Jason Lezak Unpacks The 4×100 Free Relay and Dressel’s 100 Free

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Gold Medal Mel Stewart sat down with sports icon Jason Lezak, the man who anchored the most exciting race in Olympic swimming history, the 2008 men’s 4×100 free relay. Lezak unpacks Team USA’s gold medal performance last night, detailing Dressel’s leadoff, the exchanges and Zach Apple‘s monster anchor swim.


Music: Otis McDonald


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1 month ago

I’m glad that Mel, you said you watch thru USA lenses.
How you could not think Chalmers is not a threat to Dressel.
The guy is a beast, but the guy is also the 100 free defending champion & wanting to join the greats by going back to back & he is also 2 years younger then Dressel.

Reply to  Robbos
1 month ago

Emma’s – 51.7 and Kyle’s – 46.75 flat start
Americans having troubles getting their head around those times.
Aussie women are a real chance of winning 50 to 400

Reply to  Stephen
1 month ago

I think the 50 will be possible but harder just because of more contenders, but yeah, Emma and Arnie look good for the 100 and 200.

Last edited 1 month ago by TheloniusPunk
Reply to  TheloniusPunk
1 month ago

Can we dream of the 800 as well?

Last edited 1 month ago by Robbos
Reply to  Stephen
1 month ago

No they don’t and they haven’t gone them. Chalmers can’t get out fast enough to go 46.7. Sorry.

Last edited 1 month ago by dresselgoat
Reply to  dresselgoat
1 month ago

King Kyle!!!!

Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
1 month ago

Glad you are a fan of both racers. I assume you are also a fan of ALL swimmers! “A wee bit more of a Dressel fan?” I assume you mean 1 million times more a fan of Dressel!

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  DJTrockstoYMCA
1 month ago

At the end of the 100 Free at Gwangju, did you see Chalmers raise Caeleb’s hand / arm in celebration? That is sportsmanship – King Kyle doesn’t want to lose ever, AND he’s a great sport too. May the best racer win!

Inside Smoke
Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
1 month ago

Those two are my favorite rivalry because even though they are fierce in the pool they have huge respect for one another outside the water. You mentioned Chalmers raising Dressel’s hand in 2019 and right after that Dressel spent half of his post race interview talking about what a beast Chalmers is.
I also remember when everything was getting shut down in March last year hearing something about Dressel reaching out to Chalmers and asking if he would want to come to Florida if he was unable to train at home. I don’t have a source on that but I don’t think I made that one up. I would love for the two of them to be on the… Read more »

Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
1 month ago

No worries, we are all a little blinded by our love for our favourite swimmers from our own country.
King Kyle to two peat & aim for 3 peat in Paris.

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