Texas Headlines Men’s Midseason Projected NCAA Cut List

During a bit of a lull in the NCAA competition season between midseason invites and second semester dual meets, the SwimSwam statistics department has been hard at work crunching the numbers for a hypothetical NCAA Championships invite list. While plenty of fast swimming at the February and March conference championship and last chance meets assures that this list will change significantly, it’s fun nonetheless to see how the programs stack up after the invites. 

Following the release of the hypothetical cut lines, we will score out the “NCAA psych sheet” as it stands to project current NCAA finish. We start with the men. 

Unsurprisingly, the Texas Longhorns pace the field, with 22 projected individual swimming qualifiers. Eddie Reese’s squad has had a rare problem in recent years: having too many swimmers qualify for NCAA’s. NCAA rules stipulate that a team can bring no more than 18 athletes (with divers counting as ½) to the NCAA meet, meaning Texas has had to scratch down their entry list prior to the meet. Especially considering the strength of the Longhorn diving program, it is very likely that Texas will bring less than 18 swimmers to NCAAs to make space for divers. 

NC State sits second currently with 14 projected qualifiers, while Arizona State and Florida are tied in third with 12. 

At the moment, the NCAA cut line sits with all 32nd-ranked swimmers qualifying, as well as two swimmers on the 33 line in Utah’s Cooper DeRyk and Florida State’s Kuba Ksiazek. This cut line is much softer than in recent years, and if history serves as a guide it should tighten to somewhere in the 29-31 range. 

Team Invite List (with # of qualifiers)

Team Number of Qualifiers
Texas 22
NC State 14
Arizona St 12
Florida 12
California 10
Indiana 10
Southern Cali 9
Michigan 9
Alabama 8
Georgia 7
Missouri 7
Auburn 7
Texas A&M 7
Stanford 6
Virginia 6
Tennessee 6
Louisville 6
Virginia Tech 5
Florida St 5
Ohio St 5
Arizona 5
Georgia Tech 5
Harvard 4
Wisconsin 4
UNLV (M) 4
Northwestern 4
Purdue 3
Minnesota 3
Penn St 2
Notre Dame 2
Brigham Young 2
Utah 2
South Carolina 2
Pittsburgh 2
Grand Canyon 1
Cal Baptist 1
Air Force (M) 1
U.S. Navy 1
Penn 1
Columbia 1
Princeton 1
Kentucky 1

List of Individual Qualifiers

Full Name Team
Auchinachie, Cameron Texas
Seeliger, Bjorn California
Minakov, Andrei Stanford
Curry, Brooks LSU
Dolan, Jack Arizona St
Chaney, Adam Florida
Downing, Dillon Georgia
Kibler, Drew Texas
Krueger, Danny Texas
Henderson, Noah NC State
Blaskovic, Bruno Indiana
Ramadan, Youssef Virginia Tech
Brownstead, Matt Virginia
Baganha, Victor Penn St
Korstanje, Nyls NC State
Armstrong, Jack Grand Canyon
Acin, Nikola Purdue
Baker, Justin SMU
McCusker, Max Florida St
Armstrong, Hunter Ohio St
Selin, Artem Southern Cali
Miljenic, Nikola Southern Cali
Friese, Eric Florida
Crooks, Jordan Tennessee
Szabados, Bence Michigan
King, Matt Virginia
Marcoux, Raphael Harvard
Sameh, Haridi Louisville
FABIANI, Remi Cal Baptist
Bybee, Cody Arizona St
Peel, Cam Michigan
Ercegovic, Marin Arizona
House, Grant Arizona St
Farris, Dean Harvard
Miroslaw, Rafael Indiana
Dahlgren, Jack Missouri
Swift, Carter Arizona St
Miller, Luke NC State
Urlando, Luca Georgia
Gaziev, Ruslan Ohio St
Varjasi, Peter Florida St
Guiliano, Chris Notre Dame
Van Zandt, Zac Texas
Smith, Kieran Florida
Jett, Gabriel California
Callan, Patrick Michigan
Freeman, Trey Florida
Sancov, Alexei Southern Cali
Burns, Brendan Indiana
Carrozza, Coby Texas
Hobson, Luke Texas
Larson, Peter Texas
Namir, Daniel Arizona
Alves, Kaique Alabama
Julian, Trenton California
Zhang, Wen Air Force (M)
Unlu, Baturalp Georgia Tech
Tapp, Hunter NC State
Mestre, Alfonso Florida
Sztolcman, Christian Auburn
Polonsky, Ron Stanford
Ingram, Hunter Arizona
Hill, Julian Arizona St
Forst, Preston Stanford
Gray, Andrew Arizona St
Sartori, Murilo Louisville
Stokowski, Kacper NC State
Fail, Brooks Arizona
Zettle, Alex Texas
Johansson, Victor Southern Cali
Mitchell, Jake Michigan
Finke, Bobby Florida
ASLAN, YIGIT Wisconsin
Shoults, Grant Stanford
Soloveychik, Bar Minnesota
Grieshop, Sean California
Dant, Ross NC State
Brinegar, Michael Indiana
Magahey, Jake Georgia
Johnston, David Texas
Ponce De Leon, Rafael Tennessee
Plage, James NC State
Lindholm, Oskar Florida
Kilavuz, Mert Georgia Tech
Nelson, Tanner Brigham Young
FRERI, Geremia TCU
Hawke, Charlie Alabama
Dubois, Jack Missouri
Clark, Charlie Ohio St
Gallant, Will NC State
Bonson, Michael Auburn
Dalu, Fabio Ohio St
Mason, Gordon Arizona St
Calvillo, Mikey Indiana
Gravley, Brennan Florida
Watson, Tyler Florida
Davis, Grant Auburn
Camblong, Tommylee Georgia
Castro, Cam UNLV (M)
Briggs, Warren Indiana
Nagy, Chris Minnesota
Fantoni, Gabriel Indiana
Lasco, Destin California
Menke, Matthew Alabama
Carr, Daniel California
Grimm, Anthony Texas
Makrygiannis, Vaggelis Southern Cali
Mauldin, Caleb U.S. Navy
Davis, Wyatt Michigan
Steele, Jacob Indiana
Ungur, Andrei Utah
Whyte, Mitchell Louisville
MacAlister, Leon Stanford
Gogulski, Ethan Texas A&M
Herbet, Mason Florida St
Izzo, Giovanni NC State
Smith, Lleyton Auburn
Bolanos, Panos UNLV (M)
Gonzalez, Hugo California
Mlynarczyk, Karol GWU
Park, Jason Texas
Samuels, Brady Purdue
Laitarovsky, Michael South Carolina
Goraj, Marcin Pittsburgh
Saka, Berke Georgia Tech
Marcum, Jake Alabama
Grender, Justin Virginia
Dunham, Bradley Georgia
Stelmar, Eric Alabama
Foster, Carson Texas
Albiero, Nicolas Louisville
Erzen, Anze Texas A&M
Grum, Ian Georgia
O’Connor, Chris Texas
Unalmis, Bora Michigan
Jekel, Wes Wisconsin
Daigle, Jared Michigan
Martos Bacarizo, Manu Northwestern
Stoffle, Nathaniel Auburn
Corbeau, Caspar Texas
McHugh, Max Minnesota
Whitley, Reece California
Pellini, Trent Southern Cali
Mikuta, Reid Auburn
Houseman, Kevin Northwestern
Maas, Derek Alabama
Van Der Laan, Cooper Pittsburgh
Fallon, Matt Penn
Patton, Ben Missouri
Dillard, Jarel Tennessee
Myhre, Will Wisconsin
Bottelberghe, Josh Notre Dame
Bell, Liam California
Silins, Janis TCU
Chan, Will Michigan
Matheny, Josh Indiana
Bastian, Izaak Florida St
Houlie, Michael Tennessee
Hillis, Dillon Florida
Spillane, Ty Missouri
Heaphy, John Arizona St
Dominguez Ramos, Josue Brigham Young
Somov, Evgenii Louisville
Bethel, Henry Auburn
Sheils, Trey Alabama
Epitropov, Lyubomir Tennessee
Pales, Josh Missouri
Wuilliez, Jadon TCU
Raisanen, Daniel Penn St
Willstrop, Sam UNLV (M)
Scheinfeld, Charlie Texas
Dillard, Ben Southern Cali
Roy, Daniel Stanford
Pumputis, Caio Georgia Tech
Foster, Jake Texas
Vines, Braden Texas
Coll Marti, Carles Virginia Tech
Nichols, Noah Virginia
Puente Bustamante, Andres Texas A&M
Demir, Demirkan Columbia
Goodwin, Will Missouri
Schlicht, David Arizona St
Degrado, Paul Texas
O’Grady, Chris Southern Cali
Iida, Scooter Virginia
Kusto, Rafal NC State
Sanchez, Alex Texas A&M
Pouch, Aj Virginia Tech
Ponti, Noe NC State
Gures, Umitcan Harvard
Cohen Groumi, Gal Michigan
Kovac, Danny Missouri
Jiang, Alvin Texas
Ivanov, Antani Virginia Tech
Ferraro, Christian Georgia Tech
Matic, Djurdje GWU
Colson, Alexander Arizona St
Burdisso, Federico Northwestern
Quach, Alex Ohio St
Mota, Kayky Tennessee
Johnson, Jake Harvard
MARCHAND, Leon Arizona St
Lamastra, Connor Northwestern
Hayes, Aiden NC State
Khosla, Raunak Princeton
Artmann, Sam Texas
Harder, Ethan Texas
Koustik, Andrew Texas
Brown, Zach NC State
Crawford, Jace Florida
Wilby, Mason Kentucky
Rose, Dare California
Homans, Harry Southern Cali
Taner, Brooks Arizona
Manoff, Blake Virginia Tech
Bratanov, Koko Texas A&M
Groters, Patrick South Carolina
Sos, Daniel Louisville
Moore, Mikey NC State
Sherman, Nick Purdue
Hils, Zach Georgia
Easton, John SMU
Feehery, Colin SMU
Ribeiro, Vincent Texas A&M
Vargas, Kevin Florida
Aman, Caleb Wisconsin
Kabbara, Munzy Texas A&M
Arroyo, Jarod Arizona St
Storch, Casey Virginia
Perera, Nicholas Alabama
Dewitt, Tristan Indiana
Fields, Cotton SMU
Bujak, Dominik UNLV (M)
Cooper, Deryk Utah
Ksiazek, Kuba Florida St

First five alternates

Full Name Team
Champlin, Brett Tennessee
Reich, Maxwell Indiana
Osterndorf, Christian Arizona St
Laur, Mason Florida
Crane, Cole Texas
Barone, Kyle Georgia Tech

A few other interesting notes:

  • USC sits tied for seventh with 9 projected qualifiers, one season after finishing in 27th place at the NCAA Championship meet. Last year the Trojans only qualified two individual swimmers to the meet. The result is even more impressive considering the still uncertain situation surrounding head coach Jeremy Kipp, but certainly gives credit to associate head coach Lea Maurer’s work with the men of Troy thus far this season. 
  • Louisville, who finished fifth at last year’s NCAA’s, sits pretty far down the list in a four-way tie for 13th with only 6 projected qualifiers. The Cardinals have been hit hard early this season with illness and COVID-19 and were missing several swimmers at their midseason invite. 
  • Virginia, which finished ninth at last year’s NCAA’s, sits tied with Louisville with 6 currently projected qualifiers. Following several years of strong recruiting classes, a high-impact transfer in Matt King, and the rise of Desorbo’s women’s team, the Cavalier men have some work to do in the spring semester to continue their upward trajectory. 
  • SMU sits with a strong 4 projected qualifiers. In his third year as head coach, Greg Rhodenbaugh, who helped lead Mizzou to national prominence, seems to be making waves at his alma mater. Last year SMU had only one swimming NCAA qualifier, senior Caleb Rhodenbaugh, in addition to two divers. 

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10 months ago

Could you make the list sortable? Or sort the list by team. By last name

Reply to  SwimJones
10 months ago

@SwimJones – give me a few minutes and we’ll add a link to a Google Sheet with the full list so you can manipulate in whatever way you like.

10 months ago

Top seeds for Texas
Caspar 1,2, & 3
Cameron 1,2, & 4
Luke 1,2 & 12
Dan 1 & 9
Carson 2 & 20
Jake 3, 8,&13
Alex 5 & 10
Braden 7, 11 & 15
Coby 7 &10
Drew 8 &14
Anthony 9 & 26
Alvin 9
Zac 11
David J 11 & 23
Peter 15 & 18
————n=15 swimmers with scoring seeds
On bubble
Sam A 17
Ethan Harder 20
Koustik 23
Chris O 24
Paul Delgado 25
Jason P 29

Sam A is probably in even with 4 divers
If they take only 2 divers Ethan Harder is probably in as it sits, with BiG12 another shot to mix things up.

Reply to  Austinpoolboy
10 months ago

Where is Charlie scheinfeld currently seeded? I also think Tim Connery is going to end up making the team.

Reply to  RJM
10 months ago

Charlie 33rd in 100 BR & 59th in 200 BR. He’ll need a good drop at Big 12 to even get an invite. He had such a promising Freshman year, hope he does crank something good.

You may be right about Tim!

10 months ago

I gotta say, “The Eyes of Texas” are looking pretty golden right now!

10 months ago

Likely not having Windle available is a huge point loss, however. The other divers and the swimmers will need to step up big.

Reply to  Stewie
10 months ago

It will be interesting if Texas takes just 2 divers vs 4 last year. Depends who they think will score. Everybody they took last year scored I believe. No tourists!

Reply to  Austinpoolboy
10 months ago

90% sure Texas takes 4 divers even without Windle.

Steve Nolan
10 months ago

Good reminder about The Racist Song.

10 months ago

Is Sates in Athens yet?

Reply to  Swimm
10 months ago

Yeah, apparently he rates the Parthenon but isn’t a fan of feta.

swim swam swim
Reply to  Swimm
10 months ago

Not till January

Reply to  Swimm
10 months ago

The USA ban on SA doesn’t end til Dec 31st. And he said that Jan 10th is his flight. Seems weird because UGA swims Alabama January 8th. Maybe UGA is just trying to fool Alabama? January 10th is first day of classes I assume.

Reply to  Ghost
10 months ago

I really don’t think teams care enough about dual meets to try and “fool” their competitors. This isn’t like other sports. Head to head matchups only matter for bragging rights in swimming/diving.

Reply to  Swimm
10 months ago

Most teams do not care about dual meets but at the last meet of the season, many SEC schools shave the team members who will not be competing in conference of NCAAs. There are some huge teams. For example Tenn girls have 45 or 46!

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Ghost
10 months ago

Completely forgot about the SA ban.

Basically hit half a million omicron cases ourselves this week, better wait a couple days to let any South Africans in

10 months ago

Noe Ponti from NC State can probably safely be removed from the list…

Reply to  Stewie
10 months ago

I want you to remove me from your list🤤😫

Nesty/Troy 2024
Reply to  Stewie
10 months ago

Sadly so…

Not-so-Silent Observer
Reply to  Stewie
10 months ago

I was going to say the same…

10 months ago

To put into perspective how far ahead Texas and Cal have been recently, let’s say Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps get together and have a set of quintuplets. All five babies are male and they grow up regularly swimming competitively. By the time college rolls around they decide to attend the newly opening Ryan Lochte University to join head coach Natalie Coughlin as the first members of the Men’s swim team. All five boys are dominant so they score the maximum amount of points they can score, winning all five relays and all 13 individual swimming events. They’d finish the meet with 496 points. That score would still be beaten by the 595 and 568 Texas and Cal scored last… Read more »

Reply to  Willswim
10 months ago

Now I’m going to be thinking about Ryan Lochte University all day.

Thank you.

Reply to  Drewbrewsbeer
10 months ago

The SAT for Jeah U is to spell SAT.

Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
Reply to  Willswim
10 months ago

In other words: if five men won all the events at NCAAs they still wouldn’t beat Texas and cal

You could have explained this without the whole quintuplets situation, you’re just really fcking weird and used this article as an opportunity to talk about your creepy fantasy scenario

Last edited 10 months ago by Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
Reply to  Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
10 months ago

Geez relax man I thought the scenario added a nice imagery to help me understand the argument better

Reply to  Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
10 months ago

Sorry, just having a little fun being goofy. Didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
Reply to  Willswim
10 months ago

I’m sorry the Ryan lochte university part was funny I just get bad 2016 whiplash anytime someone says “imagine Phelps and Ledecky’s children…” 😭😭😭😭

Scotty P
Reply to  Willswim
10 months ago

It was hilarious. Loved it.

Reply to  Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
10 months ago

Well that escalated quickly

Bob Dobbalina
Reply to  Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
10 months ago

And you are an a-hole

Big Mac #1
Reply to  Willswim
10 months ago

This is no surprise. Many years ago, in a place called Daytona Beach, a babe was born under circumstances unknown. Followed by five years, another baby boy was born to the same parents in the same place. The first was Edwin Charles. Edwin was followed by Randy. Edwin blazed a trail that was followed closely by Randy. Edwin went to Mainland High School, Randy went to Mainland High School. Edwin swam, Randy swam. Edwin excelled in the medley events, Randy excelled in the medley events. It was here their paths diverged. Edwin went to swim in the swamp of Gainesville while Randy journeyed to the exotic land or Tallahassee and dawned the garnet and gold garb of a Florida state… Read more »

Reply to  Big Mac #1
10 months ago

Awesome. How in the world can anyone vote that comment down?

Reply to  Willswim
10 months ago

that was a trip… can we take another. enjoyed that lol btw what is the admissions standards for RLU? asking for a friend.

Reply to  Willswim
10 months ago


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