Caeleb Dressel Cracks American Record, World Championship Record in 50 Fly


The USA’s Caeleb Dressel kicked off his first finals session of the 2019 FINA World Championships with a bang. Dressel stepped up for the 50 fly semifinals, clocking in at 22.57 to break the American Record and Championship Record. That broke Dressel’s former American Record of 22.76 from the 2017 World Championships. The former Championship Record was a 22.67 set by Milorad Cavic in 2009.

Dressel is now the 4th fastest performer in history and leads the way into the final, where he will face off with World Record holder Andrii Govorov of the Ukraine. The defending champion, Great Britain’s Ben Proud, and Brazilian 2-time silver medalist Nicholas Santos will be in the mix. Dressel’s compatriot Michael Andrew will also join him in the final. Andrew was just 2 hundredths shy of his best time and remains the 3rd fastest American ever.

Dressel’s performance was the 9th fastest in history. The 50 fly is the only event Dressel swum in 2017 in which he did not earn a medal.


1 Andrii Govorov 22.27
2 Rafael Munoz 22.43
3 Nicholas Santos 22.51
4 Caeleb Dressel 22.57
5 Milorad Cavic 22.67
6 Henrique Martins 22.70
7 Matt Targett 22.73
8 Oleg Kostin 22.74
9 Ben Proud 22.75
10 Cesar Cielo 22.76


1 Andrii Govorov 22.27
2 Rafael Munoz 22.43
3 Rafael Munoz 22.45
4 Rafael Munoz 22.48
5 Andrii Govorov 22.48
6 Rafael Munoz 22.49
7 Nicholas Santos 22.51
8 Andrii Govorov 22.53
9 Caeleb Dressel 22.57
10 Nicholas Santos 22.60

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Mr Piano

Ol’ Longhorn be shaking in his boots

Ol’ Longhorn

Why’d you do Dressel like that on the free relay? Seriously, good to see him finally crack the top 10 all-time.

Ol' Longhorn

Apparently he got on his motorcycle again between the 50 fly and the free relay.


I knew u were going to comment this.

Ol’ Longhorn

That’s what SwimSwam pays me for. It drives up comments.

Justin Thompson

Yeah, not sure what to make of that 100 free, but after that 50 fly, that 100 fly is looking like a 49.6 or 49.7.

Ol’ Longhorn

I hope so, though he was 47.9 at his taper/no shave meet a month ago when he went 50point


His fly seems to be progressing very well compared to his free. although I wouldn’t call 47.6 a “bad” swim, just not what we would expect given how his fly looked

Ol’ Longhorn

I think the volume of sprint free compared to fly (he swam breast on relays) in college helped his sprint free to peak in 2017 but a lot of room for improvement in his fly now that he’s been pro. Tough balance. Biondi had ups and downs having both in peak form too.

Ol’ Longhorn

Wait, was he in a brief for the relay? Didn’t watch it.


It’s ya boy

Philip Johnson

WR watch.

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