2017 M. NCAA 200 Fly Preview: A Conger-Schooling Battle for the Ages



Texas’s Jack Conger is perhaps the best Division I swimmer right now in short course without an individual NCAA title. As impressive as his swims have been in his career, there’s always someone just ahead of him– usually that’s his teammate, Joseph Schooling, the reigning Olympic champion in the 100 fly. Schooling is seeded at #11 with a 1:41.58, but don’t let his seed time fool you– the man is a pure racer who will swim fast when it counts.

Conger, though, is still the #1 seed (1:39.17), and nobody else has broken 1:40 yet this year. Focused on his first individual trophy, Conger will also be bent on taking down Schooling’s NCAA and U.S. Open records of 1:37.97, which he was so very close to last year. Schooling has had more trouble coming back post-Olympics in the 200– perhaps now is the chance for Conger to win this fight.

A different Singaporean could keep Conger out of gold contention, too, as Cal’s late addition Zheng Quah just became NCAA-eligible after Pac-12s and time-trialed a 1:40.36 to qualify as the 2nd seed. He’s surely a wildcard, with no SCY background, but has been as fast as 1:56.01 in the 200 LCM fly, a very competitive time internationally. Joining him as a title threat is his Cal teammate Andrew Seliskar (#4 1:40.74), who quietly busted a 1:39.95 for third place last year.

Olympian Chase Kalisz will throw his name in the hat here, too. He comes in as the #3 seed with a 1:40.38– needless to say, he’s looking a lot better this year than he did his last NCAA meet in 2015, when he finished 38th in this race with a 1:45.85. The Georgia Bulldog likely won’t be alone if he makes the A final this year, as his teammate Pace Clark is the #5 seed at 1:40.87.

Florida’s Jan Switkowski (#6 1:40.94) and Indiana’s Vini Lanza (#7 1:40.97) are the last two men under 1:41 so far this year. They went 1-2, respectively, in the B final last year– both come in significantly faster than they did in 2016.  Stanford’s Jimmy Yoder sits right behind them at 8th with a 1:41.31. NCAA newcomers Andrea Vazaios of NC State and Noah Lense of Ohio State are next up, with Vazaios seeded at #9 (1:41.42) and Lense at #10 (1:41.44).

Looking back on the psych sheet, two lower seeds could certainly crash the A final party– #17 Matt Josa and #27 Gunnar Bentz. Cal’s Josa is a transfer from Division II Queens, and went a lifetime best 1:42.40 at Pac-12s. Bentz, of Georgia, made the A final last year, though he came in with a 1:41-mid from SECs in 2016 rather than the 1:43.0 that he’s at now.


1 Jack Conger Texas 1:39.17 (#1) 1:38.06
2 Joseph Schooling Texas 1:41.58 (#11) 1:37.97
3 Andrew Seliskar Cal 1:40.74 (#4) 1:39.95
4 Zheng Quah Cal 1:40.36 (#2) 1:40.36
5 Pace Clark Georgia 1:40.87 (#6) 1:40.17
6 Chase Kalisz Georgia 1:40.38 (#3) 1:40.38
7 Jan Switkowski Florida 1:40.94 (#5) 1:40.94
8 Vini Lanza Indiana 1:40.97 (#7) 1:40.97

Dark Horse: Zach Harting (Louisville). Harting has had clutch swims in the past, and he finished 7th at Trials in this event with a lot of the top seeds in this event for NCAAs. It’s time for a big SCY swim from him.

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Schooling takes the title no question. Had the mental edge

I think Conger gets it done. His 2Fly is looking better than ever; I think he’s been working this whole season to beat Schooling there and Schooling is weaker in the 200 this year.

And now that Swim Swam has poked the bear and picked him for second……watch out. 😂

poked the longhorn* 🙂

I hope Conger-senpai wins so I can further develop his relationship with Schooling-senpai in the yaoi fanfiction that I’m working on! The Conger x Schooling ship needs some drama to spice things up! ԅ(♡﹃♡ԅ)

Sir Swimsalot


Please send me the link of your fanfiction after you finish it, thousand thanks

god i hope conger wins this


Me too …..its time

Love both schooling and conger, great rivalry to remember, but I really hope conger finally gets his individual title for his senior year!

I like both Schooling and Conger as well… But, Conger needs to win a race against Schooling for it be called a rivalry. I really hope that Jack can get it done this year. ☺

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