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Getting ready for warmer water – Open Water Swimming Pool Workout

Lots of folks here in Southern California are getting geared up for the open water swimming season ahead.  The days…

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Coach’s Intel: Chris Ip from LSU Submits a Taper Menu for Sprinters

Chris Ip from LSU Tigers Swimming and Diving shares a customizable taper workout for sprinters.


Coach’s Intel: Jake Shellenberger from Liberty University Shares a Sprint Set

Liberty University’s Jake Shellenberger shares a speed set his athletes did on January 25th.


Coach’s Intel: Aaron Workman of UNC Shares a Sprint Set

Aaron Workman, assistant at UNC shares a sprint and power set his athletes did at the end of 2013.


Coach’s Log: Chris Plumb, Carmel Swim Club

How many coaches out there would love a pulley system for resistance training but have some facility restrictions keeping them from installing such system? Chris Plumb of Carmel Swim Club may have a solution for you…


Coach’s Intel: Edward Denny of Cal U Shares a Holiday-Themed Workout

Coach Edward Denny of Cal U shares a couple different holiday-themed workouts to try with your swimmers.

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Coach’s Intel: Rocky Mountain Thunder Swimming’s Brent Bergstedt Shares a Mid-Season Workout

Rocky Mountain Thunder Swimming’s Brent Bergstedt shares a mid-season workout geared towards expanding a swimmer’s base.

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Coach’s Log: Auburn Awareness Set

Auburn Head Coach Brett Hawke takes us through an early season sprint set.


Coach’s Log: Utah Sprint Workout

Utah Head Coach Joe Dykstra and his assistant Jonas Persson sit down to talk about a morning sprint set with SwimSwam’s Garrett McCaffrey.


Coach’s Intel: Tony Gallagher of the Palatine Tiger Sharks Shares an IM Intensive Set

Tony Gallagher from the Palatine Tiger Sharks shares an IM set that is easily to adaptable to different speeds and abilities.

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Coach’s Intel: Dave Hedden of the Joliet Y Jets Shares a Set to Improve DPS

Dave Hedden of the Joliet Y Jets Swim Team shares a set designed to help swimmers improve their DPS when swimming at race speed.

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Coach’s Log: Indiana Breaststroke Set

Indiana Head Coach Ray Looze joins Garrett McCaffrey to discuss a breaststroke set that hoosiers did last week.


Coach’s Intel: Michael Fleming of MYST Shares a Set to Build IM Speed

Michael Fleming of MYST shares a set to help develop IM speed, while also showing his favorite way to improve underwater dolphin work.

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Coach’s Intel: Andrew Hodgson of NTSC Shares a Kick Set to Help Close Like a Champ

Andrew Hodgson shares a set that helps athletes close like champs on the back-half of races.


Coach’s Log: Stanford Men

Stanford Head Coach Tedd Knapp and Assistant Scott Armstrong talk about a Wednesday afternoon on the Farm.


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