2022 U.S. Junior Nationals: Day 5 Finals Live Recap



The 2022 US Summer Junior Nationals will wrap up this evening in Irvine with finals swims of the 200 IM and 50 free, the top-seeded heat of the girls 1500 free and boys 800 free, as well as all heats of the 400 medley relay. Carmel Swim Club holds the lead in the combined team and girls team standings, while Dynamo holds the lead in the boys meet. Finals kick off this evening at 5 PM local, 8 PM Eastern.

The session will start with the 200 IMs, with Justina Kozan holding the top seed on the girls side and Flood Aquatics’ Josh Zuchowski holding the top seed on the boys side. The final heat of the 1500 will swim after the 200 IMs, with Maddie Waggoner of the Jersey Wahoos coming is as the top seed ahead of 400 IM champion Chloe Kim of Scarlet Aquatics.

Kristina Paegle, runner-up in the 100 free, comes in as the top qualifier in the girls 50 free, while Bend Swim Club’s Diggory Dillingham comes in as the top qualifier in the boys 50 after being the only swimmer to crack 23 seconds this morning. The individual swims will wrap up with the boys 800, with Andrew Taylor of Tampa Bay Aquatic Club holding the top seed.

The final race of the meet will come in the 400 medley relay, where Elmbrook comes in as the top seed on the girls side and SwimMac comes in as the top seed on the boys side.


  • World Junior Record: 2:08.70, Summer McIntosh (CAN) – 2022
  • Meet Record: 2:12.32, Ella Eastin (2015)
  • 13-14 NAG: 2:12.53, Teagan O’Dell (2021)
  • 15-16 NAG: 2:08.91, Leah Hayes (2022)
  • 17-18 NAG: 2:09.01, Alex Walsh (2019)

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Justina Kozan (Unattached): 2:13.27
  2. Emily Brown (Dublin Community): 2:14.93
  3. Emily Thompson (Greater Somerset County Y): 2:15.74
  4. Katie McCarthy (Edina): 2:17.13
  5. Teagan O’Dell (Irvine Nova): 2:17.16
  6. Camden Doane (King County): 2:17.56
  7. Nicole Rodriguez (Azura): 2:18.45
  8. Elle Scott (Nova of Virginia): 2:18.54

Justina Kozan, who came in as the top qualifier out of the prelims, took care of business tonight by winning the junior national title in 2:13.27. Emily Brown of Dublin took control of the race early in the fly, but Emily Thompson and Kozan gained ground in the backstroke with all three turning roughly even at the halfway point. Kozan made her move on the breaststroke and never looked back.

Brown ended up taking the silver in 2:14.93, while Thompson rounded out the top three with a 2:15.74.

Notably, Elmbrook’s Campbell Stoll dominated the B final in 2:15.58, a time that would have been fast enough for third overall.


  • World Junior Record: 1:55.94, Michael Phelps (USA) – 2003
  • Meet Record: 2:00.07, Kyle Whitaker (2009)
  • 13-14 NAG: 2:04.13, Michael Andrew (2014)
  • 15-16 NAG: 1:59.45, Carson Foster (2018)
  • 17-18 NAG: 1:55.94, Michael Phelps (2003)

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Will Modglin (Zionsville): 2:01.40
  2. Nate Germonprez (iNspire KC): 2:01.44
  3. Josh Zuchowski (Flood): 2:01.92
  4. Diego Noasck (Tualatin Hills): 2:02.15
  5. Drew Hitchcock (Baylor)/Michael Hochwait (Spokane Wave)/Owen McDonald (Dynamo): 2:03.12
  6. —-
  7. —-
  8. Harry Belcher (Nova of Virginia)

In a thrilling final, Will Modglin, Josh Zuchowski and Nate Germonprez swam nearly stroke for stroke over the final 100 meters, with Modglin getting his hand on the wall first for the win.

Zuchowski, who won the 200 back earlier this week, made his move on the backstroke and turned first at the 100, though Modglin and Germonprez began to quickly make up ground after the turn and the trio turned together into the final 50 meters.

Modglin and Germonprez began to separate over the final 15 meters, with Modglin having a better finish to secure the junior national title in 2:01.40.


  • World Junior Record: 15:28.36, Katie Ledecky (2014)
  • Meet Record: 16:14.67, Gillian Ryan (2012)
  • 13-14 NAG: 16:11.98, Becca Mann (2012)
  • 15-16 NAG: 15:36.53, Katie Ledecky (2013)
  • 17-18 NAG: 15:27.71, Katie Ledecky (2015)

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Hayden Miller (Cypress Fairbanks): 16:28.28
  2. Chloe Kim (Scarlet): 16:28.77
  3. Kate Hurst (Scarlet): 16:37.22
  4. Maddie Waggoner (Jersey Wahoos): 16:41.85
  5. Sophia Knapp (Tide): 16:43.49
  6. Alexa Reyna (Badger): 16:48.36
  7. Sophia Karras (Long Island): 16:56.20
  8. Kylie McMurray (Greater Philadelphia): 16:58.57

In another thrilling final race, Hayden Miller of Cypress Fairbanks took home the junior national title in 16:28.28. Her and Scarlet Aquatics’ Chloe Kim swam stroke for stroke over the final 150 meters, though Miller was able to charge through the final 50 for the win and a 21 second drop.

Kim finished second in 16:28.77, a 7 second drop, just ahead of her teammate, Kate Hurst, who finished 3rd in 16:37.22. Hurst also dropped 7 seconds from her lifetime best.


  • World Junior Record: 24.17, Claire Curzan (USA) – 2021
  • Meet Record: 25.07, Marta Ciesla (2015)
  • 13-14 NAG: 25.23, Missy Franklin (2009)
  • 15-16 NAG: 24.17, Claire Curzan (2021)
  • 17-18 NAG: 24.43, Claire Curzan (2022)

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Lily Christianson (Irish Aquatics): 25.43
  2. Kristina Paegle (Indiana Swim Club): 25.44
  3. Lucy Thomas (Elmbrook): 25.50
  4. Avery Karl (Empire KC): 25.54
  5. Alex Fulton (Upper Main Line Y): 25.68
  6. Hailey Tierney (Lake Country): 25.75
  7. Elizabeth Tilt (Chattahoochee Gold): 25.82
  8. Kristi McEnroe (Y Spartaquatics): 25.86

Lily Christianson of Irish Aquatics pulled off the upset win in the girls 50 free, touching first in 25.43. She was just .01 ahead of Indiana Swim Club’s Kristina Paegle, who has to settle for her second sprint free runner-up of the weekend.

100 breast champion Lucy Thomas of Elmbrook Swim Club finished 3rd in 25.50, a new lifetime best for the Stanford commit.


  • World Junior Record: 21.75, Michael Andrew (USA) – 2017
  • Meet Record: 22.13, Vlad Morozov, (2010)
  • 13-14 NAG: 22.95, Thomas Heilman (2021)
  • 15-16 NAG: 22.33, Michael Andrew (2016)
  • 17-18 NAG: 21.53, Caeleb Dressel (2015)

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Diggory Dillingham (Bend Swim Club): 22.50
  2. Will Modglin (Zionsville): 22.80
  3. Ben Scholl (Cypress Fairbanks): 22.85
  4. Wells Walker (Marlins of Raleigh): 22.86
  5. Jonny Kulow (Lander Swim Club): 22.96
  6. Connor Foote (Streamline Aquatics): 22.98
  7. Idris Muhammad (Dynamo): 23.06
  8. Thomas Heilman (Cavalier): 23.08

Bend Swim Club’s Diggory Dillingham won the boys 50 free in dominant fashion, swimming a 22.50 to win the junior national title by 8 tenths. The swim is just off of his lifetime best of 22.48.

Impressively, Will Modglin returned to the pool just 45 minutes after winning the 200 IM to finish 2nd in the 50 free, posting a new lifetime best of 22.80 for the silver. Rounding out the top 3 was Cypress Fairbanks’ Ben Scholl who touched in 22.85.


  • World Junior Record: 7:45.67, Mack Horton (2013)
  • Meet Record: 8:01.63, Johannes Calloni
  • 13-14 NAG: 8:08.75, Evan Pinion (2009)
  • 15-16 NAG: 7:52.05, Larsen Jensen (2002)
  • 17-18 NAG: 7:48.09, Larsen Jensen (2003)

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Sean Green (Long Island): 8:05.34
  2. Mason Edmund (Unattached): 8:05.36
  3. Bobby Dinunzio (Tide): 8:09.34
  4. Andrew Taylor (Tampa Bay): 8:10.07
  5. Jack Luken (Gold Medal): 8:11.16
  6. Jack Hendrick (Livermore): 8:12.95
  7. Bucky Gettys (Texas Gold): 8:13.76
  8. Luke Whitlock (Fishers): 8:14.60

In the second thrilling distance race of the evening, Long Island’s Sean Green and Mason Edmund swam stroke for stroke over the final 100 meters of the race. It was the 15-year-old Green getting his hand on the wall first, just .02 ahead. Both swimmers posted massive new lifetime bests, with Green dropping over 10 seconds and Edmund dropping over 8.

Rounding out the top 3 was Tide’s Bobby Dinunzio, who finished in 8:09.34, a new lifetime best by 2 seconds.


  • Meet Record: 4:08.39, Fort Collins (2016)
  • 15-18 NAG Record: 4:06.93, Elmbrook Swim Club (2021)

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Elmbrook: 4:06.87
  2. Dynamo: 4:11.92
  3. Crow Canyon: 4:12.27
  4. Irvine Nova: 4:12.36
  5. Carmel: 4:12.76
  6. Denver Hilltoppers A: 4:15.40
  7. Mission Viejo: 4:16.73
  8. Denver Hilltoppers B: 4:16.75

In the top-seeded heat, the Elmbrook Swim Club girls dominated en route to setting a new meet record and 15-18 NAG record. Maggie Wanezek led off in 1:01.36, then Lucy Thomas split a 1:09.56 on the breast. She was followed by Campbell Stoll‘s 59.98 fly split and Abby Wanezek closed in 55.97 to secure the record-breaking swim.

Their win secures the women’s team title for Elmbrook, overtaking Carmel on the final day. Dynamo Swim Club finished second in 4:11.92, while Crow Canyon rounded out the top 3 with a 4:12.27.


  • Meet Record: 3:44.83, Upper Dublin (2015)
  • 15-18 NAG Record: 3:43.63, Mason Manta Rays (2018)

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Coronado: 3:42.85
  2. Aquajets: 3:43.77
  3. Cavalier: 3:44.42
  4. Dynamo: 3:44.67
  5. Rose Bowl: 3:45.56
  6. Nitro: 3:45.81
  7. SwimAtlanta: 3:46.61
  8. Irvine Nova: 3:47.63

In a surprise result, Cavalier Aquatics broke the meet record with a 3:43.77, led by a 52.58 fly split from Thomas Heilman. The record didn’t last long, however, as Aquajets blasted a 3:43.77 in the very next heat. The Aquajets relay was led by a 1:01.49 breast split by Charlie Egeland.

Aquajets’ record didn’t last long either, as Coronado Swim Association dominated heat 11 with a 3:42.85, establishing a new meet record. They were led by breaststroke champion Nick Mahabir‘s 1:00.54 breast split. Joining Mahabir was Jacque Wenger on back (56.05), Logan Noguchi on fly (55.02) and Samuel Quarles on free (51.24). The swim is also under Mason’s 2019 NAG record, but will not count as a NAG because of Mahabir’s Singaporean sporting citizenship.

In heat 8, the Dynamo boys made a run at the top of the podium but ended up coming up just short, posting a 3:44.67, under the former meet record but good enough for only third this year.

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1 year ago

Josh Zuchowski struck by the photo curse

Joshua Zuchowski
Reply to  NCAA>ISL
1 year ago

Ha – no curse. I came here hoping to win my first Junior National title and I accomplished that goal. I dropped a PB every time I got into the pool. Thankful for Will, Nate and the other competitors for pushing me so hard this week!

Reply to  Joshua Zuchowski
1 year ago

L photo curse comment, W Josh Zuchowski <3

1 year ago

Y’all might wanna take a look at the boys medley relay results. Let’s of wrong times and places listed in the description and the rundown of times doesn’t have the winners time

Reply to  forsomereason
1 year ago

It all looks correct now. 😉

Pacific Whirl
1 year ago

Her name is Hayden Miller, not “Heather” Miller.

1 year ago

Let’s hear it for the state of Indiana in this meet!
*Winners* include:
Will Modglin – Zionsville – 100 back, 200 IM, runner-up 50 free
JoJo Ramey – Fishers – 200 back
Alex Shackell – Carmel – 100 fly, 200 fly
Aaron Shackell – Carmel 200 fly
Lily Christianson – Irish Aquatics – 50 free
Kristina Paegel – Indiana Swim Club – runner-up 50 free, 100 free
Berit Berglund – runner-up 100 back
So many of these kids swim dual/conference high school meets against each other. Many swim clubs represented.
Indiana is a swimming state not to be underestimated.

cynthia curran
Reply to  swimfan123456
1 year ago

Well true, also Elmbrook is the Wisconsin team. A lot of swimmers in the Heartland.

1 year ago

Rip livestream

1 year ago

Anyone know if Junior Pan Pacs is supposed to have the same program as 2018? There’s very little information about this meet out there.