Nicholas Santos Predicts World Record 50 Fly in Semi Final Match (Video)


Reported by Ben Dornan.


There’s really nothing much to be said about this race aside from the fact that winner Nicholas Santos has certainly brought the fire this season, earning some of the biggest jackpots that we’ve seen this season. This swim today was no exception as he destroyed the competition and picked up a massive 30 points, stealing from everyone except Tokyo’s Kawamoto.

This effort may have been just what Iron needed to ensure that Toronto will not be able to catch them for third. The 21.78 swim was only 0.03 off his own world record from back in 2018.

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2 months ago

Let’s go grandpa! wishing all the best for that record

2 months ago

400 easy swim down
Lift weights
Some high intensity
Brilliant – what every Male aged 14+ wants to hear.
Serious note it’s incredible the shape he keeps himself in, leads the way that with the ISL people can swim into there late 30’s and financially be ok.
Tom shields need worry for the next decade now.

2 months ago

Age is just a number! Lance Armstrong was 39 when he came out of retirement and took 3rd in the Tour. The next 2 years, he had a respectable showing.
Dara Torres was 41 when she set the America records in the 50 and 100 free.
Anything is possible!

Reply to  itsnotbreaststrokeanymore
2 months ago

I’m not sure if you know you’re making the joke you think you’re making but if you are it’s pretty funny.

Reply to  swimapologist
2 months ago

comment image

Reply to  itsnotbreaststrokeanymore
2 months ago

This picture reminds me of Rocky III when Stallone got down to 3% body fat. The veins in the arms. Middle aged naturally ripped. I heard it said that Stallone learned a long from guys like Hulk Hogan (in the movie) on how to get ripped like Arnold Schwartzeneggar.

Reply to  itsnotbreaststrokeanymore
2 months ago

Huh, what do all three of those guys have in common that helped them achieve that look?

Reply to  Horninco
2 months ago

That’s the joke.

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