North Texas Nadadores Continue Success in Post-Bill Christensen Era (Video Report)

North Texas Nadadores head coach Bill Christensen, known for coaching the likes of University of Texas standouts Brett Ringgold and Jonathan Roberts, as well as Olympic and World medalist Katie Meili, retired this past summer. He had been the head coach of the nadadores for 15 years. This left Dan Balint and Audrey Cormack to regroup and move forward as the teams new leaders.

Cormack stepped into the role of Head Coach while Balint, who has been Christensen’s assistant with the senior group for the last 3 years, filled the shoes of senior coach. The club has seemingly adjusted to this change well, notably with their boys’ performance at Junior Nationals West, placing third overall.

Balint says he still has similar focuses when it comes to practice planning and training. The group still emphasizes technique, underwater work, and kicking. They don’t go terribly far for club practices, averaging 5-6k per practice. But this system has worked in the past, and it continues to produce results. One of their top performers, Jack LeVant, is committed to Stanford for the fall, and recently broke the Texas state record in the 200 free.

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Jim Nickell

Bill is/was a great coach
Wait for 3 years to see the impact – then write this article

Bill did a GREAT job wherever he was coaching! Miss seeing you on deck my friend!

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