Official 2017 NCAA Men’s Championship Psych Sheets Released

The official psych sheets for the 2017 NCAA Men’s Swimming & Diving Championships have been released, which for the first time verifies the athletes and relays who are invited to compete in the swimming side of the meet. After some back-and-forth from the NCAA about whether or not to allow times from the ECAC championship meet to count, things have settled exactly where they started: The top 29 swimmers in each event have been invited, plus the 2 best from the 30 line.

Once a swimmer is invited in an individual event, they can then compete in any other event in which they have a “B” time, up to the maximum of 3 (or 2 if they are to swim 5 relays).

These lists can still change – by way of swimmers scratching. There’s usually at least one of those each season, though thus far the women’s meet, for what it’s worth, haven’t seen any in 2017.

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He Gets It Done Again
4 years ago

SEC: 64
Pac-12: 54
ACC: 46
B1G: 33
Big 12: 15

212 swimmers (90.2%) came from “Power 5” conferences.

23 swimmers came from other schools, including 8 from the Ivy League.

Reply to  He Gets It Done Again
4 years ago

Is Big XII really just all the Texas guys? Anyone else from that conference make it?

Reply to  Harambe
4 years ago

No other team/team members from the Big12 made it other than Texas

Reply to  ono
4 years ago

Its just a matter of time before the Big12 falls apart – Texas and Oklahoma will go to other conferences (SEC or PAC12) and the rest of the schools will be scrambling to find a place or will become part of a residual non power conference.

Reply to  Harambe
4 years ago

Harambe, the big 12 is a very strong conference in other sports. It is far from falling apart. For example men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, track etc. it is actually regarded by many as the toughest men’s basketball conference in the country

Reply to  He Gets It Done Again
4 years ago

Half of those from the Ivy League are from Harvard, plus three invited relays.

Reply to  newswim
4 years ago

Well, none are from Princeton, so that’s not much of a surprise.

Reply to  He Gets It Done Again
4 years ago

Average number of invited swimmers per men’s team in each conference:
Pac-12: 8
Big 12-5

4 years ago

Something seems amiss – if they are supposed to take an even number from each event, how can the alternate list include multiple swimmers for the same event – e.g. 200 FL, 400IM, 100 BK, 1650 Free? and searching the psych sheet – many of the “alternates” are not even listed on the psyche sheet?

Reply to  Wahooswimfan
4 years ago

Here is the rule once they can’t put a swimmer in each event without going over 235 swimmers…

“At some point, the addition of one competitor per event to the entire order of individual events will put the field
over the total number of competitors cap. At this point, the remaining spaces will be allocated by comparing
the Division I championships record time for each individual event divided by the next entry time on the list.
The competitor who has the highest percentage (closest to the record) will be taken first, and so on until the
cap has been reached. *Please see the procedures below for breaking ties at the final selection spot.”

So after all… Read more »

Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

Thanks for clarifying – so you could conceivably have all 10 alternates from one event if those were the next 10 closest by percentage?

just an observation
4 years ago

Big10 is heavy in all the freestyle events

50/100/ 200/ 500/ 1650
# of participants by conference

Reply to  just an observation
4 years ago

Don’t know how you counted numbers, but UF has 4 guys in the 1650 alone

pine tree
Reply to  just an observation
4 years ago

Psych sheet PAC12 in freestyle events:
50 – 6
100 – 4
200 – 7
500 – 5
1650 – 4
That’s what I counted anyway. Didn’t count other conferences……
Did I misunderstand ?

Reply to  just an observation
4 years ago

Is this accurate? Just glancing at the 50 free, I see 7 (3 auto, 4 invited) participants from the Big 12. You have listed 1.

Another Swim Nerd
Reply to  just an observation
4 years ago

The Ivy League also has a swimmer in each freestyle event.

David Berkoff
Reply to  just an observation
4 years ago

Ivy has two in the mile, one on 50.

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