Texas Stampede Finishes By Trampling 400 Free Relay Record with a 2:45



  • NCAA record: 2:46.03, Auburn, 02-21-2009
  • American record: 2:47.02, Texas, 03-28-2009
  • U.S. Open record:2:46.03, Auburn, 02-21-2009
  • 2016 NCAA Champion: NC State (2:46.81)

The Texas Longhorns put a cherry on the top of their 3rd-straight NCAA championship, not only earning their first 400 free relay win since 2012, but doing it with a NCAA and US Open Record, taking a legendary supersuited record.

The Texas squad of Brett Ringgold, Jack Conger, Townley Haas, and Joseph Schooling combined for a 2:45.39, taking down the previous mark of 2:46.03, done by the Auburn Tiger squad of Jakob Andkjaer, Gideon Louw, Kohlton Norys, Matt Targett at the 2009 SEC championship meet.

Auburn Splits, 2009:
Andkjaer, 42.34
Louw, 41.33
Norys, 41.95
Targett, 40.41

Texas Splits, 2017
Ringgold, 42.06
Conger, 41.30
Haas, 41.01
Schooling 41.02

The Florida Gators took 2nd tonight, with Caeleb Dressel, Jan Switkowski Maxime Rooney, and Mark Szaranek touching in 2:46.21, now the 3rd-fastest time ever.  Dressel led off in 40.48, the 3rd-fastest time ever.  Dressel’s leadoff gave Florida the lead through the 300, as it appeared that the Texas swimmers struggled with the Gators’ wash, as they dueled side-by-side.  It wasn’t until Schooling’s leg that Texas finally put the nail in the coffin and broke the 2:46 mark, closing the books on perhaps the mark remarkable NCAA championship meet ever.


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4 years ago

can’t believe i was just disappointed with a 40.48…..

4 years ago

That Cabbage Dressing kid is pretty quick…

4 years ago

Haas with that 41.0 split. Hopefully Eddie let’s him do the 100 from now on

Reply to  Q-tip
4 years ago

He did the 100, won B-Final

Reply to  Q-tip
4 years ago

He was impressive on that 3d leg – he made the whole difference for the team actually & was coming like a freak train on the last 25 meters ….

4 years ago

Schooling seems to have recovered from his fever quite nicely 😉

Reply to  Eouai
4 years ago

man I really like Dressel, Conger and Shields and hope they can do some damage on the international fly scene this year. Joe Schooling and Chad le Clos seem like all they care about is that they beat Michael Phelps once and can’t even process that another competitor would be better than them. Dressel and Conger destroyed his records this year, with insane swims (back half 22.8 and going out in 45.7). if you don’t make the final as the NCAA record holder, then go a 41.0 split in the evening… respect is a hell of a lot easier to lose than it is to earn. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the price you pay when you’re trying to tout yourself… Read more »

Reply to  Bayliss
4 years ago

How should you know what Schooling and le Clos think? Stop speculating. Or I can also speculate that all you care about is that US has won most Butterfly golds in the last decade and can’t even process that those two golds went to other countries

Reply to  Bayliss
4 years ago
Reply to  Eouai
4 years ago

I’m going to pull a Bobo and say I knew it! I figured he pulled the plug half way through that prelim 2Fly, as I wrote in the original articles thread, if he wasn’t “feeling it”. Otherwise this goes down as one of those, Michale Jordan fly games. 41.0 being sick, pretty solid swim.

4 years ago

Of the 32 splits in the A final — 31 were sub-43.
Incredible how many are swimming so fast.