SURGE Strength Dryland Training

The 5 Movements Every Dryland Program Should Have

In the SURGE Strength Dryland Certification Curriculum, we teach that every dryland program should have 5 key movements incorporated and…

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How to Wear a Supersuit (and get away with it through Core Training)

Learn how you can “create” your own “supersuit” to wear in the water – all through core training. Discover how to activate and then develop your core.

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5 Parameters of Program Construction You Need for Every Dryland Workout

Discover the five parameters of sound dryland program construction, including what you need for every dryland workout you do.

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Swim CEO Series: SURGE Strength Dryland Training with Chris Ritter

Ritter shared his insights on swimming specific dryland, and a few of his stories training elites during his time at SwimMAC with David Marsh.

Top 3 Dryland Performance Tests for Swimmers

Knowing the best dryland performance tests for swimmers can be tricky but we give three quick ones you can give to any swimmer.

Dryland Training Can Yield Big Results with Just 3 Small Changes

Your dryland training can yield big results with just 3 small changes regarding exercise ratios, using 3 training phases, and knowing your goals.

3 Hidden Factors of Successful Dryland Workouts

Learn about the three hidden factors of successful dryland workouts and how you can use these to have your dryland workouts be more effective.

More SURGE Strength Dryland Training

How to Keep Variety in Your Dryland Workouts and Dryland Program

Keeping variety in your dryland workouts and dryland program can seem challenging but it’s simpler than you think if you follow these guidelines.

How to Test Pull-ups for Swimmers (Even if they can’t do a single pull-up)

Pull-ups for swimmers is a critical exercise both for improvement but also in assessing an athlete’s pulling strength which correlates well to their speed.

The 3 Most Overlooked Requirements in Writing a Dryland Workout

Creating a successful dryland workout depends largely on eight variables and how you program them both session-to-session and during the overall season.

4 Reasons to Become Surge Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC)

Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified and learn how to harness the potential improvement that’s possible through a sound dryland program.

Better Core Training is Just a Breath Away

Core training is vital to a swimmer’s success, but if an athlete isn’t able to properly breathe there’s no amount of core training they can do to make it up.

3 Steps to Get Stronger Without Gaining Muscle Mass

Swimmers need to get stronger, but not by becoming bulky. Learn how you can get stronger without gaining muscle mass with the proper dryland program.

Top 3 Training Goals in Your Dryland Workouts

An optimal dryland workout that follows these 3 training goals is going to create a better athlete, and better athletes always produce faster swimmers.

Raising the Standard in Dryland Training for Swimming

SURGE Strength – Raising the Standard of Dryland Training for Swimming. Learn how to Build Better Athletes to Generate Faster Swimmers.