Jack McLoughlin

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Jack McLoughlin burst on to the scene at the 2016 Australian Swimming Championships where he obliterated his best time in the 1,500 meter freestyle to qualify for the Rio Olympics. McLoughlin had not always been a long distance swimmer. When his long-time coach, Matt Brown, at Nudgee College left, McLoughlin moved to Chandler swimming team under Vince Raleigh. It was Raleigh who suggested his focus switch from middle distance to the longer event.

Early Career

McLoughlin swam mainly the middle distance freestyle events as a junior. At the 2013 Australian Youth Olympics he won gold in the 200 meter freestyle relay. At the 2015 World University Championships, McLoughlin won silver in the 400 meter freestyle and came 5th in the 1,500 meter freestyle.

2016 Australian Championships

McLoughlin punched his ticket to Rio when he dropped 24 seconds in the 1,500 meter freestyle to finish second and jump to fourth in the Australian record books in the event.

Before the trials, McLoughlin created a metronome which he would use in in training to pace his stroke rate for the race. But he also used it outside the pool, listening to it as he slept and in his room. By the time he was racing at the trials, the beep beep beep played subconsciously in his mind the whole way, pacing him to a place on his first Olympic team.

(photo: Mike Lewis) (photo: Mike Lewis) (photo: Mike Lewis)

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