time at the Westmont Pro Swim, Kelly Pash added the 400 IM, and 15-year-old Rylee Erisman jumped from five cuts up to eight courtesy of her strong performances at NCSAs and Southern Zone Sectionals.

As they did in Janaury, Kieran Smith and Carson Foster‘s eight events lead the way for the men. There have been seven new additions to the list of male swimmers with 5+ Trials cuts. Ryan Held, Brett Pinfold, Grant House, Luka Mijatovic, Ryan Erisman, Sean Green, and Michael Hochwalt all added their names to the list.

Mijatovic, who turns 15 on April 22nd, put his name on the list in record-setting fashion. At the California/Nevada Sectionals, he added cuts in the 200 free and 400 IM, breaking both National Age Group records and outpacing a legend of the sport in each event: Ian Thorpe (200 free) and Michael Phelps (400 IM).

Seventeen-year-old Ryan Erisman, Rylee’s older brother, earned his new cuts in the 200 fly and 800 free. In the latter, he dropped almost six seconds to get under the OT cut with an 8:04.82.


Sims, Bella Sandpipers Of Nevada CA 11
Smith, Regan Sun Devil Swimming AZ 9
Grimes, Katie Sandpipers Of Nevada CA 9
Smith, Leah Longhorn Aquatics ST 8
Erisman, Rylee Laker Swim FL 8
Walsh, Alex University Of Virginia VA 7
Weinstein, Claire Sandpipers Of Nevada CA 7
Bellard, Hannah Club Wolverine MI 7
Huske, Torri Arlington Aquatic Club PV 7
Pash, Kelly Longhorn Aquatics ST 7
Douglass, Kate New York Athletic Club MR 6
Shackell, Alex Carmel Swim Club IN 6
Pelaez, Erika Eagle Aquatics FG 6
Nelson, Beata Wisconsin Aquatics WI 6
Ledecky, Katie Gator Swim Club FL 6
Bray, Olivia Longhorn Aquatics ST 6
O’Dell, Teagan Mission Viejo Nadadores CA 6
Kozan, Justina Trojan Swim Club CA 6
Smoliga, Olivia Sun Devil Swimming AZ 5
Curzan, Claire TAC Titans NC 5
Gemmell, Erin Nation’s Capital Swim Club PV 5
Hetrick, Paige University of Louisville KY 5
Peplowski, Anna Indiana Swim Club IN 5
Hayes, Leah Fox Valley Park District Riptides IL 5
Hartman, Bailey Crow Canyon Sharks PC 5
Gormsen, Cavan Long Island Aquatic Club MR 5
Mattes, Michaela Sarasota Sharks FL 5
Weyant, Emma University of Florida FL 5
McCarville, Kate Tennessee Aquatics SE 5
Bricker, Caroline Pikes Peak Athletics CO 5


Smith, Kieran Ridgefield Aquatic Club CT 8
Foster, Carson Mason Manta Rays OH 8
Casas, Shaine Longhorn Aquatics ST 7
Diehl, Daniel YMCA of Cumberland MD 6
Shackell, Aaron Carmel Swim Club IN 6
Julian, Trenton Mission Viejo Nadadores CA 6
Maurer, Rex Rose Bowl Aquatics CA 6
Litherland, Jay Sun Devil Swimming AZ 6
Kalisz, Chase Sun Devil Swimming AZ 6
Jett, Gabe California Aquatics PC 6
Andrew, Michael MA Swim Academy SI 5
Dahlgren, Jack Team Triumph MV 5
Urlando, Luca DART Swimming SN 5
Heilman, Thomas Cavalier Aquatics/Piedmont Family YMCA VA 5
Grothe, Zane Unattached SE 5
Nelson, Baylor Aggie Swim Club GU 5
Burns, Brendan Indiana Swim Club IN 5
Lucas, Cooper Lakeside Aquatic Club NT 5
Albiero, Nicolas Cardinal Aquatics KY 5
Johnston, David The Swim Team CA 5
Whitlock, Luke Fishers Area Swimming Tigers IN 5
Finke, Robert Saint Petersburg Aquatics FL 5
Ellis, Luke Sandpipers Of Nevada CA 5
Held, Ryan New York Athletic Club MR 5
Pinfold, Brett Swim Houston Aquatics Center GU 5
House, Grant Sun Devil Swimming AZ 5
Mijatovic, Luka Pleasanton Seahawks PC 5
Erisman, Ryan Laker Swim FL 5
Green, Sean Long Island Aquatic Club MR 5
Hochwalt, Michael Spokane Waves Aquatic Team IE 5

By Event

Between both genders, the most qualified for event is now the men’s 400 IM, which has 87 qualifiers.

For the women, four events now have more than 60 qualifiers, up from two events at our last check. In January, the 50 free and 100 breast were the only events with more than 60 women qualified; now the 100 free and 100 fly have joined them.

This way of understanding the data also reveals one of the discrepancies that we mentioned earlier. At our check in January, there were 83 qualifiers in the men’s 200 IM. Now in April, there are 76. Again, this likely reflects USA Swimming realizing they had some swimmers on their list who compete for other countries internationally.

Women’s Qualifiers Men’s Qualifiers
50 Free 68 62
100 Free 61 64
200 Free 55 60
400 Free 52 65
800 Free 48 59
1500 Free 44 55
100 Back 62 68
200 Back 55 68
100 Breast 67 69
200 Breast 45 67
100 Fly 63 66
200 Fly 54 62
200 IM 55 76
400 IM 53 87

Numbers of Qualifiers Versus 2021

Relative to the 2021 Olympic Trials (Wave II cuts), the vast majority of events have significantly fewer qualifiers for 2024. There are two events that have more qualifiers than the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials: the women’s 1500 freestyle and men’s 400 IM. While the women’s 1500 freestyle has only two more qualifiers, the men’s 400 IM is actually up by 27 qualifiers.

Women’s Events

2024 Qualifiers* 2021 Qualifiers Difference
50 Free 68 130 -62
100 Free 61 98 -37
200 Free 55 79 -24
400 Free 52 71 -19
800 Free 48 52 -4
1500 Free 44 42 +2
100 Back 62 114 -52
200 Back 55 75 -20
100 Breast 67 111 -44
200 Breast 45 85 -40
100 Fly 63 100 -37
200 Fly 54 79 -25
200 IM 55 91 -36
400 IM 53 66 -13

*Through April 5, 2024

Men’s Events

2024 Qualifiers* 2021 Qualifiers Difference
50 Free 62 167 -105
100 Free 64 99 -35
200 Free 60 71 -11
400 Free 65 82 -17
800 Free 59 64 -5
1500 Free 55 57 -2
100 Back 68 125 -57
200 Back 68 91 -23
100 Breast 69 137 -68
200 Breast 67 87 -20
100 Fly 66 109 -43
200 Fly 62 78 -16
200 IM 76 82 -6
400 IM 87 60 +27

*Through April 5, 2024




The 2024 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials will take place June 15-23, 2024 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

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1 month ago

Isn’t Nicholas Albiero switching his sporting citizenship to Brasil?

1 month ago

Time for SwimSwam to make this year’s “bolt from the blue” selection:

2021 – Sims, Bella
2022 – Weinstein, Claire
2023 – Shackell, Alex
2024 – ?

1 month ago

USA-Swimming moved the meet to a bigger facility, for that to have worked out well the number of swimmers would have needed to be closer to what they were in 2016/2021.
I am afraid it will make the seating look half-empty unless they get rid of some seating and bring people closer to the action.

1 month ago

Thank you for putting together this info.

1 month ago

More than 100 fewer qualifiers in the men’s 50 free is crazy, but the total number is in line, more or less, with the other events.

Last edited 1 month ago by DLSwim
1 month ago

Yay for being two tenths of off a cut and not being able to get into meets. Thanks USAS!

Reply to  Gldnbehr
1 month ago

Get good

Just Keep Swimming
Reply to  Gldnbehr
1 month ago

I don’t understand this. You’re mad because you’re not fast enough to make the cut?

Reply to  Just Keep Swimming
1 month ago

I think they are saying they cannot get into any meet to try before trials to get the time they need.

Reply to  Gldnbehr
1 month ago

Swim faster?

Reply to  Gldnbehr
1 month ago

Entitled much?

Jared Daigle
1 month ago

Don’t count me out yet swimswam😤

Reply to  Jared Daigle
1 month ago

I don’t think we’re counting you out in the pejorative sense, you announced your retirement on Instagram.

1 month ago

Luka the Bazuka is going to absolutely shatter Larsen Jensen’s AR from 2008 in the next four years just watch him go

Reply to  RealCrocker5040
21 days ago

Why does the men’s spreadsheet not show their times like the women’s?

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