Become SSDC Before Enrollment Closes

SURGE Strength’s Open Enrollment to Become SSDC closes tonight at midnight! There are hundreds of coaches from around the world currently working to earn their SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) credentials. And many have already earned the ability to put the SSDC credentials behind their name.




Don’t put this opportunity off any longer. Here’s 5 ways your dryland program will improve when you Become SSDC.


1) Become SSDC to Stop Being Overwhelmed about Dryland

Feeling overwhelmed with dryland training is no longer an excuse. While the past year has presented many challenges that we couldn’t necessary control, dryland isn’t one of them.

When you Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) you’ll learn how to prioritize elements of dryland training. You’ll get resources like step-by-step instructions, templates and checklists from the certification. Get the tools you need to prevent feeling overwhelmed and get your athletes the results they’re working so hard for.


2) Become SSDC to Maximize Time Spent Doing Dryland

A critical mistake many make is overestimating how much time they need to devote to dryland. In the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification Curriculum we break down a hierarchy of priorities. That way you know what to do first and how much time for each element.

This way you can accommodate any schedule or training time situations that seem hard to overcome currently. We actually want swimmers to spend their time in the water because that’s their sport. By understanding the highest priorities and how to effectively implement will help you “find time” in your overall training program.


3) Run Effective Dryland Sessions with Athletes of Varied Abilities

It’s inevitable that you’ll have a variety of athletes training together in a dryland session. There’s a simple approach for how to handle athletes that are either lower or higher in their capabilities. This is through knowing exercise progressions and regressions.

I’ve charted all of these out for you in a simple PDF you’ll get access to when you Become SSDC. With this sheet you’ll be able to quickly adjust exercises for different athletes, while still keeping the group working together.

Just having this resource will help eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed with dryland. Don’t let the next dryland session you run descending into chaos.


4) Become SSDC to Be Successful with Limited or No Equipment

Have a small or limited budget for equipment? No worries! I’ll tell you exactly what to get within your budget.

Don’t have any budget for equipment? No worries! I’ll help you craft a dryland program you can run so your athletes can still get better. Even if it’s currently just Zoom dryland workouts too!

It’s not rocket science. But I know it can seem like you don’t have the resources or knowledge that you need. And that’s why you need to Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified. I’ll teach you and give you all the tools you’ll need.


5) Finally Have a Comprehensive System for Dryland Training

Don’t miss this chance to finally have a complete dryland system!

When you Become SSDC you’ll see how, when and why all the dryland puzzle pieces fit together. And this includes how to balance, even compliment land with water training.


Become SSDC



Coach Reviews Who Have Become SSDC

We can talk about all of the benefits that we think you’ll get when you become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified but here’s what your coaching peers are saying after earning their SSDC credentials. (Why Coaches Are Thankful For Becoming SSDC)

“Knowing the basic to dryland training is great but being able to specialize it for swimmers is awesome. With the SSDC program you learn so much and it is so helpful in allowing you as a coach to help your swimmers.” – Coach Kelly


become SSDC


become SSDC


“This has been well worth the time and money. I feel like I had a basic grasp of how to do dry-land. This course helped to solidify my initial understanding and give me a more in-depth guideline how to cater to each of my swim groups.” – Coach Sandy


become SSDC


become SSDC


“The importance of long-term and slow development for athletes is huge. Strength takes time to develop. It is the foundation of athleticism. The SSDC curriculum takes the fear and confusion of strength training away and gives user friendly tools to progressively develop strength with athletes at all experience and ability levels.” – Coach Jim


become SSDC

become SSDC


“My biggest takeaway from becoming SSDC was that the structure and process of dryland training is much different dependent on the goal of the athlete, and that it is very much unlike that of strength training for the sake of building muscle.”​ – Coach Jake


become SSDC
become SSDC


“The amount of practical, useable, content in this certification is truly amazing and the best part is that is tailored specifically for swim coaches and put together in a way that makes perfect sense.” – Coach Duncan


become SSDC


become SSDC


“Becoming SSDC is worth every dollar!!” – Coach Alan









Dryland Training Certification




Dryland Training Certification



The goal of SURGE Strength is simple:



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