SURGE Strength Dryland Training

FREE Webinar – The Process of Dryland Training, with Chris Ritter

Join Chris Ritter of SURGE Strength for a FREE Webinar on – The Process of Dryland Training. You’ll gain more knowledge and confidence about your dryland.

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A Team Dryland Training Program Your Swimmers Will Love in 5 Easy Steps

Learn 5 tangible ways to get buy-in from both your swimmers and other coaches on staff with your team Dryland training program.

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SSDC Open Enrollment Begins Next Week

Your opportunity to become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified is almost here! SSDC Open Enrollment begins next week, don’t miss out!

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Even with an Exercise Science Degree, Dryland Coaches are Becoming SSDC

Learn why dryland coaches are becoming SSDC and how strength coaches, athletic trainers, personal trainers, & other health professionals can benefit too.

Better Dryland Training: Stories of Success from Chris Ritter of SURGE Strength

Join us as Chris Ritter pulls back the curtain and tells 3 stories of success to find better dryland training with his company, SURGE Strength.

Grade Your Dryland Program for FREE with SURGE Strength

You can now quickly grade your dryland program to see how it measures up to the basic principles and applications that should be in every dryland program.

SURGE Strength’s Top 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Team Dryland Program

Learn how to maximize your team dryland program with answers to our most frequently asked Dryland questions (from swimmers and swim coaches like you!).

More SURGE Strength Dryland Training

5 Ways to Gain Confidence as a Dryland Certified Coach with SURGE Strength

When you become a dryland certified coach through SURGE Strength you’ll learn how to apply the proper dryland training principles and gain confidence.

Level Up Dryland: The Secret Weapon to Individualizing Dryland Training

Learn how to take the guesswork out of individualizing dryland training, even in a group setting, with SURGE Strength’s level system of exercises.

Dryland Assessments for Swimmers: The Compass of Custom Programming

Learn the Dryland assessments for swimmers that SURGE Strength recommends to give coaches a reliable reference point when it comes to programming dryland.

Dryland Training for Sprinters Only? Find Out the Best Approach.

Dryland training for sprinters only isn’t the proper approach because all swimmers benefit from resistance training when done properly.

Approaching the Swimming Taper Dryland Plan in a COVID Season

SURGE Strength teaches you how to manipulate training phases (despite a COVID swim season) which results in a better swimming taper dryland experience.

Plyometrics for Swimming: The Best Dryland Jumps that Are Swim Specific

Improve your starts & turns with these plyometrics for swimming. Learn how to jump properly to improve your overall power in the pool.

Back Half Swimming Speed with Dryland Energy System Development

Learn how back half swimming speed can be improved through dryland training. Understand the science behind reserve capacity and how it relates to swimming.

Dryland Exercises for a Stronger Pull: SURGE Strength’s Top 3

Learn some of SURGE Strength’s must-program dryland exercises for a stronger pull and faster swimming to see results that transfer to the pool!