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SURGE Strength is on a mission to raise the standard in dryland training. We love swimming and we’re experts in dryland. And we are here to help you!

If you’re not familiar with all of the resources we provide (most for FREE!) be sure to take advantage and raise your dryland IQ.


FREE Dryland 101 Courses

If you’re not sure where to start the best and easiest place to start is by enrolling for FREE in the SURGE Strength Academy.

In the SURGE Strength Academy you’ll have a number of Dryland 101 Courses that you can go through for FREE.

Some of our most popular Dryland 101 Courses are:

  • Core Training
  • Building the Pull-up
  • Writing Workouts



Newest Dryland 101 Course – Dryland At Home

Our newest Dryland 101 Course that we created by popular demand is “Dryland At Home.”

Unfortunately many swimmers and still out of the water and they, along with their swim coaches, are trying to do the best they can. Often times this means dryland training at home.

This new Dryland 101 Course covers the most important things you can be doing with little or no equipment needed.

Enroll today and start getting better!




surge strength at home dryland workout



SURGE Strength on Instagram

If you’re on Instagram and not following @surge.strength you’re missing out!

We regularly post dryland exercises and other educational material about dryland training.

Recently we’ve started a regular “Technique Tuesday” that you can participate in and show off your dryland training technique! No matter where you are on your dryland journey we’re here to encourage and help you get better and swim faster as a result.

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SURGE Strength Podcast

Being no stranger to podcasting, the SURGE Strength Podcast is a “must subscribe.” With new episodes each Thursday you’ll hear content great educational content all about dryland training.

SURGE Strength Podcast

Subscribe on all major podcast platforms:



SURGE Strength YouTube Channel

If you’re looking for dryland exercises make sure you subscribe to the SURGE Strength YouTube Channel.

We’re constantly uploading dryland exercises that we’re programming for all the swimmers and swim teams we’re helping.



Articles by Chris Ritter on

We’re constantly publishing new articles on SwimSwam. If you’ve missed some you can always go to our SwimSwam hub and see which articles you’ve missed.

Some of our most recent SwimSwam Articles include:

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SURGE Strength on the SwimSwam Podcast

In addition to articles we’ve had the pleasure of being on the SwimSwam Podcast multiple times with host Gold Medal Mel Stewart. Here’s the last few interviews if you missed them:



Start a Custom Dryland Program with a Dryland Certified Coach

Delivering online dryland programs to swimmers and coaches is how SURGE Strength started in the first place. We’ve been doing it now for over a decade and our ability to deliver not only a great experience but results is only getting better.

If you know your dryland program needs to be better but don’t have the knowledge or time to do it yourself then let us help you!

We work with swimmers and swim teams world wide and would love to talk to you about your goals and what type of dryland program would be best for you.



Dryland performance tests for swimmers

SURGE Strength


(And if you’d like to help others with their dryland training we’re always looking for more Dryland Certified Coaches to join us. Apply to Join RITTER as a Dryland Certified Coach)



Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC)

Becoming SSDC is the pinnacle of what we offer when it comes to dryland education. For the first time, swim coaches can work through a formal education process surrounding all aspects of dryland and strength training for their swimmers.

After enrolling and passing the exam, swim coaches will be able to identify themselves as SSDC. This credential demonstrates to others that they understand the principles of a sound dryland program and can, therefore, lead their swimmers through a successful dryland training program.

SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC)


The curriculum of the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification is designed to provide a foundational understanding of athletic development and strength training principles, as it specifically relates to swimmers and improved performance.

The SURGE Strength Dryland Certification is an on-demand, self-paced, video-based learning experience. This isn’t just another certification where you read through a binder and mail it in. We take great pride in raising the industry standard for dryland training, education, and now certification. This curriculum and exam standard will continue that tradition.

Once certified (SSDC), you’ll retain access to the curriculum as well as opportunities to continue your dryland education through the Graduate Level of the SURGE Strength Academy (admission is only extended to those that are SSDC).

The SURGE Strength Dryland Certification is delivered, consumed, and tested 100% online, so coaches worldwide can learn more to help their swimmers through dryland training.

If you’re serious about building your dryland program for the ground up as a coach, or if you work with swimmers, or are even self-coached, becoming SSDC is your best option for formal dryland education.

And if you’re still unsure if the SSDC is right for your just listen to what other coaches are saying about becoming SSDC.





surge strength Dryland Games for Swimmers




SURGE Strength

SURGE Strength





SURGE Strength

Courtesy of SwimSwam’s exclusive dryland training partner, SURGE Strength.

SURGE Strength, a strength training brand created by Chris Ritter, CEO of RITTER Sports Performance, aims to build better athletes and faster swimmers through dryland programs, and coaching education.

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