Setting Up 2018 in World Para Swimming

We’re now a couple months removed from the 2017 Para Swimming World Championships, and approaching the start of another busy season in Paralympic swimming. Much like the non-Para side of the sport, 2018 is a bit of a bumper year – there’s no big World Championship meet, no Paralympic Games, and the competition is focused mostly on regional and continental competition. While there are many para meets throughout the year, the ones below will carry the most weight in this mid-Paralympic quad year.

2018 Commonwealth Games

  • April 4th-15th, 2018
  • Gold Coast, Queensland
  • LCM
  • Meet info

This year’s Commonwealth Games will feature significantly more para athletes and events overall, including an increase from 6 to 10 swimming events, which will include: the men’s and women’s S9 100m backstroke, men’s S7 50m freestyle, women’s SB9 100m breaststroke, men’s SM8 200m Individual Medley, men ‘s and women’s S9 100m freestyle, men’s SB8 100m backstroke, women’s SM10 200m Individual Medley and the women’s S7 50m butterfly.


  • August 9th-13th, 2018
  • Cairns, Australia
  • LCM
  • Meet info

For nations outside of Europe, Pan Pacs will offer an alternative high-level meet to the 2018 European Championships.

2018 World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships

  • August 13th-19th, 2018
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • LCM
  • Meet info

Paralympics Ireland is set to host about 500 European athletes from 40 countries in the nation’s first foray into hosting international para sport events.


  • October 6th-13th, 2018
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • LCM
  • Meet info

In just its third edition since becoming the first multisport event for athletes with a disability in Asia in 2010 (only happens every 4 years), the Asian Para Games will take place directly following the 2018 Asian Games.

2018 World Para Swimming World Series

  • Copenhagen, Denmark — March 2nd-4th
  • Indianapolis, USA — April 19th-21st
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil — April 26th-28th
  • Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy — May 23rd-26th
  • Sheffield, Great Britain — May 31st-June 3rd
  • Berlin, Germany — June 7th-10th
  • Series info

Following a successful debut in 2018, World Para Swimming is set to host another World Series tour in 2018. The above cities are confirmed, and plans are in-the-works to add a stop in Asia for the first time.

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5 years ago

If you want to buy IPC classification then check out the CP world games they are offering for a price IPC classification during their meet.

This will allow some very dodgy people to attain classification in a group they should not be in.

5 years ago

at last some movement in the right direction
J Fox
O Hynd
J Leech
All reclassified to a higher group
Sad fact one of the biggest new IM cheats who’s father is a Dr has remained the same still GB have to challenge the best IM fraud Lakisha Patterson.

Mark sent me some photos of Lakisha and it’s disturbing to see only a few years ago her hand was working fine yet a few days ago was more clawed than ever. When will the IPC look at this fraud and act before the she destroys the sport.
The good news is she is being watched whilst out and about and all the evidence filmed… Read more »

Reply to  CP-parent
5 years ago

Why not say who you are if you object ? Let’s debate the facts if you have nothing to hide

Janet Councill
5 years ago

There is a process for the coaches to protest when someone is classified into a lower class like the girls from Australia did in Scotland. Everyone knew they had cheated. USA did not have the guts to do it so some other coaches need to. And the International Paralympic Committee needs to pay attention instead of making excuses.

5 years ago

It is all very well and good to report on WPS competition structure for 2018 Torey but what are their plans for reclassifying all their licenced swimmers? Every single one is on Review status? The reclassification of swimmers, in particular Neuros, should be a priority for World Para Swimming. It doesn’t appear to be so. Why haven’t they organised re-classification in Australia for example? They have HUGE problems there that the Commonwealth Games are about to highlight. That WPS proudly supports and promotes Lakeisha Patterson whilst she continues to bring Para Swimming into disrepute at one competition after another beggars belief. Yes first up on the Calender is the Commonwealth Games, a home Games for Patterson, but instead of the… Read more »

Reply to  LMA
5 years ago

There is no women’s S8 events at the commonwealth games? So what event is she swimming at this meet? You also disrespect the other neuro swimmers who don’t cheat with your accusations. Most have been honest in their classification and they are entitled to compete for medals without hearing baseless accusations that neuro swimmers are cheating.

Reply to  Taa
5 years ago

TAA, one of the 10 events at the Commonwealth Games is the Women’s S8 50 free, which Ms Patterson will win – even if they tied her pretend palsied arm behind her back. Ms Patterson could also qualify for any of the S9 events, time will tell if she has. I am quite sure that there are many honest neuros. It is just unfortunate that there is a question mark hanging over this disability because of Patterson, just as there was over the Intellectualy Disabled because of the Spanish Basketball Team in 2000 (which lead to their exclusion). I believe that there is a significant difference between mis-classification and Intentional Misrepresentation. Ms Patterson, in my opinion, firmly falls into the… Read more »

Reply to  LMA
5 years ago

I don’t believe LMA was trying to say that all neuros are cheats. What I took from his comment was that all neuros need to be reclassified to keep it fair. There are a few neuros who I believe have been classed incorrectly but because they aren’t high ranking then no one has queried their class. To make it completely fair then yes all need to be classified.

What I also believe is that now that everyone has been set as Review that the same classifiers need to be used in order to keep consistent readings. Yes this would be time consuming but it would limit the amount of people that could be held accountable for the results. … Read more »

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Torrey Hart

Torrey is from Oakland, CA, and majored in media studies and American studies at Claremont McKenna College, where she swam distance freestyle for the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps team. Outside of SwimSwam, she has bylines at Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, SB Nation, and The Student Life newspaper.

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