Training Blocks: A Week With Ray Looze & the Indiana Pro Group

Every now and then at SwimSwam, we’ll get a copy of a workout from a major college or professional training group. But with our new series ‘Training Blocks,’ we’re aiming to go deeper, with a set of workouts over a longer period of time. It’s an effort to see how multiple workouts are structured, how they work together, and how the top minds in our sport build out a training block. 

To kick off our ‘Training Blocks’ series, we connected with Indiana University head coach Ray Loozewho served as Team USA’s head coach for the 2018 Pan Pacific Championships.

Looze passed along some workouts from IU’s mid stroke/mid-sprint group, specifically mentioning several of the Indiana pros who swam these workouts: Blake Pieroni, Zach Apple, Lilly King, Annie Lazor and Ian Finnerty. (“We have a great deal of swimmers who move group to group by day,” Looze noted, “so this is by no means what everyone did in this particular week.”).

Looze also mentioned that this block shows how IU begins the taper process, which has begun for some athletes, but not for others. Looze says that a pre-taper practice involves similar volume and structure, but with less intensity and power. For example, a pulley set might be reduced to 3 hard/1 easy or 2 hard/1 easy depending on where an athlete is during their taper.

Notable abbreviations:

  • BT = breaststroke
  • BO = breakout
  • H/E = hard/easy

If the embedded document isn’t available, wait a few minutes and refresh your page – it sometimes takes a few minutes to appear.

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Another article on IU? Surprise! Where is Jonty? Why is no one talking about the fact that he hasn’t been on deck for 2 weeks?


He apparently got removed for misconduct and is no longer on staff. I am waiting to hear the IU AD come out with a statement about it..

Ol' Longhorn

Dang. I was waiting for the perfect marriage of the hydro-freestyle and the elusive quadrant.

M - Wolverines

Just a few weeks before BIG10s too. What could’ve taken place for this to happen and for IU to be quiet about it for this long? Anyone on the team have any answers? A shame for the pros that followed him too.. I hope someone looks into this, potentially a big story here.

Samuli Hirsi

maybe it is better to be silent that wheels of justice can turn their rounds, better than hangmen here in the comments….


You must be quoting Cameron Craig


Swimswam I want to know.
Who is the more iconic commenter:
Upvote: Ol’ Longhorn
Downvote Yohzik

That Bobo Gigi didn’t make this poll invalidates all of its results.


Bobo was last decade. Old news now.

An icon transcends time.

Ol' Longhorn


Coach John

where’s HulkSmash… or whatever his name is. I miss that dude!

NM Coach

CLASSIC response Braden!!!!


I wanted to include Bobo but I have not seen them comment in decades

He definitely doesn’t comment as often as he used to, but he still does from time-to-time. I think he left a few last week.


Im curious to know,
What is the most liked swimswam comment ever


Surprised he lasted that long. Jonty is a great coach but he is high maintenance as an assistant and needs to operate independently in his own spectrum. At Alabama Pursley gave him free reign to do what he wanted. Can’t see any other head coach allowing him to operate that way. Hope this works out for both him and the IU team with upcoming championship season.


How is “needs to operate independently” defined as “high maintenance”?


Unnecessary on so many levels.


This is a great idea for a new series of articles! Keep them coming!

Texas swims in a short pool

interesting speculation on Jonty. lots of mystery surrounding IU with multiple kids transferring the past few years, the hiring of Cory Chitwood after his removal from Arizona for poor conduct.

Swim Dad

My kid didn’t choose IU but the current (well, current until today) staff was there (minus John) for our visit and throughout the process and I was very impressed with the staff, team, and pros. I went in very, very skeptical and we discussed whether to cancel amidst the Westphal saga, but we both found the whole environment very genuine, constructive, and supportive. Cory was impressive and I believe honest amidst some tough questions. I think his future is bright and he deserves it to be (not supporting past behavior but willing to forgive once for mistakes in your 20s). When you look at their great recruiting class in ‘21, it’s clear a number of others felt the same way.… Read more »

Texas swims in a short pool

I don’t think that Cory should be judged by his past. And I agree that IU is doing very well for themselves. Just noting there is a lot of smoke around the program right now.

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