Condors Team of Smoliga, King, Dahlia and Brown Set World Record in 400 Medley


In a big win over Energy Standard and London Roar, the Cali Condors 400 medley relay of Olivia SmoligaLilly KingKelsi Dahlia and Erika Brown set a new World Record with a time of 3:44.52, breaking the record of 3:45.20 previously held by a different American team in 2015.

Though multiple ISL relays this season have cleared the 3:45.20 mark, this is the first with four women of the same nationality, making it official.


2020 ISL Final 55.60 – Smoliga 1:02.40 – King 54.79 – Dahlia 51.73 – Brown 3:44.52
2015 Duel in the Pool 56.08 – Bartholomew 1:02.88 – Meili 55.01 – Dahlia 51.23 – Manuel 3:45.20

This relay was very strong across the board, but it was Smoliga and King who out-split Courtney Bartholomew and Katie Meili, respectively, by almost a half-second each on the back and breast legs. Smoliga came within .13 of her lifetime best and American Record of 55.47 on the lead-off, while King was way ahead of her own AR (1:02.92), albeit with a flying start.

Dahlia’s 54.79 out-paced her AR of 54.83, again with a flying start, though comparatively, she edged out her own split from the old 2015 record. Dahlia was the only swimmer who was on both the old and new records.

Brown, meanwhile, had a nice 51.73 split to anchor, though Simone Manuel was a half-second quicker five years ago.

Smoliga and Dahlia had already paired up on the 200 SCM medley relay WR at the 2018 World SC Championships, with Meili on breast and Mallory Comerford anchoring, while King and Dahlia are on the American relay that holds the LCM WR in this event.

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Jonathan Charbroiled Steak
10 months ago

I was watching the race and I was just thinking “oh they’re all from the US they can set an American record.” Boy oh boy did they exceed my expectations.

Reply to  Jonathan Charbroiled Steak
10 months ago

Well the American record WAS the world record, so you weren’t far off! 😀

10 months ago

Just thought of something. What will happen if 2 relay teams swim faster than the world record but one has all 4 swimmers of the same nationality that gets second, and the other relay has all 4 swimmers of different nationality’s that win?

Reply to  PFA
10 months ago

the one who has 4 same nationalities gets the WR

10 months ago

I was so happy for these four ladies!!!!! Best race of the day 1 for me not taking anything away from Dressel’s word records! I’m just a sucker for relays 🙂

Last edited 10 months ago by Tomek
10 months ago

Wow! Two swims for Lilly King and a world record and an American record all in one day. Hoosiers everywhere and GOAT Coach, Ray Looze, are rejoicing! It’s gonna be a great day for the Hoosiers as Lilly has already broken an AR & WR and Indiana Hoosier football will beat Ohio State! A message to recruits… Walk to the shining light that is over the town of Bloomington, Indiana and immerse yourself into the teachings and training of “The GOAT”, Ray Looze, and you will achieve greatness beyond your wildest dreams!

Jonathan Charbroiled Steak
Reply to  Guerra
10 months ago

At this point I don’t know if it’s ironic or not. Every post about IU swimmers and you see Guerra’s name.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Jonathan Charbroiled Steak
10 months ago

He’s become his own parody account.

10 months ago

I think it’s a little bit silly that the four swimmers need to be of the same nationality to get the WR

Reply to  PVSFree
10 months ago

I think it would be silly and unwise to allow word records for a mixed nationality teams to stand, having a national relays team competing against each other in olympics and world championship for a word records brings an extra layer of excitement and interest which otherwise would be gone. It would also encourage creating super-relays and lessen the competition even further in ISL type events.

Last edited 10 months ago by Tomek
Reply to  PVSFree
10 months ago

Not really. Else you’d just stick the four fastest in the world on one team just for the sake of a WR.

Smith-King-Sjostrom-Campbell or Murphy-Peaty-Dressel-Chalmers would annihilate the LCM world records.

10 months ago

Just imagine Regan and Manuel were on that relay 😳

Last edited 10 months ago by MX4x50relay
Reply to  MX4x50relay
10 months ago

Dont do my girl Smoliga like that.

10 months ago

I wish there’s a clip of this. I want to watch and rewatch and rewatch.

Margalis Stan
Reply to  AvidSwimFan
9 months ago

Manadou has been posting race videos on his YouTube, that’s where I rewatch my favourite races. (His YouTube is Florent Manadou)

Future is Bright
10 months ago

great race. American Women are going to have a great Tokyo.

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