Texas Men Make it 3 Straight with 2016-17 NCAA Championship Title


The Texas Longhorns are your 2016-17 Men’s NCAA Swimming and Diving champions, marking their 3rd-straight team title. Texas earned a collective 542 points, beating runner-up Cal (349) by 193 points. That’s the 5th largest margin of victory ever behind Stanford’s margins of victory in 1992 and 1998 (276, 204.5) and Auburn’s margins of victory (196.5, 256.5) in 2003 and 2004.

Texas won 11 events throughout the meet, tying their record-high 11 wins in a single NCAA meet, which they set at the 2001 Men’s NCAA Championships.

The seniors played a big role for the Longhorns, as 3 of them were individual event winners: Jack Conger, Will Licon, and Clark Smith. Conger won his first NCAA title in his final individual race, setting a new American Record of 1:37.35 in the 200 fly. Smith set new American Records with his victories in the 500 free (4:08.42) and 1650 free (14:22.41). Licon went out in style, claiming his 3rd-straight 200 breast title in a new American Record of 1:47.91. He also won the 100 breast (50.68) and was co-champion in the 200 IM (1:40.67).

Sophomore Townley Haas repeated as NCAA champion in the 200 free, swimming the 2nd fastest time ever in 1:30.65. The Longhorns also defended titles in the 200 free relay and 400 medley relay. Their additional wins included the 200 medley relay and 400 free relay. They dismantled the NCAA Records in the 200 medley relay, 400 medley relay, and 400 free relay. They also set a new American Record with a runner-up finish in the 800 free relay.

Contributing runner-up finishes with some of the fastest times in history were Joseph Schooling, who clocked a blistering 43.75 in the 100 fly to take 2nd, and John Shebat, who was the runner-up in both backstrokes in 44.35/1:37.24.

2016-2017 National Champion Texas Longhorns Full Roster:

  • Mark Anderson (senior)
  • Safa Anya (sophomore)
  • Josh Artmann (freshman)
  • Jared Butler (junior)
  • Grayson Campbell (freshman)
  • Thomas Colket (redshirt junior)
  • Jack Conger (senior)
  • Jacob Cornish (freshman)
  • P.J. Dunne (senior)
  • Imri Ganiel (junior)
  • Will Glass (senior)
  • Townley Haas (senior)
  • Ryan Harty (sophomore)
  • Hayden Henry (senior)
  • Max Holter (sophomore)
  • Jacob Huerta (freshman)
  • Tate Jackson (sophomore)
  • Sam Kline (freshman)
  • Jack Lanphear (freshman)
  • Will Licon (senior)
  • Cory Loria (senior)
  • Casey Melzer (sophomore)
  • Reed Merritt (freshman)
  • Braxton Moore (freshman)
  • Jeff Newkirk (sophomore)
  • Jeremy Nichols (sophomore)
  • Sean O’Brien (redshirt senior)
  • Brett Ringgold (junior)
  • Jonathan Roberts (junior)
  • Joseph Schooling (junior)
  • John Shebat (sophomore)
  • Clark Smith (senior)
  • Sam Stewart (sophomore)
  • Austin Temple (junior)
  • Mason Tenney (sophomore)
  • Preston Varozza (freshman)

Coaching Staff:

  • Eddie Reese (head coach)
  • Matt Scoggin (diving coach)
  • Wyatt Collins (assistant coach)
  • Jon Alter (special assistant – operations)
  • Rick Schavone (volunteer diving coach)
  • Chase Kreitler (volunteer coach)
  • Ben Rodgers (manager)
  • Racel Escobedo (diving manager)


  1. Texas                             542   2. California                        349
  3. Florida                         294.5   4. NC State                        272.5
  5. Stanford                          242   6. Southern Cali                     237
  7. Indiana                         229.5   8. Univ of Georgia                   183
  9. Missouri                        179.5  10. Alabama                         153.5
 11. Louisville                      143.5  12. Auburn                          127.5
 13. Purdue                          106.5  14. Arizona State                     100
 15. South Carolina                     99  16. Texas A&M                          87
 17. Michigan                           82  18. Wisconsin                          63
 19. Ohio St                          58.5  20. Tennessee                          55
 21. University of Miami                51  22. Virginia Tech                      48
 23. Minnesota                          43  24. Arizona                          36.5
 25. Notre Dame                         29  26. Lsu                                28
 27. Harvard                            24  28. Penn St                            23
 28. Northwestern                       23  30. Denver                             19
 31. Florida State                      16  32. Duke                               12
 33. George Washington                   9  34. Pittsburgh                          8
 35. Cornell                             7  36. UNC                                 6
 37. Kentucky                            4  38. University of Wyoming               3
 39. Hawaii                              2  39. Penn                                2
 39. Missouri State                      2  42. Towson                              1
 42. Yale                                1

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4 years ago

Hook Em Horns! I think the math might be off a little bit, should be 193 point margin of victory (542-349) but anyway its a huge margin of victory and can say it was an almost 200 point difference. Not sure if they 193 margin is still the 4th greatest in history but regardless its a fantastic accomplishment. Congrats to Texas! So many great champions, especially Clark Smith (overall record holder in 1650 and 500), Will Licon (new 200 breast record) Jack Conger( Finally!!! An individual champion, did it in record style too), Townley Haas, Joe Schooling (who actually did break the 100 fly record but so did Caleb!) and of course their relays which several set new records. Can’t… Read more »

Lauren Neidigh
Reply to  Swimfan
4 years ago

Hey Swimfan- Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it!

Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
4 years ago

Awesome! You’re the best! I love your reporting and enthusiasm

Reply to  Lauren Neidigh
4 years ago


4 years ago

99% sure Townley Haas is a Sophomore, not a senior…seeing as last season he was a freshman

Reply to  swimsupporter
4 years ago

He’s grown up so fast! :(…

Jon Nap
4 years ago

Hats off to an incredible team. Congratulations

Bay City Tex
4 years ago

What a dominant performance! The 3rd year in a row to not have to swim on the last day, and still win the championship!

Peter Davis\'s Complete Lack of Surprise
4 years ago

Pretty obvious they paid off the scoreboard manufacturers to give them better placings and inflate their point total.

#DolphinKicksCantMeltStealBeams #LiconForPrison #TheNCAAIsRunByLizardPeople #WhyDoLizardPeopleHateCal


MAny sour grapes?. Leave the officiating to the professionals

Hook Em
4 years ago

Texas nearly doubles NC State’s score

Reply to  Hook Em
4 years ago


Speed Racer
4 years ago

Blow out win. When does the debate begin on repeat chances for the top 5 team finishers based on returning players and incoming potential scorers. Was a little shocked Cal did not keep it closer. And what happened to the NC State projected scores!?!

4 years ago

Food for thought: There were 4 big changes (outside of the 200 Backstroke) for NC State that could’ve moved them into 3rd. Now, I know that swimming doesn’t work this way every time but I think more people assumed Schooling would take the title in the 100 fly AND Conger would touch 2nd. A difference of .77 from Dressel (43.58) to Conger (44.35) and a point difference of -4.0 for Florida. Next, the 400 medley relay. Florida was 8th, NC State missed the A final (3:05.64), and if they had qualified for the A final in place of Florida (3:04.90), the time difference of .74 and another -4.0 for Florida and +12.0 for NC. Next, Ryan Held was a heavy… Read more »

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Zemhaj
4 years ago

If they swam faster they would have scored more points.

Reply to  Zemhaj
4 years ago

I remember a whole lotta smack talk from the NC State fan base on Swim Swam back in October when they Beat Texas at Texas when they swam without Licon, Schooling, Harty and several others who were testing. They celebrated in their home pool like they won NCAA’s. I remember “Texas is done” talk and NC State was “winning it all this year”. Seems somebody forget to mention that to Texas.

About Lauren Neidigh

Lauren Neidigh

Lauren Neidigh is a former NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona (2013-2015) and the University of Florida (2011-2013). While her college swimming career left a bit to be desired, her Snapchat chin selfies and hot takes on Twitter do not disappoint. She's also a high school graduate of The …

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