NCAA Division III Championships: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap

2022 NCAA Division III Championships

After day one of the NCAA Division III Championships, the Emory Eagles sit on top of the men’s standings with 101 points, just 6 points ahead of Denison. Kenyon College leads with women’s standings with 100 points, six ahead of Denison and 9 ahead of the 10-time defending champions Emory. The day 2 prelims will feature the 200 free relay, 400 IM, 100 fly, 200 free and 400 medley relay and start at 10 AM EST in Indianapolis.

Two individual NCAA record holders will take to the pool this morning. In the men’s 100 fly, Kenyon’s David Fitch comes in as the top seed with his 46.46, the current NCAA record that he set earlier this season. In the men’s 200 free, Williams’ Jamie Lovette comes in as the top seed after breaking the NCAA record in 1:35.52 at his conference meet last month.

Men’s 200 free relay

  • NCAA Record: Kenyon (2012): 1:18.06

Top 8 finishers:

  1. MIT: 1:19.56
  2. Emory: 1:19.63
  3. Rowan: 1:20.07
  4. Denison: 1:20.08
  5. Calvin: 1:20.19
  6. Williams: 1:20.38
  7. John Carroll: 1:20.74
  8. Johns Hopkins: 1:20.75

Top seeded MIT took care of business this morning, taking the top seed in 1:19.56, just ahead of Emory, who finished second in 1:19.63. Emory had a massive swim, dropping 1.5 seconds from their seed to move up from 11th to 2nd. Rowan rounded out the top three qualifiers with a 1:20.07.

Denison finished 4th in 1:20.08, while Johns Hopkins, which also has team trophy aspirations, qualified 8th in 1:20.75.

After a disastrous 200 medley relay DQ yesterday morning, the Kenyon Lords faltered again in the 200 free relay by adding over a half second from their seed to qualify 9th in 1:20.77, out of the A final completely. If Kenyon intends to take home the team title, they will likely need to be lights out the rest of the meet.

Women’s 200 free relay

  • NCAA Record: Emory (2017): 1:30.52

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Kenyon: 1:31.96
  2. Pomona-Pitzer: 1:32.32
  3. Emory: 1:32.34
  4. Denison: 1:32.83
  5. Tufts: 1:33.21
  6. Johns Hopkins: 1:33.48
  7. Chicago: 1:33.99
  8. Bates: 1:34.01

Despite adding nine tenths from their seed, the Kenyon Ladies held on to their top seed and qualified first in 1:31.96, the only team under 1:32 this morning.

Qualifying second was Pomona-Pitzer, who which dropped a quarter second to touch in 1:32.32, just ahead of Emory, which finished third in 1:32.34.

Denison, which is in a tight team race with Kenyon and Emory, qualified fourth in 1:32.83. The swim of the morning came from Johns Hopkins, which dropped almost 9 tenths from their seed and moved up from 13th to 6th to qualify for the A final in 1:33.48.

Men’s 400 IM

  • NCAA Record: Harrison Curley (Kenyon, 2015): 3:46.62

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Jack Wadsworth (IC): 3:51.71
  2. Bryan Fitzgerald (KEN): 3:53.60
  3. Larry Yu (PP): 3:53.98
  4. Roderick Huang (MIT): 3:54.59
  5. Ryan Gibbons (EMORY): 3:54.69
  6. Nathan Katz (WASHU): 3:55.08
  7. Eric Chimes (DEN): 3:55.10
  8. Sean Byman (EMORY): 3:550.40

Ithaca College’s Jack Wadsworth was dominant this morning, taking the top seed heading into tonight in 3:51.71, nearly two seconds ahead of the field. Top seed Bryan Fitzgerald cruised to victory in the final heat in 3:53.60 to take the second seed. Fitzgerald clearly eased up on the final 25 this morning, indicating he may have plenty left for tonight’s final.

The biggest riser of the morning was Pomona-Pitzer’s Larry Yu, who moved up from the 12th seed to finish 3rd in 3:53.98, a 1.6 second drop.

Emory will have two swimmers in tonight’s A final, with Ryan Gibbons qualifying 5th and Sean Byman qualifying 8th. The Eagles will also have two swimmers in the B final.

Despite not having any A finalists, Johns Hopkins will have three swimmers in the B final.

Women’s 400 IM

  • NCAA Record: Caroline Wilson (Williams, 2012): 4:13.14

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Clio Hancock (EMORY): 4:20.44
  2. Augusta Lewis (CMS): 4:22.03
  3. Alix O’Brien (DEN): 4:22.55
  4. Molly Craig (WILL): 4:23.54
  5. Gabby Wei (KEN): 4:24.20
  6. Esme Wright (DEN): 4:24.49
  7. Savy Sargent (DEN): 4:24.86
  8. Emmie Appl (PP): 4:24.95

Emory’s Clio Hancock dropped a second and a half from her seed to take the top spot after this morning’s prelims, winning her heat in 4:20.44. Top seed Augusta Lewis won the final circle seeded heat in 4:22.03, three and a half seconds off of her seed, indicating she may have more in the tank for this evening.

Denison made a huge move in the women’s 400 IM, putting three swimmers in the A final. Freshman Alix O’Brien Touched just behind Lewis in the final heat, qualifying third in 4:22.55. She will be joined by teammates Esme Wright (6th- 4:24.49) and Savy Sargent (7th- 4:24.86). Sargent was the big mover of the morning, moving all the way up from the 14th seed to finish 7th.

Kenyon will will have freshman Gabby Wei in the A final, who qualified 5th in 4:24.20. The ladies will also have 3 swimmers in the B final this evening.

Men’s 100 fly

Top 8 finishers:

  1. David Fitch (KEN): 46.88
  2. Jesse Ssengonzi (CHI): 47.21
  3. Liam McDonnell (JCU): 47.26
  4. Jeffrey Vitek (JHU): 47.45
  5. David Pearcy (WILL): 47.64
  6. Frank Applebaum (CMS): 47.68
  7. Kevin Gillooly (ROWAN): 47.91
  8. Marco Conati (CMS): 47.95

DIII record holder David Fitch cruised to the top seed this morning, winning the final heat in 46.88, 4 tenths off of his own Division III record.

University of Chicago sophomore Jesse Ssengonzi dropped two tenths from his seed to move up from 6th to 2nd and will flank Fitch this evening. John Carroll’s Liam McDonnell will swim on Fitch’s other side tonight after qualifying third in 47.26.

Claremont MS’ Frank Applebaum was the largest riser this morning, dropping over a half second to move up to the 6th seed from the 12th coming into the meet.

Jeffrey Vitek of Johns Hopkins will be the sole Blue Jay in the A final, qualifying fourth in 47.45. Hopkins will also have one swimmer in the B final. Second seed David Pearcy of Williams was nearly a half second off of his seed to qualify 5th in 47.64. Williams will also have one swimmer in the B final tonight.

Women’s 100 fly

  • NCAA Record: Kirsten Nitz (Wheaton [IL], 2014): 52.64

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Taylor Leone (EMORY): 54.14
  2. Megan Jungers (EMORY): 54.23
  3. Emma Pritchett (DEN): 54.38
  4. Samantha Kilcoyne (WILL): 54.75
  5. Ava Sealander (CMS): 54.92
  6. Crile Hart (KEN): 54.95
  7. Catherine Deng (CALT): 55.04
  8. Olivia Smith (KEN): 55.10

The Emory Eagles were dominant in the women’s 100 fly, taking the top two spots heading into the finals. Senior Taylor Leone qualified first in 54.14, just ahead of her sophomore teammate Megan Jungers, who is second in 54.23. Emory will also have one B finalist.

Denison will be represented by Emma Pritchett tonight, who qualified third in 54.38, a two tenth drop from her seed.

Top seed Crile Hart of Kenyon, who broke the DIII record in the 200 IM last night, added over a second and a half this morning to qualify 6th in 54.95. Her junior teammate Olivia Smith will join her in the A final tonight after qualifying 8th in 55.10. Kenyon will also have 2 swimmers in the B final.

Men’s 200 free

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Jamie Lovette (WILL): 1:36.73
  2. Pat Pema (EMORY): 1:37.35
  3. Nicholas Goudie (EMORY): 1:37.37
  4. Jaden Luo (MIT): 1:37.52
  5. Tanner Filion (WTMN): 1:37.63
  6. Arhur Kiselnikov (CHI): 1:37.63
  7. James McChesney (TCNJ): 1:37.78
  8. Mason Kelber (WASHU): 1:37.85

DIII record holder Jamie Lovette of Williams took care of business this morning, cruising to a win in the final heat in 1:36.73 and qualify as the top seed heading into tonight’s final.

He will be flanked by a pair of Emory Eagles, with sophomore Pet Pema qualifying second in 1:37.35 and junior Nicholas Goudie qualifying third in 1:37.37. Emory will also have one B finalist tonight.

MIT has had a strong morning and it continued here, with sophomore Jaden Luo qualifying fourth in 1:37.52.

In an update on the team race, Johns Hopkins and Kenyon will both have one swimmer in the B final despite having no A finalists, while Denison will have no 200 freestylers tonight.

Women’s 200 free

  • NCAA Record: Kendra Stern (Amherst, 2011): 1:44.82

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Claire Brennan (TUFTS): 1:49.01
  2. Lydia Dacorte (WHE): 1:49.75
  3. Grace Wenger (BATES): 1:50.00
  4. Tara Culibrk (DEN): 1:50.30
  5. Mary Hufziger (TUFTS): 1:50.42
  6. Taryn Weisner (DEN): 1:50.46
  7. AveryTurney (PP): 1:50.48
  8. Maddie Ford (CONN): 1:50.56

Tufts entered the meet with the top two seeds in this event, and it was junior Claire Brennan, who came in as the second seed, who will swim in lane four this evening after posting a 1:49.01. Her senior teammate Mary Hufziger, who was the top seed coming in, qualified 5th in 1:50.42.

Wheaton (MA) fifth year Lydia Dacorte was the only other swimmer under 1:50 this morning, qualifying second in 1:49.75. She came into the meet seeded 11th and dropped nearly 6 tenths to move all the way up to 2nd.

Denison will also have two swimmers in the A final tonight, with junior Tara Culibrk qualifying 4th with a 1:50.30 and freshman Taryn Wisner finishing 6th in 1:50.46.

Neither Kenyon nor Emory will have a competitor in the 200 free tonight.

Men’s 400 medley relay

  • NCAA Record: Emory (2017): 3:10.51

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Denison: 3:14.22
  2. Kenyon: 3:14.37
  3. Williams: 3:14.39
  4. Johns Hopkins: 3:14.41
  5. Chicago: 3:14.48
  6. MIT: 3:14.53
  7. Emory: 3:14.55
  8. Claremont MS: 3:14.73

If this morning’s prelims are any indication of how the finals will go, we should be in for a thrilling race this evening. The top 8 relays were all within a half second of one another, with Denison taking the top seed in 3:14.22.

The Kenyon Lords, who have had struggles in the relays so far this meet, slide in second just a tenth behind, while Williams will swim in lane three tonight.

Six of the eight teams were off of their seeds this morning, with only Chicago and Claremont MS dropping from their seed coming into the meet.

Women’s 400 medley relay

  • NCAA Record: Emory (2017): 3:39.57

Top 8 finishers:

  1. MIT: 3:41.39
  2. Emory: 3:41.88
  3. Williams: 3:42.02
  4. Kenyon: 3:43.91
  5. Denison: 3:44.12
  6. Chicago: 3:45.01
  7. Pomona Pitzer: 3:45.82
  8. St. Kate’s 3:46.50

MIT took the top seed after the morning prelims, dropping 1.2 seconds from their seed to qualify first in 3:41.39, a half second ahead of Emory, who held their second seed.

Top seeded Kenyon qualified fourth after adding four seconds from their seed, but the Ladies seem primed for a drop tonight as butterflyer Crile Hart figures to be subbed in for the finals relay after being off this morning.

Both Chicago and St. Kate’s saw huge drops this morning to move way up from their seeds and qualify for the A final. Chicago qualified 6th in 3:45.01, a 2.8 second drop to move up from 16th. St. Kate’s dropped a second and a half to sneak into the A final in 3:46.50, a significant improvement from their 17th seed coming in.

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1 year ago

59.3 breast split from Edenna Chen… wow. Kustriz record in jeopardy

1 year ago

Men’s 400 medley has 8 teams between 3:14.22 and 3:14.73. That’s a pretty tight pack lol

In 2019, Denison qualified first with a 3:14.92, which would have entirely missed the A final.

Last edited 1 year ago by ACC
Reply to  ACC
1 year ago

That’ll be an awesome race. From meetmobile it looks like Emory didn’t have Goudie on their anchor.

Reply to  ACC
1 year ago

It will be interesting to see how much of this is teams having fifth years bolstering their rosters, and how much is just improvement of the division. A bit of both I’m sure

Last edited 1 year ago by Coach
Reply to  ACC
1 year ago

incredible. Medley relay depth is so much deeper this year. 2medley was almost the same way.

1 year ago

Men’s 200 free with an unreal improvement from 2019 – time to A final in 2019 wouldn’t have even made it back this year & almost the whole A final under the 2019 winning time in prelims.

Last edited 1 year ago by SwimmerGuy6
Reply to  SwimmerGuy6
1 year ago

It’s insane it’s now an entire second faster than 2019 and that’s about a second off the previous D3 record also 100 fly is a half second faster to get in too than 2019.

Reply to  PFA
1 year ago

2019 was a weirdly slow year in the 200 though. The winning time was the slowest since 2010.

1 year ago

Why do you keep neglecting Williams in the team race? They are performing at or better than seed and also have a diver which has put them in the conversation.

Reply to  swimswamswum
1 year ago

I’m definitely not neglecting them on the men’s side, I think they’re in a strong position for second right now. I don’t think they have enough to beat Emory though.

Reply to  ACC
1 year ago

Wasn’t in reference to the comment section – the author of the article only notes the Up/Downs of the other four teams when talking about the title race, which is strange given Williams position.

1 year ago

45 tonight and he also broke the meet record

Last edited 1 year ago by PFA
1 year ago

YES. Two Stags got the A-final in the 100 fly. Applebaum with another SCIAC record, 47.68. Woo!

Reply to  THEO
1 year ago

Way to go Frank!!!!!! and his teammate Nic is also lights out! it’s so cool that they are doing HS and now college on the same team!!

1 year ago

Wow, the 1 fly got SO much faster since 2019. 48.22 is the first alternate this year, in 2019 that would have been 6th in prelims.

Reply to  ACC
1 year ago

47.9 gets you an A final, 48.20 and you are out entirely. The depth/parity is really something

Last edited 1 year ago by Coach
Reply to  Coach
1 year ago

the density/clumping of the times is part of what makes D3 NCAAs so fun to watch in my opinion, but certainly stressful too. The 100 fly is probably the most extreme example.

1 year ago

Wow! .07 separates 7th from 10th place in the 200 free relay men’s prelims!