Interested in Becoming SSDC? Today is Your Last Chance to Enroll!

Today is the last day of Open Enrollment to become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC).  And what better way to celebrate than to share more testimonials of coaches earning their SSDC credentials. Here’s some of our favorites on this last day and chance for you to become SSDC.


Allowed Eric to solve the dryland puzzle


And not only did becoming SSDC allow Eric more insight to the dryland puzzle but it also allowed him to get his entire staff on the same page when it came to dryland training from the 8&unders through the senior swimmers.

“The biggest benefit of becoming SSDC is the information. As a staff who has taken the certification, we’re all on the same page. We all know what we’re talking about, from the 8-9 year olds to the senior kids, we’re all dealing with the same terminology and it really brings us all together.” – Eric Peterson, SSDC



Kelly never stops learning


Kelly has been strength training athletes for a long time but she was still searching for better dryland information. Becoming SSDC exceeded her expectations by giving her swim specific training that actually produced results.

“We spend so much time with these young, developing athletes. Yet, nowhere in “normal” coaching certifications do they teach us about the muscles and the body parts, and how cardio helps them or doesn’t help them. And after taking some body-based courses I thought, why aren’t coaches, who are paid to train these athletes, not taught the basics? As a coach you need to understand these important muscle basics. If you didn’t grow up with the background of body and muscle knowledge, SURGE Strength will help with that. And it gives you what’s best for the athletes.” – Kelly Paradis, SSDC



Josh was immediately impressed


Josh had a vast background of knowledge about the human body as an athletic trainer. But that didn’t stop him from discovering even more about dryland training when he enrolled to become SSDC. Even in the first few lessons he was learning a lot.

“I got excited and motivated. No matter what experience level you have in dryland, you can always gain more knowledge, learn new exercises and understand why you’re doing those exercise, and most importantly learn new ways to talk to the swimmers about dryland.” – Josh Gregory, enrolled to Become SSDC



Corinne saw results without water time


No matter if you’re back in the water regularly or it’s still hit or miss. It’s clear that the better athletes are generating faster times in the water. Don’t let you swimmers be left behind. Enroll to become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified.

Open enrollment to become SSDC is now open but only for a limited time. Save your spot today for more knowledge and confidence in your dryland training. Discover why swim coaches becoming SSDC is such a game-changer.



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