Down Goes Phelps: Luka Mijatovic Breaks Michael Phelps’ 13-14 400 IM Record


  • February 29-March 3, 2024
  • Novato, California
  • Long Course Meters (50 meters), Prelims/Finals
  • Live Results

Even the great ones’ records can’t stand forever.

Another Michael Phelps National Age Group Record fell on Friday, when 14-year-old Luka Mijatovic of the Pleasanton Seahawks swam 4:24.20 in the 400 IM at the California/Nevada Sectionals. That’s Mijatovic’s third National Age Group Record in two days of racing so far, and the first that wasn’t breaking his own record.

The previous record of 4:24.77 was set by Phelps in 2000. Later that year, he qualified for his first Olympic Team, in the 200 fly, placing 5th.

We couldn’t find any splits for Phelps’ previous record setting swim to compare, but while Phelps was further along in his strokes, especially fly, at that age than Mijatovic, Mijatovic’s endurance again showed through in his splitting – closing in 57.04.

Mijatovic’s splits:

  • 100 fly – 1:00.55
  • 100 back – 1:09.54
  • 100 breast – 1:17.07
  • 100 free – 57.04

All-Time Top 5 Americans, Boys’ 13-14 400 LCM IM:

  1. Luka Mijatovic – 4:24.20 (2024)
  2. Michael Phelps – 4:24.77 (2000)
  3. Sean Grieshop – 4:26.62 (2013)
  4. Carson Foster – 4:27.03 (2016)
  5. Maximus Williamson – 4:27.53 (2021)

Phelps would go on to set the World Record and win back-to-back Olympic gold medals in that event in 2004 and 2008. Phelps’ World Record in the 400 IM would eventually become the longest-standing in modern swimming history until it was broken at last year’s World Championships by Frenchman Leon Marchand.

Ironically, Marchand doesn’t appear in the top 10 of all-time in this event for 13-14s even in France, where the National Age Group Record is a 4:39.

Phelps now has just one remaining 13-14 National Age Group Record, a 1:59.02 in the 200 meter fly. All of his other records, in long course and short course, have been broken.

Earlier in the night, Mijatovic broke his own 200 free record as well, and in the process became the first known 14-year-old to go sub-1:50 in that event, swimming 1:49.63. On Thursday, he broke his own 13-14 record the 1500 free in 15:26.73.

Mijatovic turns 15 on April 22.

SwimSwam will update with splits when they become available.

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1 month ago

Incredible swim! Beating the legend!

1 month ago

did luka swim the 400 and if so what did he go been a hr since meet mobile posted the women’s results and the mens arent there still if anyone’s there

Last edited 1 month ago by whoisthis
Reply to  whoisthis
1 month ago

3:51.1 in 400 free

Reply to  SeahawkParent
1 month ago

oh good lord

1 month ago

Elaydi just went 2:00.3 in the 200m fly at Sectionals and Mijatovic went 2:03

Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
1 month ago

Is Mijatovic just swimming the 200 fly today? Or is he swimming the 400 as well?

1 month ago

I think the item about Marchand not being on the top 10 list as a 13-14 year old in France is instructive. Talent develops at different times. Prodigies and late bloomers. A good lesson to enjoy people’s successes when it happens and try not to project too far into the future.

Dom from France
Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
1 month ago

You are right but we must also take into account the changes in morphology which occur more or less early with age. If you look at photos of Léon at 16, he seemed very thin compared to Mijatovic at 14. Finally some have an ectoform morphotype which does not favor muscle gain. Their bodies can partially compensate with greater nervousness and endurance. In fact, age is not the only parameter taken into account to have good predictions about the future.

Mr Piano
1 month ago

57.10 is a pretty good time for 14 year ol-

Wait this is a 400 IM?

1 month ago

Unbelievable – faster than Phelps!

Reply to  M C
1 month ago

How many WRs does Phelps still have? NONE. Records are going to be broken!

Reply to  Diehard
1 month ago

Just 2 relays in LCM

1 month ago

When is he going to ASU?

This Guy
Reply to  Jeb
1 month ago

It’s the only choice

1 month ago

L.A. 2028

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