Sakci Breaks European Record in 100 Breast; Just .13 from World Record


Turkish breaststroker Emre Sakci, who has been one of the breakout revelations of Season 2 of the International Swimming League, has broken the Turkish and European Records in the men’s 100 short course meter breaststroke.

Swimming on Day #2 of his team’s regular season finale in Match #9, Sakci posted a 55.74.

That dips under the old record, set last week in the ISL by Belarusian swimmer Ilya Shymanovich at 55.85. Shymanovich himself, who finished 2nd in Tuesday morning’s race, was under his old record in 55.83, meaning that he also broke his own National Record.

Emre Sakci Ilya Shymanovich Ilya Shymanovich Emre Sakci
New Euro/Turkish Record New Belarusian Record Old European Record
Old Turkish Record
50m 26.29 26.18 26.03 26.42
100m 29.45 29.65 29.82 29.55
Total 55.74 55.83 55.85 55.97

The European Record coming into the season was Shymanovich’s 55.89 from the 2019 European Short Course Championships.

When the 2019 ISL season, which Sakci didn’t participate in, began, his best time was a 57.31 and Shymanovich’s was 56.10. The younger Sakci, though, has caught up in a hurry.

The 22-year old Sakci also holds the European Record in the 50 breaststroke after swimming a 25.29 last week in Match #7.

Sakci and Shymanovich swam the #2 and #3 performances in history on Tuesday in that 100 breaststroke. They are now just hundredths behind the World Record set by Cameron van der Burgh at 55.61.

All-Time Top 10 Performances, Men’s 100 SCM Breaststroke

  1. 55.61 – Cameron van der Burgh, South Africa – 2009 World Cup, Berlin
  2. 55.74 – Emre Sakci, Turkey – 2020 ISL Match #9
  3. 55.83 – Ilya Shymanovich, Belarus – 2020 ISL Match #9
  4. 55.85 – Ilya Shymanovych, Belarus – 2020 ISL Match #7
  5. 55.86 – Ilya Shymanovych, Belarus – 2020 ISL Match #6
  6. 55.89 – Ilya Shymanovych, Belarus – 2019 European SC Championships
  7. 55.92 – Adam Peaty, Great Britain – 2019 ISL Finale
  8. 55.94 – Adam Peaty, Great Britain – 2017 European SC Championships
  9. 55.97 – Emre Sakci, Turkey – 2020 ISL Match #7
  10. Cameron van der Burgh, South Africa – 2009 South African Championships


Sakci is representing Iron and Shymanovich is representing Energy Standard in the 2020 ISL season.

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10 months ago

It would be real nice to see a super-suited 09 record to go down.

10 months ago

It very unfortunate that Sakci only have one meet left, since Iron won’t qualify for the final.

Reply to  Swimmer
10 months ago

If we have a semi of LAC TOKYO and IRON together.. who knows

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