Q&A: The Story Behind AQUA BOOM®

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February 15th, 2018 Industry, News

At ISO-Aquatics, we are proud to announce the launch of our new product, AQUA BOOM. We sat down with the creator, Tony Shutts, to learn a little more about him and how he came up with the product.

Tell Us About Yourself and Your Family Business

I grew up in small-town America and have always been on the move. As a small child and into adult life, I have always been very active. I am a believer in the “keep moving philosophy.” I enjoy all types of physical activity, sports, and especially water sports! Swimming, sailing, diving, windsurfing, waterskiing, and pretty much anything to do with the water gets my attention.

I am a Surgical technician trained by the United States Airforce and one of the fortunate people who got the opportunity to marry the one that got away after our 20-year class reunion. As it turns out, she is also very active as are our four beautiful children, three who are now very active adults, and a teenager who is always on the go.

Exercise has always been important to us and a central part of our lives. When at the ripe young age of forty-nine and suffering from bilateral chronic foot pain, my wife suggested I hit the pool. Much to my surprise, I was out of swimming shape, and those first few trips to the pool were challenging.

I have the attention span of hyperactive three-year-old, so after a few weeks of swimming, I got a little bored with the black line. While I enjoyed just lap swimming and was experiencing some great physical benefits, I needed more.

My experience in the pool was very cerebral, and I am an idea person anyway, so in the midst of my aquatic exercise meditation, I believe I was blessed with a vision of some equipment I could use in the pool. The idea for the business was born.

How Did You Get Started in the Aquatics Industry?

After some extensive research and some prototyping, the AQUA BOOM was taken through the process of product development. Industrial design, Cads files, manufacturing, branding, marketing, and laying the groundwork consumed us. We felt like it was an excellent idea and that so many people could benefit from it that we decided to pursue manufacturing it and building a small company around it. There are so many diverse markets — fitness, competitive swimming, rehabilitation, geriatric exercise, and just all around recreational enjoyment.

We want everyone to have an AQUA BOOM experience! It is a unique approach to exercising in the water, and any negative impact on the body is virtually eliminated. Torch the calories and enjoy the intensity that fits your particular needs with our resistance workouts and the AQUA BOOM.

What Was the Inspiration Behind the AQUA BOOM®?

The inspiration that brought the AQUA BOOM to life was the incredible benefits I was experiencing from the aquatic workouts. Along with developing exercises for the AQUA BOOM, I created circuit training segments of resistance exercises in the shallow end of the pool away from the AQUA BOOM. I realized at that time that one doesn’t need to be a swimmer to enjoy working out in the pool.

I was also working with a great sports medicine orthopedic surgeon during this time, and so we often discussed the benefits of the buoyancy and the resistance one could safely harness while exercising in the pool. Because of the experience working with patients, I knew that rehabilitation and physical therapy was a natural fit.

I developed a deep passion for sharing this experience with the world. The gratification of working out hard, but without the impact of traditional exercise, made me want to shout it from a mountaintop. It is fun fitness!

Who Can Benefit from the AQUA BOOM®?

We believe virtually anyone can benefit from using the AQUA BOOM. We have some of the fastest competitive swimmers in the world using it in their training. We are in PT clinics, YMCAs, Universities and high schools, as well as military bases and the VA hospital!

You can set your own pace as you go through our exercises, so it can be tailored to fit specific individual needs but can be utilized in a group setting as well. From children to seniors and anyone in between.

What Sets You Apart from Any Competitors?

There are several companies that make equipment that fits on your hands and feet to increase resistance. Very often, one’s hands are enough. There are also aquatic bikes and aquatic treadmills which are very beneficial. In a competitive analysis, however, the AQUA BOOM combined with the ISO-Aquatic exercise programs hits more muscle groups and challenges the cardiovascular system more effectively than anything it would seem. Hands down, it is an amazing workout! We have taken the unique approach of bringing some of the land-based exercises into the pool.

Where Do You See Your Business in Five Years?

We believe that once the mainstream consumers become aware of the AQUA BOOM and the idea is adopted, it will grow rapidly and cover the globe. We continue to develop other innovative products as well and hope that we will become a leading brand in the aquatic fitness world and competitive swimming.

Tell Us a Fun Fact About Yourself!

I love to play guitar and sing!

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