All the Links You Need for the 2017 Men’s D1 NCAA Championships


Swimmers are gearing up for the 2017 Divsion 1 Men’s NCAA Championships, which will take place from Wednesday, March 22nd through Saturday, March 25th at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can find all the links you need to follow along right here on SwimSwam, as well as event-by-event previews and predictions.


Swimming fans can still enter our official Pick ‘Em contest until 4 p.m. on the Wednesday of the meet. If you haven’t done so already, click here to enter. By using the new Google Forms format, you CAN go in and edit your responses up until 4 PM on Wednesday. You can also use this “edit responses” ability to go in and print or save your answers.


You can follow these links to each of our specific event-by-event previews for Men’s NCAAs, including our top 8 picks in each race. We’ve listed our predicted winners below, and will update the remaining events as the rest of our previews are published.

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Live results take you to women’s meet

Hoosierdaddy – it’s the same link – should update to the men’s live results when that meet starts.

The meet started yesterday

Raining Day



I’m definitely rooting for Conger to beat him but I don’t really understand the Schooling hate.

Evewebody luvs CongoConger. He is Americun by golly, That Schooling guy beat our hero Phelps in the Olympic and nobody likes him. That why people are cheering for MungoCongo!!!

Peter Davis
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Greatest swimswam comment in the history of swimswam comments

Attila the Runt

The man has some free time. Well spent.

Lauren – great job here! ATB to you.

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