Michael Andrew Highlights the Sprint-Heavy New York Breakers ISL Roster

Today at noon (EST), the International Swim League is officially announcing the rosters for the remaining four teams that will be competing in the league’s inaugural season. While we’ve been getting lots of info as to who would be swimming on the European-based teams, this will be our first look at the names for the teams based in the United States.

As stated before, the Andrew family will be co-owning the New York Breakers, with Tina Andrew as the general manager and US National champion Michael Andrew co-owner and roster headliner.

General Manager: Tina Andrew

Head Coach: Peter Andrew

Official Roster as of June 17th, 2019:

Men Women
Michael Andrew Haley Black
Marcelo Chierighini Ali DeLoof
Mack Darragh Catie DeLoof
Joao De Lucca Gabby DeLoof
Jonathan Gomez Emily Escobedo
Marco Koch Reva Foos
Marius Kusch Lara Grangeon
Clyde Lewis Breeja Larson
Justin Lynch Lia Neal
Jack McLoughlin Emily Overholt
Jacob Pebley Alys Thomas
Christopher Reid Madi Wilson
Pedro Spajari
Bradley Tandy
Markus Thormeyer

The official New York Breakers roster has been released and features 28 swimmers, with the majority of swimmers hailing from sprint specialties.

With versatile sprinter Michael Andrew headlining the US signees, he will be joined by Olympic backstroker Jacob Pebley, flyer Justin Lynch, and breaststroker Breeja Larson. Also joining from the US side is another breaststroker, Emily Escobedo, and all three DeLoof sisters (Ali, Catie, Gabby).

Among the New York residents, freestyler Lia Neal grew up in the area while Columbian FR/FL/IM middle distance specialist Jonathan Gomez works as the NY mayor’s aide

Unlike the other US teams, the Breakers feature a diverse international roster, with 9 nations being representing. With Tina and Peter Andrew hailing from South Africa, they were able to sign on backstroker Christopher Reid and freestyler Bradley Tandy. They were unable to sign on breaststroker Tatjana Schoenmaker and sprinter Erin Gallagher.

On the international side, many strokers were signed to widen the sprint versatility of the Breakers.

With the ISL event lineup reaching up to the 400 free/IM, the Breakers have also signed on valuable middle distance swimmers to their roster. IMers Clyde Lewis (Australia) and Emily Overholt (Canada) join the roster alongside fly/IM specialist Mack Darragh (Canada) and versatile 4-time NCAA D2 champ Marius Kusch (Germany).

Filling in the 400 free spots include Pan Pacs gold medalist Jack McLoughlin (Australia) and 50/100/200/400 free specialist Marcelo Chierighini (Brazil). An interesting sign on was France’s Lara Grangeon, who other than the 200 fly/400 IM is an accomplished open water swimmer.

New York Breaker’s Upcoming Meet Schedule:

  • October 18-19, 2019: Dallas, Texas
  • October 26-27, 2019: Budapest, Hungary
  • November 15-17, 2019: Washington, BC (US Derbies)
  • December 20-21, 2019: Las Vegas, NV (ISL Finals)

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4 years ago

Can someone explains how this all works….do the swimmers pay the owners per winnings?

4 years ago

So no Caeleb Dressel?? No surprise though

4 years ago

Where can we buy tickets to the events?

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