ISL All-Time Best Swims For Season One (Men’s Events)

ISL Season One

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 swims in each event from what was the inaugural year of the International Swimming League. The league doesn’t seem to be keeping records, so we’ve done it for you instead. These records will be a great reference point ahead of the second season later this year.

Although there are still many details yet to be confirmed, some changes for season 2 have already been announced. One such change is the introduction of ‘Jackpot Times’, which is essentially a point-stealing rule. You can read more about the specifics of the rule here.

In theory, this will put more of an emphasis on times this season. Athletes look to gain extra points (a lot in some cases) by beating their competitors by as big a margin as possible. Swims like Daiya Seto‘s World Record in the 400IM (where he beat his competition by 5 seconds), or Katie Ledecky‘s 400 free which was just 0.14 off the WR, would have been rewarded considerable extra points if this rule had been in play last season.

A 5-week training camp and competition is the revised plan for ISL Season 2, and is reportedly taking place in Budapest, Hungary. Announcements of rosters are expected in early-September. You can read more about the plans here.

Day 1 Events

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
100m Fly Caeleb Dressel CAC 49.10 Chad le Clos CAC 49.15 Caeleb Dressel CAC 49.16 Chad le Clos ENS   49.34 Chad le Clos ENS  49.35 Caeleb Dressel CAC 49.36 Tom Shields LAC 49.39 Tom Shields LAC 49.50 Tom Shields LAC 49.52 Chad le Clos ENS        49.65
50m Brs Fabio Scozzoli AQC 25.62 Nic Fink CAC 25.75 Adam Peaty LON 25.85 Adam Peaty LON 25.88 Vladimir Morozov IRO 25.89 Felipe Lima LAC 25.92 Ilya Shyman-ovich ENS 25.92 Ilya Shyman-ovich ENS 25.97 Nicolo Martin-enghi AQC 25.98 Ian Finnerty DCT 25.99
400m I.M Daiya Seto ENS 3:54.81 Duncan Scott LON 3:59.81 Max Litchfield LON 4:01.31 Andrew Seliskar LAC 4:02.88 Andrew Seliskar LAC 4:03.28 Chase Kalisz LAC 4:03.49 David Verraszto IRO 4:04.02 Jay Litherland DCT 4:04.17 Maxim Stupin ENS 4:04.39 Duncan Scott LON 4:04.55
200m Back Ryan Murphy LAC 1:48.81 Evgeny Rylov ENS 1:48.91 Mitch Larkin CAC 1:49.15 Evgeny Rylov ENS 1:49.24 Ryan Murphy LAC 1:49.40 Radoslaw Kawecki CAC 1:49.52 Evgeny Rylov ENS 1:49.67 Evgeny Rylov ENS 1:49.68 Ryan Murphy LAC 1:49.87 Mitch Larkin CAC 1:49.92
50m Free Caeleb Dressel CAC 20.24 Florent Manaudou ENS 20.57 Caeleb Dressel CAC 20.64 Vladimir Morozov IRO 20.68 Florent Manaudou ENS 20.69 Florent Manaudou ENS 20.72 Kyle Chalmers LON 20.74 Vladimir Morozov IRO 20.77 Florent Manaudou ENS 20.77 Caeleb Dressel CAC 20.81
4x100m Medley Relay Energy Standard 3:21.42 London Roar 3:21.64 London Roar 2 3:21.65 London Roar 3:22.16 LA Current 3:22.46 Energy Standard 3:23.11 Energy Standard 3:23.14 London Roar 2 3:23.56 Cali Condors 3:23.61 LA Current 3:23.63
200m Free Alexander Graham LON 1:41.58 Alexander Graham LON 1:41.74 Blake Pieroni LAC 1:41.96 Alexander Graham LON 1:42.37 Clyde Lewis CAC 1:42.50 Alexander Graham LON 1:42.55 Blake Pieroni LAC 1:42.66 Elijah Winnington LON 1:42.77 Elijah Winnington LON 1:42.77 Breno Correia AQC 1:42.93
50m Back Guilherme Guido LON 22.55 Guilherme Guido LON 22.77 Guilherme Guido LON 22.82 Guilherme Guido LON 23.06 Florent Manaudou ENS 23.08 Jeremy Stravius DCT 23.13 Kliment Kolesnikov ENS 23.16 Matt Grevers LAC 23.16 Ryan Murphy LAC 23.21 Matt Grevers LAC 23.23
200m Brs Nic Fink CAC 2:02.34 Will Licon LAC  2:02.42 Ian Finnerty DCT 2:02.76 Anton Chupkov ENS 2:02.98 Marco Koch NYB 2:03.79 Matthew Wilson LON 2:03.93 Josh Prenot LAC 2:04.02 Anton Chupkov ENS 2:04.03 Kiril Prigoda LON 2:04.06 Will Licon LAC 2:04.09
4x100m Free Relay London Roar 3:05.11  Cali Condors 3:06.22 Energy Standard 3:06.43 Team Iron 3:06.50 LA Current (2) 3:07.35 Aqua Centurions 3:07.51 Energy Standard 3:07.58 Team Iron 3:07.86 LA Current 3:07.87 London Roar (2) 3:07.91

Day 2 Events

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
100m Free Caeleb Dressel CAC 45.22 Kyle Chalmers LOR 45.55 Caeleb Dressel CAC 45.69 Caeleb Dressel CAC 45.71 Caeleb Dressel CAC 45.75 Caeleb Dressel  CAC 45.77 Kyle Chalmers LON 45.77 Duncan Scott LON 46.09 Vladimir Morozov IRO 46.14 Caeleb Dressel CAC 46.21
100m Brs Adam Peaty LON 55.92 Adam Peaty LON 56.18 Adam Peaty LON 56.19 Ian Finnerty DCT 56.29 Ilya Shyman-ovich ENS 56.32 Ilya Shyman-ovich ENS 56.35 Ilya Shyman-ovich ENS 56.55 Ilya Shyman-ovich ENS 56.71 Nic Fink CAC 56.71 Kirill Prigoda LON 56.74
400m Free Elijah Winnington LON 3:38.30 Elijah Winnington LON 3:38.84 Kristof Milak IRN 3:39.37 Jack McLoughlin NYB 3:39.41 Henrik Christiansen IRO 3:39.73 James Guy LON 3:39.99 Henrik Christiansen IRO 3:40.14 Elijah Winnington LON 3:40.43 James Guy LON 3:40.64 Zane Grothe DCT 3:40.73
200m I.M Daiya Seto ENS 1:50.76 Duncan Scott LOR 1:51.85 Mitch Larkin CAC 1:52.93 Andreas Vazaios DCT 1:52.95 Andreas Vazaios DCT 1:53.05 Andrew Seliskar LAC 1:53.11 Andreas Vazaios DCT 1:53.44 Mitch Larkin CAC 1:53.44 Josh Prenot LAC 1:53.75 Mitch Larkin CAC 1:53.83
50m Fly Caeleb Dressel LAC 22.06 Szebasztian Szabo  IRO 22.13 Szebasztian Szabo IRO 22.20 Caeleb Dressel CAC 22.21 Caeleb Dressel CAC 22.34 Szebasztian Szabo IRO 22.47 Chad le Clos ENS 22.48 Tom Shields LAC 22.51 Chad le Clos ENS 22.53 Florent Manaudou ENS 22.53
100m Back Guilherme Guido LON 49.50 Guilherme Guido LON 49.51 Kliment Kolesnikov ENS 49.53 Evgeny Rylov ENS 49.55 Kliment Kolesnikov 49.59 Guilherme Guido  LON 49.61 Guilherme Guido LON 49.74 Evgeny Rylov ENS 49.75 Ryan Murphy LAC 49.78 Guilherme Guido LON 49.85
200m Fly Daiya Seto ENS 1:48.77 Kristof Milak IRO 1:49.98 Tom Shields LAC 1:50.25 Jack Conger LAC 1:50.46 Chad le Clos ENS 1:50.60 Chad le Clos ENS 1:50.63 Kristof Milak IRO 1:50.94 Tom Shields LAC 1:51.04 Tom Shields LAC  1:51.51 James Guy LON 1:51.94
  • Caeleb Dressel, who walked away as the ISL’s second biggest earner in season 1 (behind Sarah Sjostrom), shaved 0.02 off the 50m freestyle WR at the Finale is Las Vegas (20.24). The previous record (20.26) was owned by Florent Manaudou which he set during the 2014 World Championships. Dressel holds another WR in the long-course 100m butterfly (49.50), and also set 2 American Records in the 100m free (45.22) and 50m fly (22.06) during the first ISL season. In total he has 5 American Records and 2 World Records.
  • In his ISL debut, which came in the Las Vegas finale, Daiya Seto delivered a stellar performance in the 400IM as he smashed Ryan Lochte’s 9-year-old World Record in the 400IM. His swim was one of the standout performances of the entire season, as he beat the rest of the field by a whole 5 seconds, touching in 3:54.81. The previous mark stood at 3:55.50.
  • Duncan Scott took down a number of Scottish and British records throughout last year’s short course season. At the league’s Finale is Las Vegas, he became the first British swimmer in history to go sub-4 mins in the 400IM (3:59.81), touching second behind Seto who broke the World Record in that race.
  • Nic Fink and Ian Finnerty set new American record marks in both the 50m and 100m breaststroke, respectively. Fink’s time of 25.75 sits at #2 in the Top 10 rankings for that event, knocking out the previous mark of 25.99 which was set by Ian Finnerty at the College Park match the month before.
  • Finnerty, who has recently been training with the Energy Standard training group in Antalya, Turkey, set a new mark of 56.29 in the 100m breaststroke during the Marlyand match. He walked away from that event as the top male point scorer; plus it’s also worth noting that he became the first American man to ever go sub-26 in the 50m brs with his original record time of 25.99.


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1 year ago

Loving looking at the Aussies with 8 of the top ten in 200 free. (Also it would be more aesthetically pleasing to swap 4 and 5 in the 100 free as they have the same time anyway).

Reply to  Aussie
1 year ago

Impressive showing from the Aussies, but appears to be 7 of top 10…dominant nevertheless

Reply to  PhillyMark
1 year ago

Oops yes. Missed number 10

1 year ago


Reply to  Yup
1 year ago

Within the ISL. I wonder if ISL records will be a big thing later…

1 year ago

Imagine if Dressel could swim scm as well as he swims scy or lcm

Reply to  Swammer
1 year ago

50 free world record not good enough?

Reply to  Swammer
1 year ago

his first couple of meets was him just figuring out how to hit the walls properly. By the time it got to the ISL finals he had some amazing swims mainly because he wasn’t long going into every turn

1 year ago

Since no one really had a LC season in 2020, maybe they should do ISL in long course this year?!?

Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago

No. I think the fun and atmosphere is In the short course racing.

Last edited 1 year ago by Aussie
Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago

Interesting, but that can’t happen this year (with the single location plan, I assume). Also, I’m not very sure if doing multiple SCY meets for internationals is a good idea. But maybe for once I’d like to see what elite swimmers can go in SCY for fun. That would be interesting.

Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago

Nah, yards are obsolete.

Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

It’s still fun.

Kathleen Baker’s Lats 😍
1 year ago

Duncan Scott. Breaks 4:00 in the 400 IM, has a 15:low in the 1500, and runs down Adrian in a 100 free. Nuts versatility.