5 Reasons Swim Coaches Becoming SSDC is a “Game-changer”

SURGE Strength’s Open Enrollment is now available for a limited time for you to become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC). Here’s 5 reasons swim coaches becoming SSDC is a “game-changer.”




Swim Coaches Becoming SSDC:

1. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, coaches who are starting from the ground up and coaches who have exercise science degrees BOTH benefit.




“One of the reasons SURGE Strength is great is because you don’t have to have an exercise science degree or a pro at strength training. Take the programming, apply it, tweak it each time, and you’ll see results.” – Jim Van Atta


“Like I said, I thought I knew quite a bit (as an athletic trainer), and then I started the SSDC, I was in module 1, and I was learning a lot. I got excited and motivated. No matter what experience level you have in dryland, you can always gain more knowledge, learn new exercises, why you’re doing those exercise, and learn new ways to talk to the swimmers – if a kid is struggling to do an exercise, maybe you’re just not giving them the trigger words to help them do it correctly. If you’re going to do Dryland as a team, which I think everybody should, you might as well do it the best way you can, and the SURGE program is the way to go.” – Josh Gregory



2. It helps to reduce injuries, and to set your athletes up for future success.

“I had knee surgery in college… and going in, I didn’t have any dryland training, just swimming. It took me probably 2 years to adjust to strength training in college. But, after my body adjusted, I realized that if I had started this a whole lot earlier, I could have prevented that surgery, been healthy, and swam stronger. So as I started my own coaching career, I knew that dryland had to be part of it.” – Sarah Herrington

“If I hadn’t been apart of this program, I might not have added in some exercises that I did end up adding in simply because I was afraid to mess up a swimmer’s shoulder. But now I know that you’ve got to teach that. You’ve got to teach that pull and get that shoulder back, down and in. And that’s what’s made the most difference.” – Jim Van Atta



3. It teaches you how to handle a large group of swimmers with varying dryland abilities in a way that isn’t adding stress to you – in fact, our system takes the stress off of you.




“How do you create a training program for 30 kids that are all so diverse in their abilities? That’s the game changing thing with your course.” – Guy Novak

“The Levels exercises in the certification was extremely helpful for me. Because I knew that the push-up was beneficial and it worked. But what I didn’t know was that there were ways to build the push-up from weaker to stronger. Initially I thought I shouldn’t do push-ups with 8 year olds. But now, with the Levels that I’ve learned from the program, I’m finding ways to do it with an 8 year old. And by the time they get to be in the senior group, now they will be super strong.” – Luis Luebs



4. It allows coaches to make simple, structured, and swim-specific Dryland programs that really are game-changers to swimmers.

“Having all of those templates (given in the SSDC) has made it so much easier to be able to go on the fly and say okay what is today gonna look like? I have 30 minutes with this many kids and this much space, this is what I know I can do…. All of the pieces of the curriculum have really helped me to set things up and plan from day to day without spending a ton of time trying to figure out how to put all of the pieces together. I seriously appreciate it.” – Ann Burke

“When I enrolled in the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification, I had just finished my CSCS a few months before, but I still didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing. The light bulb went off for me when you started talking about the exercise ratios. I needed someone to tell me that swimmers don’t do this, they do that. And that’s when I became more engaged and applied it to my swimmers.” – Sarah Herrington



5. Great Dryland is Great FUN


Swim Coaches Becoming SSDC



“My daughter started bugging me about Dryland. She asked me to do more at the house because she was excited about it and she felt it really has helped her. The athlete was asking and that’s really incredible.” – Jim Van Atta

“Push-ups, boy, were ugly in the beginning. I had some kids who used to look like they were doing the worm, and now their form is solid and they are so proud of themselves.” – Ann Burke


Open Enrollment to Become SSDC is now open but only for a limited time. Save your spot today for more knowledge and confidence in your dryland training. Discover why swim coaches becoming SSDC is such a game-changer.

Swim Coaches Becoming SSDC










Dryland Training Certification




Dryland Training Certification



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