SURGE Strength Dryland Training

The 5 Movements Every Dryland Program Should Have

Learn the 5 important movements that should be a part of any dryland program for swimmers to become stronger, increase their power and move better.

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Watch Chris Ritter on Dryland Training at European Swimming Coaches Conference

Today is the first day of the European Swimming Coaches Conference and Chris Ritter will be presenting on SURGE Strength’s approach to dryland training.

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Interested in Becoming SSDC? Today is Your Last Chance to Enroll!

Today is your last chance to enroll to become SSDC, don’t miss out on raising the standard of your dryland training and see more results.

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Want Better Dryland Training? Becoming SSDC Testimonials

Open Enrollment is happening right now for coaches to become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) and here are some SSDC testimonials of what you’ll get.

Even with an Exercise Science Degree, Dryland Coaches are Becoming SSDC

Learn why dryland coaches are becoming SSDC and how strength coaches, athletic trainers, personal trainers, & other health professionals can benefit too.

6 Reasons Coaches Earn Their Dryland Training Certification with SURGE Strength

Open Enrollment to Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) only happens a few times a year. Enroll now to earn your dryland training certification.

5 Reasons Swim Coaches Becoming SSDC is a “Game-changer”

Open Enrollment to become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) is going on now, find out why swim coaches becoming SSDC is a “game-changer.”

More SURGE Strength Dryland Training

A Team Dryland Training Program Your Swimmers Will Love in 5 Easy Steps

Learn 5 tangible ways to get buy-in from both your swimmers and other coaches on staff with your team Dryland training program.

FREE Webinar: Creating Dryland Workouts that Compliment Swim Training

SURGE Strength is hosting another FREE Dryland Training Webinar. Learn how to can create dryland workouts that compliment swim training.


This is a great time to get started with a SURGE Strength Dryland Training Program. Learn more and get started at

How to Quickly and Effectively Write Periodized Dryland Workouts

Attend this FREE Webinar hosted by Chris Ritter of SURGE Strength to Learn How to Quickly and Effectively Write Periodized Dryland Workouts.

SURGE Strength’s Core Training Challenge

Start your season off by joining others in the dryland community by participating in SURGE Strength’s Core Training Challenge.

Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC): Save the Date!

Don’t miss the next opportunity for you to Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC) beginning Sept. 7th through Sept 14th.

A Dryland Training System: FREE Webinar On Creating Your Own

A dryland training system will help you not only see more success from your dryland program but it will also allow you to better analyze and adjust.

Become Dryland Certified: SSDC Enrollment is Now Open

Your opportunity to become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified is now here! SSDC enrollment is now open for a limited time.