SURGE Strength Dryland Training

Dryland Taper – 3 Tips to Generate Fast Swimming

Nailing your taper is critical and your dryland taper is part of that process. Learn some tips that will help you succeed at the end of your season.

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The Secret to Building Buy-In: 4 Coaching Styles for Swimmers

Build motivation and skill within your team by matching these 4 coaching styles for swimmers to each athlete: assign, spark, educate, and aim.

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Dryland Pushing Exercises for Swimmers: Creating Strong and Healthy Shoulders

Learn the importance of the “push” in dryland. Learn how to best implement dryland pushing exercises for swimmers through SURGE Strength’s recommendations.

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Dryland Training for Swimmers – 5 Lessons 2020 Taught Us

Chris Ritter, founder of SURGE Strength reflects back on the lessons learned from 2020 on dryland training for swimmers.

SURGE Strength – How We Can Help Your Dryland Training

SURGE Strength provides a plethora of education resources, as well as dryland programs to cover all of your dryland training needs.

Dryland Games for Swimmers that are Safe, Effective & Fun

Learn how to implement safe, effective and fun dryland games for swimmers of all ages with the SURGE Strength Principles.

At Home Dryland Workout Guide: Create One in 5 Easy Steps

Follow SURGE Strength’s 5 step guide to create an at home dryland workout in order to set yourself up for success in the midst of a COVID-centered season.

More SURGE Strength Dryland Training

5 Observations into How an Athlete’s Age Affects Dryland Workouts

Explore 5 scientific principles that determine how an athlete’s age affects dryland workouts in order to individualize dryland for all “ages.”

Bodyweight Dryland Workout – SURGE Strength’s 10 Best Exercises

Check out SURGE Strength’s 10 best exercises for your next bodyweight dryland workout. There are perfect for working out at home or without equipment.

How to Create Dryland Workouts for Masters Swimmers

Learn how to create dryland workouts for Masters swimmers taken from the principles taught in the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification.

6 Tips for Navigating Dryland Workouts for College Swimmers

Learn how to implement effective dryland workouts for college swimmers while collaborating with your school’s strength & conditioning coaching staff.

4 Solutions for Post-Swim Dryland Training Sessions

Learn about the top 4 ways SURGE Strength maps a 30-minute post-swim dryland training session. Choose which dryland strategy works best for your team.

SURGE Strength’s Technique Tuesday on Instagram: a “Must Follow”

Be sure you’re following @surge.strength on Instagram for the recurring SURGE Strength Technique Tuesday to learn more about dryland technique.

Enroll Now to Become Dryland Certified Today

Make today the day that you finally join coaches from all over the world that are enrolling now to become dryland certified.

I’m Thankful for Becoming SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC)

So many coaches from around the world are thankful they are now SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC). Are you ready to join them?