Coach’s Log

COACH’S EYE: The Late Breath is Key To Schoenmaker’s 200 Breast World Record

Tatjana Schoenmaker waited to initiate her breath until she’d almost completed her entire breaststroke arm-pull – leading to a world-record 200 breast.


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COACH’S EYE: Dressel’s Delayed Dolphin Kicks Represent A Growing Trend

Some sharp-eyed viewers on Twitter noticed an evolution of underwater kicking technique in one of the world’s best underwater kickers.


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Eddie Reese’s Favorite Sets for Getting Swimmers in Shape

The man. The legend. The staggering number of titles. Here are some of legendary swim coach Eddie Reese’s favorite sets for getting swimmers in shape.


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Training Blocks: Age Group Sets With Westchester Aquatic Club

Westchester head coach Carle Fierro shares some age group workouts, including some for 13-year-old standout Claire Weinstein.

8 Epic Swim Workouts for Competitive Swimmers

Here are 8 swim workouts for competitive swimmers. Whether you are a sprinter or a distance monster, you’ll find inspiration for your own swim practices here.

6 Sprint Swim Workouts for Bringing the Thunder

Bring the thunder in the pool with six sprint swimming workouts from the fastest swimmers and best coaches on the planet.

9 Training Habits of Elite Swimmers

You don’t need to have designs on Olympic glory to use the same mindset and approach that elite swimmers use to dominate their swim practices.

More Coach’s Log

Training Blocks: A Couple of Weeks With The LSU Tigers

The LSU coaching staff gives us a glimpse into a week of Christmas training in 2019 and some of their workouts from November 2020.

Sets of Champions: Broken 1500s with Erik Vendt

Erik Vendt was one of the dominant American swimmers of the 2000s, and the first American to break 15 minutes in the mile. Here is a taste of his training.

5 Distance Sets for Building Swim Endurance

Build endurance with these 5 distance swimming workouts from some of the best distance swimmers and coaches on the planet.

Swimming with Gators: Gregg Troy’s Favorite Distance Set

The man, the legend, the moustache. Here is a breakdown of Gregg Troy’s favorite distance set that he uses with his swimmers.

Training Blocks: A Week With Todd Desorbo & Kate Douglass At Virginia

We connected with University of Virginia head coach Todd Desorbo, who provided workouts from UVA’s training plan with star freshman Kate Douglass.

Training Blocks: A Week With Ray Looze & the Indiana Pro Group

Training Blocks: workouts from top college & pro training groups over the course of a week, to see how the top minds in our sport build a training block.

Coach’s Intel: Osvath’s Pace Buckets Set Pre-1:53 Breaststroke

Some cool insight into our Swim of the Week: after we recognized Missouri State’s Artur Osvath for his school-record 200 breast, Missouri State associate head coach Chelsea Dirks-Ham reached out with a specific set he used in his preparation that week.

Dennis Pursley Doesn’t Use The Word ‘Taper’

Taper. Rest. Preparation. Drop tapers. Swim coaches have a million words to describe the art of resting, and often it seems every coach has a different definition of each term. But Pursley says the terminology truly does matter – at least in the mind of the athlete.